• Title: Cthulhurotica
  • Author: Carrie Cuinn Cody Goodfellow Kenneth Hite Steven J. Scearce Silvia Moreno-Garcia Gabrielle Harbowy Matthew Marovich Kirsten Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cthulhurotica REVISED EDITION From independent publisher Dagan Books Cthulhurotica is an exciting new anthology of erotic horror inspired by the writing of H P Lovecraft This decadent collection contains unique c
    REVISED EDITION From independent publisher Dagan Books, Cthulhurotica is an exciting new anthology of erotic horror, inspired by the writing of H P Lovecraft.This decadent collection contains unique creations of Mythos fiction, plus thought provoking academic essays In addition, the revised edition contains than 20 pieces of original art.With work by Cody GoodfellREVISED EDITION From independent publisher Dagan Books, Cthulhurotica is an exciting new anthology of erotic horror, inspired by the writing of H P Lovecraft.This decadent collection contains unique creations of Mythos fiction, plus thought provoking academic essays In addition, the revised edition contains than 20 pieces of original art.With work by Cody Goodfellow, Kenneth Hite, Steven J Scearce, Silvia Moreno Garcia, Gabrielle Harbowy, Matthew Marovich, Kirsten Brown, Richard Baron, Don Pizarro, K.V Taylor, Jennifer Brozek, Galen Dara, Mae Empson, Nathan Crowder, Leon J West, and many ContentsAstrophobos by H.P LovecraftIntroduction by Carrie CuinnDescent of the Wayward Sister by Gabrielle HarbowyThe C Word by Don PizarroInfernal Attractors by Cody GoodfellowDaddy s Girl by Madison WoodsVictim of Victims by AnonymousThe Cry in the Darkness by Richard BaronRiemannian Dreams by Juan Miguel MarinTurning On, Tuning In, and Dropping Out at the Mountains of Madness by Ahimsa KerpSong of the Catherine Clark by Maria MitchellBetween a Rock and an Elder Goddess by Mae EmpsonThe Fishwives of Sean Brolly by Nathan CrowderFlash Frame by Silvia Moreno GarciaTransfigured Night by K.V TaylorThe Lake at Roopkund by Andrew ScearceIpsa Scientia by Constella EspjAmid Disquieting Dreams by Leon J WestThe Dreamlands of Mars by Travis KingThe Assistant from Innsmouth by Steven J ScearceThe Summoned by Clint CollinsSense by Matthew MarovichOptional On The Beach At The Festival Of Shug Niggurath by Gary Mark BernsteinLe Ci l Ouvert by Kirsten BrownAstrophobos, conclusion by H.P LovecraftESSAYSCthulhu s Polymorphous Perversity by Kenneth HiteThe Sexual Attraction Of The Lovecraftian Universe by Jennifer BrozekCthulhurotica, Female Empowerment, and the New Weird by Justin Everett, PhDILLUSTRATIONS Cthulhurotica by Oliver WetterGlyphs by Carrie CuinnInto the Darkness by Galen DaraThe Widow s Walk by Galen DaraInfernal Machine by Galen DaraShirley s Demon Lover by Galen DaraWhateley Family Portrait by Kirsten BrownWandering Bride by Galen DaraLovecraftian Love by Galen DaraDeep Ones by Galen DaraWoman, Yellow by Galen DaraLove from the Black Lagoon by Galen DaraYour Fisheater by Stephen StanleyThe Whateley Estate by Galen DaraAnna by Galen DaraThe Box by Galen DaraThe Brides of Tindalos by Kirsten BrownGreat Rift by Galen DaraPlus additional interior images by Carrie Cuinn

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    1. Yes, yes, you read the title of this anthology correctly. Now let me say something about it. This isn't a collection about tentacle sex, and in no parts is it ever really that graphic with the actual sex itself. Instead, the erotica is written in a variety of forms, but the core of it is generally the same. Take Lovecraftian themes + erotica fiction = An actually amazing anthology. And one I recommend to pretty much anyone.Let's look at the stories:Decent of the Wayward Sister- nothing all that [...]

