• Title: Spike vs. Drácula
  • Author: Peter David Joe Corroney Joss Whedon Mike Ratera Zach Howard Raúl Sastre
  • ISBN: 9788498471120
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spike vs Dr cula Peter David El ngel Ca do Hulk firma el encuentro entre dos de los vampiros m s famosos de la historia con dibujos de Joe Corroney Mike Ratera y Zach Howard Dr cula el vampiro con m s clase y gla
    Peter David El ngel Ca do, Hulk firma el encuentro entre dos de los vampiros m s famosos de la historia, con dibujos de Joe Corroney , Mike Ratera y Zach Howard Dr cula, el vampiro con m s clase y glamour de toda la historia Culto, refinado, vividor de la no vida un tipo insoportable a ojos de Spike Su odio mutuo es tan grande que les llevar a perseguirse a lo laPeter David El ngel Ca do, Hulk firma el encuentro entre dos de los vampiros m s famosos de la historia, con dibujos de Joe Corroney , Mike Ratera y Zach Howard Dr cula, el vampiro con m s clase y glamour de toda la historia Culto, refinado, vividor de la no vida un tipo insoportable a ojos de Spike Su odio mutuo es tan grande que les llevar a perseguirse a lo largo de tres siglos Podr el vampiro con alma con el Se or de la Noche

    One Reply to “Spike vs. Drácula”

    1. This was just awful! The artwork was horrible. Spike didn't look like Spike on ANY drawing. The stories had no endings for some of them. How a vampire as young as Spike can possibly fight, defeat, or even bother a vampire as old and powerful as Dracula is just beyond me! This is the worst graphic novel I've ever read Ugh!

    2. 3.5 stars. Cause who doesn't want a nemesis?? Someone to call their mortal enemy throughout the ages. Spike's just so happens to be the dark prince himself, Dracula.But mostly I liked this volume because I love seeing Spike and Drusilla through the decades. The Nazi Germany chapter was a bit of a disaster, but the old Hollywood era was fantastic.

    3. This was actually pretty good. The reason for Spike and Dracula's feud is hilarious. One thing that did take me out of the story, though, was a mention of the Van Helsing film six months before its release date.

    4. Yesterday/today (it's always so confusing in the wee hours what to call the day~because i haven't been to bed yet so it doesn't really seem like yesterday~but anyway) was kind of a bitch~i was feeling like shit (have yet another cold and so does Dixie~if cats do indeed get colds i'm finding/getting conflicting information on that front~but the fact that my twelve year old cat is sneezing and congested/having trouble breathing disturbs me terribly.)My library system started its summer reading pro [...]

    5. Reseña de Txema SG para Los Archivos de Tyfares:losarchivosdetypharesSPIKE VS DRÁCULA. ¡Me debes once libras marica!Qué grande fue la decisión de IDW de adquirir la licencia de la serie televisiva de Ángel para continuar con su particular universo, mientras que en Dark Horse aún quedaba mucho para que tomasen la lógica decisión de fichar al propio Joss Whedon para que escribiese la grandiosa octava temporada de Buffy. Sólo espero que la anunciada Angel: After the Fall (la anunciada com [...]

    6. 3.5 stars out of 5. The first chapter was really interesting! We get to know why Spike and Dracula know each other and why Spike hates his guts and other exciting revelations about Spike's and also Angel's past with Dracula. The second chapter is entertaining as well but does not deliver any background information to Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. The third chapter was horrible. It takes place in Nazi Germany during World War II and has some dialogues in German in it which were terribly written! I c [...]

    7. Every Buffy fan remembers the episode with Dracula, which was one of the most hilarious of episodes, and now readers can get lost in a flashback and the tale of how Spike originally met Dracula.Artwork: 3 out of 5It’s the classic comic book art style seen in 90% of comics. Nothing too specialthere. The facial expressions could have been better and the pages more visually captivating. Overall, the art was blah and disappointing.Story: 5 out of 5Loved it! The 5 issues in this series tell the sto [...]

