• Title: Note to Self: The Discipline of Preaching to Yourself
  • Author: Joe Thorn
  • ISBN: 9781433522062
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Note to Self The Discipline of Preaching to Yourself We need good preaching preaching that challenges us by God s Word and brings the comfort that comes from God s promises Yet many of us rely solely on others to preach to us and are not benefitting fro
    We need good preaching preaching that challenges us by God s Word and brings the comfort that comes from God s promises Yet many of us rely solely on others to preach to us and are not benefitting from the kind of preaching that should be most consistent and personal preaching to ourselves.Note to Self is a practical introduction to this daily discipline Pastor Joe ThoWe need good preaching preaching that challenges us by God s Word and brings the comfort that comes from God s promises Yet many of us rely solely on others to preach to us and are not benefitting from the kind of preaching that should be most consistent and personal preaching to ourselves.Note to Self is a practical introduction to this daily discipline Pastor Joe Thorn delivers fifty brief, devotional chapters that model preaching the gospel to ourselves and its practical implications Readers will be challenged by the book s direct, personal exhortations to apply the law and the gospel to their own lives.

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    1. Great book divided into short devotions on preaching the gospel to yourself every dayn't get enough of that discipline!

    2. The concept of preaching the gospel to yourself is an important one, and one I’ve been hearing articulated a lot more recently. Christians talk a lot about sermons, evangelism, and other important topics relating to communicating the gospel to others, but we also need to remind ourselves of the truths we say we believe regularly. I’m big on saying we shouldn’t “assume the gospel.” We shouldn’t assume people understand the gospel and move onto “more important doctrines,” and I thi [...]

    3. This was a quick read that was full of heart-searching truth. The author is really honest about his own sin, and I could identitify with all of it to some degree.Below are a few quotes of many that struck me as I read:“Jesus is enough, but only when we understand our greatest needs to be redemption and restoration. God in Christ has reconciled us to himself, is renewing our minds, and promises to raise us from the dead, and we will dwell in righteousness and peace forever. If you have this, wh [...]

    4. THIS IS PERFECT TO READ EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! I recommend this book to everyone especially those who preach the word to others.

    5. This is one of the best books I've ever read, and much better than I had hoped. The book is small and very readable, I read it in just under three hours, in one sitting (and I am a slow reader).The foreword lays down how important it is to read Scripture and believe it, and apply it to yourself, laying the foundation for what the book does later.After the foreword comes the introduction, which lays out and defines a few terms and concepts--Preaching to oneself, the Gospel, the Law, and how you c [...]

    6. I always engage myself in self-talk. I write notetoself stuff and oftentimes, I am my own critic and encourager. I first saw this book from my accountability partner filled with highlighted statements from page to page and so it piqued my interest. A month later I bought myself a copy of this book and haven't read it immediately. I was stuck in the foreword I don't know why. But the right time has come and to my surprise, I finished it in one sitting. It was worth it. The idea of preaching to yo [...]

    7. "Like the Israel of old, you tend to forget the most basic of things. Important things. You need constant reminders, and what you have been gleaning from others [I assume Thorn would include his own work here] is not enough. You need to find ways to remind yourself about the things that matter, because when you aren't intentionally setting the truth before yourself you forget."Having read through this book slowly I am both grateful and indebted to Joe Thorn for practising what we writes of. For [...]

    8. Thorn makes a point to say in the beginning of the book that this is not just an exercise in "preaching the gospel to yourself." He makes a distinction between preaching law and preaching gospel, and this book contains many exhortations that press the imperatives of the Bible to the reader. These exhortations are not absent of grace, but they focus on what must be done as a follower of Christ.This is a small book, with 48 short entries. I found it most helpful to read one or two each morning in [...]

    9. Each chapter begins with the phrase "Dear Self" and then proceeds to bring Scripture to bear on a specific area of discipleship that we tend to neglect. Forgetting and remembering are big themes. I could see reading one chapter a day and taking some time to ponder or journal. This is for the Christian who wants to keep growing. I found the balance between theology and practice to be very good and often very penetrating as regards to the typical struggles we all face. The chapters entitled "Remem [...]

    10. Excellent, challenging book. We used it for family worship, and found the short chapters to be just the right length for our family. The strength of the book comes in its direct address. Many devotional books give pious thoughts that everyone nods in agreement, but I've found few books that are as provocative and challenging. The book makes direct, forceful statements about the state of your mind and heart, and because they are rooted in Scripture, the arrows hit home. Don't despair; grace is in [...]

    11. Note to Self is a fantastic collection of bite-sized notes focused on bringing Biblical truths in an applicable way. The book is structured more like a devotional, which is both a blessing and a curse. Though I appreciated the brevity of each "chapter", I do wish that some could have gone deeper. Overall, it's a fantastic book that's meant to be read slowly and provoke you ponder the promises of God, holy living, and ultimately, the Gospel.