    2. Fist off, how about dat cover art? It's my desktop background at work =)Well, its the first erotica book I've ever read so I can't really compare it within the genre. However, as weird fiction or supernatural horror tales alone these were pretty damn good. The Lovecraft universe lends itsself to this I feel (or am I just airing my own psychology?) Lovecraft style monsters basically look like terrifying and grotesque distorted conglomerates of genitalia, what with their phallic tentacles, mouths [...]

    3. What a wonderful anthology.I stumbled upon it on and couldn't resist.This is an anthology full of sex and horror.Two of my favorite subjects.The stories are very well written and I even read the essays at the back of the book which is something I don't usually do since I am only usually interested in the fiction.The stories are not very graphic although if sex offends you this should not be your anthology.Some of the stories are better than others but there wasn't a dud among them.Anyone who li [...]

    4. Cthulhurotica was an enjoyable - although forgettable - read overall. Most of the contributions could be read in five minutes or less, which meant that it was very easy to put down and pick back up again later on. I found some of the stories compelling due to referencing numerous details associated with the surrounding mythos and the way that some concepts had been reworked to a more modern setting. The element of horror present in a number of the stories was also very nice. There were a few sto [...]

    5. It's been a while since I picked up a book of short stories, and it was refreshing to do so with this one. It has the advantages of dosage. If you've got 15-20 minutes, a quick read can be a nice, light literary snack, and in that context, this book has both the merits of the anthology and the weaknesses.The merits are in variety. You get a nice range of work in a book like this one. Other merits are things like the presentation of the editor. In this case, the editing is nicely arranged. There' [...]

    6. An enjoyable book - it's a nice blend of horror and erotica. Some of the stories stay very close to the Cthulhu Mythos, but many stray - some quite a distance - and it's very welcomed. The erotica ranges from subtle to not-quite-excessive, and anywhere in between.There are several standout stories in the mix, stories that will stick with me for some time to come. Too many for me to cite individually.What is really interesting is that the Ms. Cuinn also has some essays on H.P. Lovecraft, the myth [...]

    7. Cthulhurotica is an excellent anthology for both those who adore Lovecraft and those who aren't versed in the mythology--the latter being me. Favourite story was 'Optional On The Beach At The Festival Of Shug Niggurath' by Gary Mark Bernstein. It had a delightful humourous vein running throughout. Other standouts include 'The Lake at Roopkund' by Andrew Scearce, 'Transfigured Night' by K.V. Taylor, 'Flash Frame' by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, 'The Assistant from Innsmouth' by Steven James Scearce' and [...]

    8. Well, thanks Bonnie Burton! You sure did push me out of my comfort zone!I find it really hard to rate a book like this. I really enjoyed some of the stories, and really disliked others. Many of the stories I felt ended too soon or too suddenly. Others were just plain confusing. I'm not much of a fan of horror, and most of these stories were definitely leaning towards the horror rather than the erotic.I'll do a quick comment about each of the stories. I'll confess I only skim-read the essays so I [...]

    9. This is one of the best Mythos anthologies I have read in years. Great new stories by talented writers (of Mythos short fic, at least) you've probably never heard of. Absolutely no reprints, which is refreshing for this type of anthology. This cook should serve as inspiration for other Mythos collection editors-you don't need to recycle stories by the big names, you can actually bring in fresh material from up and coming/undiscovered writers and and your collection will be instantly bumped up a [...]

    10. Believe it or not, it's not all tentacle porn. Maybe about half.Great short story comp. Most are written quite well; better than HPL himself. In terms of actual erotica, some stories are downright hot, while some almost seem to have added what little eroticism there was as an after thought. Or maybe I'm just spoiled by some of the other trash I read.

