• Title: Deadly Quicksilver Lies
  • Author: Glen Cook
  • ISBN: 9780451453051
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deadly Quicksilver Lies When the former mistress of the now defunct king hires Garrett to find her missing teenaged daughter the human detective gets than he bargained for in a world full of suspects sex and corpses
    When the former mistress of the now defunct king hires Garrett to find her missing teenaged daughter, the human detective gets than he bargained for in a world full of suspects, sex, and corpses.

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    1. I discovered Glen Cook sometime around 1992, and Deadly Quicksilver Lies was the first "new" Garrett novel I read. It was disappointing, and I'm not sure why, because I like it very much now. There are a lot of storylines going on here that ultimately come together, which makes it a little more challenging than the earlier books in the series--not, you know, War and Peace challenging, but the sort of thing where you can't just nod your way through the book. I love that the heart of the story is [...]

    2. This book is the 7th in Glen Cooks Garrett PI series, and by now a certain form for these books have arisen, which tends to be that Garret gets roped into a job that sounds simple, by a gorgeous woman, and then everything that possibly could go wrong does and this book is no exception. As usual with these books the pacing is fairly quick, there's plenty of wit and banter between the characters who are all generally very strong presences established over several books except for the damsel and vi [...]

    3. Glen Cook is one of my favorite authors. Deadly Quicksilver Lies is a great read. Deadly Quicksilver Lies is the seventh book in the Garrett Files collection. Garrett is a tough former marine, private investigator in the mold of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer. The series is set in a fantasy world that has faeries, trolls, sorcerers, wizards,elves and humans living alongside each other in one city. Garrett's adviser is "the Dead Man" who is really not a man at all and isn't exactly dead. Garrett s [...]

    4. My third Garrett book - strange that the cover artwork shows Garrett looking like an Indiana Jones clone when the books are set in a decidedly fantasy setting with elves and centaurs etc abounding - nevertheless Mr Cook writes a jaunty good read and while I gave this one 3 stars when others have been 4 stars it's still fun and sufficient escape from the brisk reality of the real world. I have another 3 of the series waiting coyly on the book shelf and I can recommend them to those who like Jim B [...]

    5. Another really fun Garrett Files book. The characters and world continue to evolve and Garrett is starting to become a bit less of a bull in a china shop sort of detective, and more of a planner. He's relying more and more on his friends and less and less on the Dead Man.Still lots of fun, still full of self-depreciating humor, and still one of the best first-person perspective series of books that I've read.A GREAT fun read.

    6. Not much new to say about the series at this point other than for me this was the best so far. Very inventive ideas and less of a reliance on standard methods of solving problems (Dead Man).Good stuff.

    7. The Garret books are like a rollercoaster; sit back and enjoy the ride, don't try to over-think it.This one is especially twisty, involving even more double dealing than usual.Highly entertaining series, that gets better and better the more you come to know the cast of characters

    8. Good story, once again adding new characters gives is followers more to juggle as things develop and progress.A good read.

    9. This particular one took me a while to complete. I've picked it up, on and off, over the past few months and could never really concentrate fully on the story, or even care. This is the 7th book in the series and I'm a huge fan of Garrett, so this one hit me like a wall.That was until I was roughly 46% done with it. I picked it up the other night, bored with everything else on my shelf and for some reason this time it stuck. I think that the plot started to make a bit of sense (Glen Cook plots t [...]

    10. Glen Cook books are a little like Krispy Kreme doughnuts. If you have more than one sitting on your to-read pile, you can't read just one,and have a break, like a sensible person. You read one, race all the way through, decide it's not enough and you need more of a fix, and you immediately pick up another. But somewhere in the middle of the second book you suddenly feel like you've overdosed on Glen Cook and you get a little tired and the enjoyment factor wanes a little bit. But you persevere, b [...]

