• Title: クローディーヌ・・・!
  • Author: Riyoko Ikeda
  • ISBN: 9784862450012
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One Reply to “クローディーヌ・・・! ”

    1. I'm giving it three stars, even tho it deserves four, because of how rushed it was. This story had the potential to be exploited a bit more, and better. The trama is good and also the art. Really worth a read.

    2. For how wonderful the drawings are, I think the main story of this volume, Claudine, is a bit too quickly defined. Too many events happened in a too short time and the role of some characters is unclear. Unfortunately, I think that the story lacks originality and the right story telling for being interesting, but one surely get caught and remained fascinated by how beautiful the drawings are.In the same style are the two other short stories that follow Claudine. They are connected to one of Iked [...]

    3. Okay so this is gonna be spoilerish.Horribly rushed. It would have worked so well if it had at least 6 books so that we can get the emotional impact and see how much Claudine loved Maura, Cecilia, and Sirene. Maura's story could have taken two books, and I honestly liked her the most and felt so bad for her and the drama with her could've lasted longer.I love melodrama, but it was so rushed and all over the place and the relationships were so under explored it made me sad because I really like C [...]

    4. Decades ahead of its time and still a great story about the struggles of someone dealing with transsexualism, especially in a time when it wasn't understood at all. I've seen some complaints about the story's length and I can appreciate them, but I feel like it's still told well and I personally prefer shorter comics, so a lot of that is up to the individual. It lays the drama on a bit thick, but that was the trend at the time and it happens in a lot of Riyoko Ikeda's work, so that's par for the [...]

    5. I have been waiting for a good time to read "Claudine!" for a few years now--having finally sit down to actually get through it, I'm glad I did.Claudine de Montesse(sp?) came out to their parents as male at the age of eight during the 19th century--effectively coming out as trans--and their father was especially accepting, along with their childhood friend. His mother, however, figured he was ill, and took him to see a doctor--the doctor and Claudine become friends to some degree, and it is esta [...]

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