    11. fabulous collection of short fiction, intriguing array of illustrations (biased? who me?? no way! :P) and ESSAYS!! I LOVE that there are essays on the topics of horror, erotica, and H.P. lovecraft!! Brava to everyone involved in this anthology <3

    12. I can happily pass on monster porn the reviews and the concepts presented on the cover have got to be far more entertaining than the actual execution. But I love H.P. Lovecraft and I love fanfiction, so this was a case of purchase-on-sight - what an amazing cover! If you've ever read any Lovecraft then you'll know that cthulhu and erotica are perhaps the most unlikely two words to find in the same sentence. Yet in this collection several determined individuals have demonstrated how sex can be sh [...]

    13. This is a book several friends suggested to me as a ‘must read’, perhaps not so much because they thought it was an amazing collection but rather because of its theme and how much I enjoy Lovecraft’s work and how much I love erotica. So, I had some pretty high expectation going in, expectations this book did not fully deliver on.First, let me state, some of the stories in this anthology are quite good, very erotic even. Even among the less erotic ones, there isn’t a single story I can po [...]

    14. I know what you're thinking - tentacle porn. Tentacle porn that would put the manga and anime people to shame. Tentacles everywhere, filling every orifice. That's the image we come up with when someone suggests combining the world of Lovecraft and erotica. Don't be ashamed, I thoughts so as well. So much so, that I went into reading Cthulhurotica with a chuckle. Carrie Cuinn, the editor, pulled a fast one over us lovers of Lovecraft. We suckers will buy just about anything with Cthulhu plastered [...]

    15. Probably one of the strangest books I have ever read, but I loved it! I joined the Vaginal Fantasy book club a few months ago and this was September's main read.It is a collection of Lovecraft-esque tales of Cthulhu in various romance/sexy/rape-y scenarios. Each author portrays Cthulhu in a different light usually incorporating a female protagonist (something Lovecraft never didad up on him if you don't know why).The stories range from "Oh my god! So it's THAT kind of book!" to "I may not be abl [...]

    16. When you read a book called "Cthulhurotica" you more or less know what you're getting into. It is going to be dark, and there are going to be tentacles. So I wasn't caught off guard by the level of non-con or the vagina-as-opening-to-hell motifs. But honestly, I had hoped that overall it would be a bit more inventive. It was neither particularly Lovecraftian nor particularly erotic (both would have been ideal but either of the two would have been acceptable) and in general, in all ways, it just [...]

    17. I admit I skimmed the essays at the end - I picked this up for the sexy times - but I may try reading them again when time allows.Standout stories for me were "Descent of the Wayward Sister" by Gabrielle Harbowy, "Infernal Attractors" by Cody Goodfellow, "The Fishwives of Sean Brolly" by Nathan Crowder, "Flash Frame" by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, "Ipsa Scientia" by Constella Espj, "Amid Disquieting Dreams" by Leon J. West, "The Assistant From Innsmouth" by Steven James Scearce, "The Summoned" by Clin [...]

    18. If you're looking for titillating tentacle pr0n, this is not the book for you. Although the stories do get more explicit the further into the book you go, they are strongly in the weird/horror camp, not in the vicarious excitement/erotica camp. Whether this is a good thing or not is up to the reader.I enjoyed the read, but several of these tales felt like first chapters rather than short stories - incomplete, just left you hanging, waiting for the rest.I'd still recommend it to Lovecraft lovers, [...]

    19. Extremely disappointed by the book's closed-door sex, given the title and expectations the book set. In most cases, stories ended right when they finished setting the scene for the erotic part. I considered whether this was an outgrowth of the Lovecraftian technique of suggesting without showing, but if so it wasn't well-articulated by the book's presentation. As a reader, I found it deeply frustrating.