    11. This is not my favorite of the Garrett Files. Usually I gab about how I just love Glen Cook's writing style which doesn't go on forever about the silly tiny little details of the surroundings but instead gives us a clever interpretation via Garrett's witticisms. Usually that's my thing and I love it to death. It even entertained me at parts during this book. However as the story progressed I felt like I knew less of what was going on when Garrett would come to conclusions about things. Garrett p [...]

    12. Mobile review:As usual w PI Garrett, Cook is taking a unconventional approach on writing&plotting :)+++ for writing, as witty in an entertaining way, wo actually touching(disturbing) the plot and the characters. Love the 1st person view and the confusion of the main character that is pictured in a fluid way, wo breaking the flow of the story: e.g. Any unexpected twist generates a switch in the direction of the investigation, although the background and the other characters stay the same, and [...]

    13. Glen Cook doesn't disappoint with this, the seventh, Garrett P.I. book. I like how he's constantly improving upon the formula from one book to the next, making Garrett and the city of TunFaire even more real allowing even more room for growth. This is one wild roller coaster ride even if the villian's actions don't make a lot of sense. The Goddamn Parrot (Mr Big), aka the "Jungle Chicken", also comes across a bit annoying at times, and seems to steal the stage whenever Garrett is at home. It's g [...]

    14. I love Garrett, have ever since I read the first book and always want to read more. This time while I basically liked it I was not taken away with this particular story. Everybody seemed lackluster and the story was not very interesting. I missed the Dead Man in the overall story since he gives a kick to everything going on with Garrett. Dean was another missed figure for me since he makes Garrett so crazy by running his house like it was his own and not Garrett's. Bottom line, I enjoyed it beca [...]

    15. Just finished this 7th book of the Garrett P.I. novels by Glen Cook. Everything is not as it seemed from the start and Garrett is jobbed at every opportunity by all of his employers. Everything revolves around a trilogy of semi-fictional books whose first editions are rumored to lead to buried treasure, in sorcerous silver! Garrett P.I. continues to be a light and easy page-turner about a private detective in a fantasy city.

    16. Another entertaining Chandler-esque romp through a high fantasy setting. Well realised background politics and society in the underbelly of Tunfaire, the aforementioned fantasy setting, with a Sam Spade private eye hero make this series a must read if you want to enjoy a light (but sometimes surprisingly dark) read.

    17. Yikes! Super loaded with homophobic comments, especially toward the beginning. Lots of repetitive eyebrow-raising and smart-ass comments about how witty he is which are getting a little bit tiresome since this is the 7th book in a row he's been using them. Still a solid, easy, quick, enjoyable, read. I enjoyed this plot more than some others in the series.

    18. As with the rest of the series it's a great book. One problem was with the Kindle edition which was obviously a scanned document that hadn't been checked for OCR errors. All thru the book are incorrect words, periods where they didn't belong, and the like.

    19. A better than average entry into the Garrett series. Not groundbreaking by any means -- and suffers the same flaws the habitually plague the series -- but gives you what you expect to get from a Garrett story.Solid entertainment.

    20. I have mixed feelings about this one. It had a really great story and solid writing, but it also had a lot of really unnecessary homophobic cracks. Also, Garrett being homophobic in this book clashed with other books in which he didn't care at all, let alone comment. It really soured the read.

    21. Another great installment in the Garrett series. I had a hard time finding it for a regular price except finally from Google books. I don't much care for reading an entire book on my phone but the rest of the series is available so no more problems there.

    22. Another fun re-reading of a Garret novel. While the mystery is dark in this one, I found it amusing. For many people a "cozy" mystery is one set in the English countryside by Agatha Christie. For me, it's hard-boiled PI in the down-on-its-heels fantasy city of TunFarie.

    23. Once again Cook does it up right! Love all of his stuff and this one is right on par! A must read for any reader!

    24. Not his best.Half the actions of the central villain don't make any sense at all. Looking at it from his point of view, nothing he does would actually accomplish his goal.

    25. While there are some interesting moments, the convoluted plot isn't worth trying to decipher and in the end I was happier that I was done than I was that I had read the book.

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