    8. One of the best Spike stories I've ever read, hands-down. Peter David captures him pretty well perfectly -- Spike is at his best when he's funny, dangerous, and diabolical, without being unstoppable, and David does him more than justice. Spike's narration is also flawless -- I could hear James Marsters' voice in each panel!Spike gets as good as he gives in his long-running feud with Dracula, who serves as a great straight man. The two personalities play against each other to excellent effect, an [...]

    9. Este es uno de esos libros que consigo a precios bajísimos gracias a los famosos saldos y después siento un poco de culpa porque me terminan encantando. También un poco de bronca, porque ¿cómo puede ser que hayan sobrado tantos números de este tomo que está tan pero tan bueno como para que los manden acá por kilo? Moralina al margen, este tomo es una compra asegurada para los fans de los personajes, del autor, del Whedonverse en general y de los amantes de los comics entretenidos, ágile [...]

    10. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this comic (well, with the story, at least. The art's fine, but it doesn't usually look much like the actors, which is a common problem in licensed comics). The dialogue is good and it doesn't seem far fetched that these adventures could have been filmed as episodes of the Buffy or Angel show. I think what I've realized, however, is that a large part of what I liked about those shows were the actors in the ensemble, and without them, this fell a little flat [...]

    11. Peter David has always impressed me with a multitude of characters and he continues that trend here. Spike reads exactly like an episode of Angel and the stories fit well into the Buffy-verse. Seeing the decades long quarrel with Dracula was great, especially in each of the different time periods. The drastic changes in art was a little jarring and not cohesive but the story is fantastic. Overall, a very enjoyable trip back into the Whedon world.

    12. The stories are uncanny funny but this is where "don't judge the book by the cover" truly lies you see, besides the covers and the stories, I hate the artwork'Kay, the artwork qualities varied from volume 1 - 5, but comparing to Fernando Goni's pictures of Spike, sometimes it's hard to accept that the main character in the comics is Spike. The pictures're so bloody awful!

    13. I had a lot of fun reading this book. It was just a bunch of one shots, but it was cool to see Spike's character fleshed out and see him interact in different situations with Dracula. There's a lot of good humor and pop culture gags especially for fans of the vampire mythos.

    14. Well, it was fun to see Spike and Dracula interacting over the years, but the whole book had kind of a fanfictiony quality that made it hard to take seriously. In addition, the art was really uneven -- at times it took me a few pages to realize "Oh, that person is supposed to be Spike!".

    15. This was fun, especially for people who have seen the Dracula episode of Buffy. We finally learn why Dracula owes Spike money, and there are some swell lines like "You bastard! Where do you get offYou stole my nemesis!" You gotta love Spike.

    16. El vampiro más famoso de todos los tiempos contra el vampiro más irreverente de las últimas décadas, en una encarnizada batalla a través de ás épocas, no exentas de magia, traiciones y muchos, pero muchos rencores boludos.

    17. Pretty fun, and especially great for Buffy/Angel fans, as it's Spike through the centuries--including the "Ciao, Ciao, Ciao" bit in Italy 1959 and messing with the Nazis. The letter-writing bits are a little stiff, and Darla dropped out of the picture with no mention. But big fun.

    18. Spike, Dracula--what's not to love? Fills in the blanks of what was mentioned in BtVS (TV show). Well written, entertaining, nice artwork. A couple of fun cameos. Joss Whedon--will you marry me?

    19. Eh. It was okay. Nothing special and Angel didn't even look like Angel and Harmony didn't look like Harmony either. The best part was the end when he couldn't pick up the money.

    20. Wherein we learn just how that poncey bastard Dracula came to owe Spike eleven quid, and why Spike was on a submarine dressed as a Nazi. Hil-ar-ious.

    21. Story was ok, art was awful in places. Spike was unrecognizable for the most part. I was surprised I didn't care much for the story because I usually enjoy Peter David's work.

    22. Spike facing the count Dracula again and again over the years, in the attempt to defend his beloved and get back the money spent on a burned up first copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Cool and fun.

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