    20. This delightful collection of short stories, art, and poetry pays homage to the Lovecraftian universe through tales of horror with a side of erotica. Tastefully written/drawn, the best among them subtly address issues of gender and sexuality. GLBTQ friendly. I recommend it to Lovecraft fans as well as those interested in commentary on sexuality and gender.Check out my full review.

    21. I'm an H.P. Lovecraft collector, and will obtain every book related to the mythos, no matter how remotely. This being said, fair warning. Here there be "Squick". These tales tend to "uncomfortable" rather than horrify, relying on taboo violation for their chills. If your Innsmouth look is come hither this is a book for you, otherwise remember you cannot unread somethings. This collection would be one of them.

    22. Yes, this is indeed an anthology of Lovecraftian erotica. This thing exists and I have read it. I have decided to review this thing which I have read.Before we begin, I would like to dispense with a particular concern the fair reader may have. Specifically, that genre called tentacle hentai which involves tentacles, as does Lovecraft, who has tentacles but not love. Cthulhurotica contains exactly three instances of girl-meets-cephalopod and one guy-meets-octogirl but the action either happens of [...]

    23. If you think this anthology amounts to little more than tentacle porn, think again.Carrie Cuinn has assembled short stories that are not merely about monsters having sex, though more than a couple do feature some remarkably unusual intimate encounters. The majority of stories come from authors who explore jealousy, loneliness, betrayal, morbid curiosity, and a slew of other facets, all wrapped up in a pastiche that is either directly influenced by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft or at least offer [...]

    24. I'm about 80% through the book, but I'm decidedly underwhelmed. I'm no prude, so I was not deterred by the taboo of mixing erotica with the Lovecraftian horror. My issues with this anthology are not about that. The intro to the book even got me excited at the idea of exploring specific ideas Lovecraft did not touch on. Then I got to the stories They seem to all fall into two categories common to all genre mashups with Lovecraftian horror I've read. The first is the poor pastiche, so common among [...]

    25. Didn't have high hopes but for was surprised and I learnt a bit about h p lovecraft and Cthulhu and the mythos to boot

    26. Cthulhu-mythos ja erotiikka näyttävät sekoittuvan keskenään suhteellisen kivuttomasti. Suurin osa tarinoista on rakennettu juuri kauhun ympärille, ja varsinainen lonkeroporno jää minimiin. Erotiikkaa hyödynnetään paljon hyytävämmin ja kekseliäämmin osana nimettömiä kauhuja. Oikeastaan kirjan tarinat olivat paljon lovecraftmaisempia kuin odotin. Osa kirjoittajista käyttää taidokkaasti kuvailevaa koukerokieltä josta Lovecraftkin on tunnettu, ja novelleissa esiintyy myös alkup [...]

    27. I'm going to postulate that that eroticism now attached to the Lovecraft universe has roots in modern trends and media that is constantly obsessed with sex. Maybe I'm wrong, but love and romanticism seem so far from what Lovecraft was getting at. And no dear person in the last essay, there is not "an extreme sexual attraction to taking a victim forcefully(or by force) especially if it is at the behest of a greater entity". That's rape. It's not cute, not romantic, nope nope nope. "Finally, there [...]

    28. This is with out a doubt one of the strangest things I've ever read. It was described to me as Lovecraft if he wrote about women and sex. A sort of literary weird fiction with erotic elements collection. More weird than erotica really. I'm still not sure how to rate it as I can't really say I enjoyed it though some of the stories were well written. However, several writers introduced all the mundane details and only added the weird element at the very end. It became a bit tedious. I actually fou [...]

    29. Fun and quick to read, although the stories are kind of hit and miss.I was expecting hentai levels of porn (or to be more eloquent, erotica) to happen in these stories, and was kind of surprised at how tame everything was. (Disclaimer: I have a high tolerance for squicky sex. Thanks, cult films!)My biggest complaint would be that the stories were too short! Many times I'd be getting into the horror and/or erotica of the story to have it end before anything happened. Like, ANYTHING. (Like, "Here' [...]

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