    12. I don't do well with "devotional" format books (which is why it's taken me over two years to finish this one)but this little book is really excellent. Pointed enough to make you squirm at times, yet brimming with joy and hope, it's a wonderful, useful collection of 48 little exhortations to remember what's true and live like it. I should immediately start back at the beginning.

    13. Looking for a good devotional read that's theological but packs a practical punch? Look no further. This is the perfect book for the theology lover who needs to be reminded regularly to put their theology to work.

    14. This book was so good. I especially loved the chapter on how devotions should only be the start of private worship.

    15. I thought this book was going to be more about how to preach to yourself, but what it really was was a set of examples, which work really well as devotionals! I don't read much devotional literature at this stage in my life, but these were cracking good little devotionals that my wife and I took to doing together right before we went to bed. I have to say, it was the perfect book for the perfect time in my life, a time when I just needed something simple, pure and Gospel-centered. If that's what [...]

    16. Joe does a great job of constructing a thoughtful, and Theological, devotional in "Note to Self." This book may be short, but it is filled with great Biblical wisdom on an array of topics. It can be read as a daily devotional (or two-a-day devotional as each chapter is short), or it can be read straight through. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a great, short, and straightforward pearl of Biblical wisdom/devotion in their daily life.

    17. Devotional that challenges dailyThere are only 48 devotional so in the book, but each could be read multiple times. Each reading challenged me to make the Gospel real in my life every day.

    18. Book was solid! Very practical written in a daily devotional style. Every chapter is anchored in scripture and helpful for empowering believers for walking with Jesus well.

    19. Short and not quite what I expected Good for what it was, but not really what I expected. A fine book, but not one I would push people toward often.

    20. I really enjoyed this book and read one of the “notes to self” each evening. This book helped remind me to be preaching the Gospel to myself daily. Easy to read and wonderful application.

    21. Note to Self: The Discipline of Preaching to Yourself (RE: Lit)I recently finished reading a little book called Note to Self: The Discipline of Preaching to Yourself by Joe Thorn. I've enjoyed Joe's blog for awhile now and had been looking forward to the book. It didn't disappoint.So what exactly is preaching to yourself? It seems to be a popular phrase these days, but how exactly do we go about it? That's exactly what Note to Self addresses. Joe defines preaching to ourselves this way: "Preachi [...]

    22. In seminary they teach pastors to "preach it to yourself first." Joe Thorn turns this idea into a bite-sized booklet of self-preaching that is neither narcissistic nor pep talk. It largely avoids becoming a gimmick and does not waste a word. Each chapter is a short, sharp note on living out the multiple facets of the Gospel in light of what Jesus has done. Joe Thorn really keeps the Gospel central in every chapter -- of course he would, considering the publisher is from the hyper-Reformed Calvin [...]

    23. Note to Self: The Discipline of Preaching to Yourself“This personal, devotional work is essential to our own health, but also to our effectiveness in sharing the law and the gospel with others.” (p. 24)This book lends itself to be a practical collection of thoughts. Mind you personal does not mean self-centered or self-serving. The various topics are parted in three ways the Gospel and God, the Gospel and Others and the Gospel and You. The short book is made up of forty-eight short pieces pe [...]

    24. This book is pretty much a pathetic excuse for a humblebrag. While its cover touts that it is "a practical introduction to this daily discipline [of preaching to yourself]," in reality there is nothing practical about it at all. I suppose that you could argue that the collection of 500-word, naval-gazing so-called meditations on scripture at least trend thematically around the idea of preaching to oneself, but even that is quite a stretch. It seems that what we are supposed to get from this book [...]

    25. Joe Thorn, like the rest of us, is a fallen human being. But! Like some of us, he has been redeemed by the glorious Gospel. The Gospel is not just something for unbelievers, however, but is something that Christians need daily. It is easy for us to gloss over sentences and phrases like “purchased with the blood of Christ,” but this should not be so—indeed, the Gospel is the most exhilarating thing we could know. How do we avoid complacency when it comes to the Gospel? And does it really ma [...]

    26. This is a great book of its type. It is essentially a daily devotional designed to allow Christians to preach to themselves. It is, as might be expected, application-oriented, and uses everyday language and ideas to convey to oneself and live out the gospel message. This is possible through Jesus, who allows us, through proxy, to live righteously. According to Thorn, the idea of preaching to ourselves "is the personal act of applying the law and the gospel to our own lives with the aim of experi [...]

    27. This book ask you questions about what you believe and challenges you to know what you believe and how you live what you believe. It starts with a verse and then writes a note to self by asking question and digging deeper into truth about what that means to you and your relationship with the Lord. It reveals your heart and brings your heart to the word. However, not just your heart but your mind as well as you think about these truths and how they apply to your life. The Christian life is intent [...]

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