• Title: Through the Labyrinth: The Truth About How Women Become Leaders
  • Author: Alice H. Eagly Linda L. Carli
  • ISBN: 9781422116913
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Through the Labyrinth The Truth About How Women Become Leaders Despite real progress women remain rare enough in elite positions of power that their presence still evokes a sense of wonder In Through the Labyrinth Alice Eagly and Linda Carli examine why women s
    Despite real progress, women remain rare enough in elite positions of power that their presence still evokes a sense of wonder In Through the Labyrinth, Alice Eagly and Linda Carli examine why women s paths to power remain difficult to traverse First, Eagly and Carli prove that the glass ceiling is no longer a useful metaphor and offer seven reasons why They propose theDespite real progress, women remain rare enough in elite positions of power that their presence still evokes a sense of wonder In Through the Labyrinth, Alice Eagly and Linda Carli examine why women s paths to power remain difficult to traverse First, Eagly and Carli prove that the glass ceiling is no longer a useful metaphor and offer seven reasons why They propose the labyrinth as a better image and explain how to navigate through it This important and practical book addresses such critical questions as How far have women actually come as leaders Do stereotypes and prejudices still limit women s opportunities Do people resist women s leadership than men s And, do organisations create obstacles to women who would be leaders This book s rich analysis is founded on scientific research from psychology, economics, sociology, political science, and management The authors ground their conclusions in that research and invoke a wealth of engaging anecdotes and personal accounts to illustrate the practical principles that emerge With excellent leadership in short supply, no group, organisation, or nation can afford to restrict women s access to leadership roles This book evaluates whether such restrictions are present and, when they are, what we can do to eliminate them.

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    1. Ok, Mr. Castellanos, this review is for you. I will start off with a great big, "Bite Me!" (Brought to you on behalf of Rachel Maddow and professional U.S. women). This book is one for a university course, but it sooooo tremendously dispels Mr. Castellanos's arguments towards Rachel Maddow on Meet the Press (see:Huffington Post ), that I HAD to post a review.On the show, Mr. (Asshole) Castellanos made the argument that women earn less because they work at their profession less hours per week com [...]

    2. A good examination of women leaders around the US today. There were some good facts in here and some areas I had not thought of before.The biggest downfall for me was the repetition of information, at least once a page you got "as we discussed in chapter X." The last few chapters had no new information but recycled the old information.One chapter (cannot remember which one) was extremely depressing and made it seem like being a leader as a woman is so hopeless you might as well just give up now. [...]

    3. This is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in multidisciplinary, empirical perspectives regarding women and leadership. The text is easy to read, well-researched (drawing often from the author`s own studies and publications), and all-around interesting! I will not only use this as a resource for informing my own line of research, but also as a personal guide.It is about time we reconsidered the overly simplistic metaphor often used in this discussion (e.g a "pipeline" or a "glass cieling [...]

    4. The glass ceiling is no longer an adequate metaphor. Women can rise to the top of organizations, but there are still plenty of obstacles to navigate around. This book uses the metaphor of a labyrinth to examine the ways in which women aspiring to leadership positions can be stymied, and how women can better navigate the labyrinth. It's an academic yet extremely readable and well organized book. The authors use their own research, data from hundreds of other studies and analyses, and anecdotal ev [...]

    5. This is a good book for both men and women to read. It is particularly helpful for people in positions who affect personnel advancement. Diverse leadership (not tokenisim) improves performance and the bottom line performance shows it. I for one would love to be able to put my 401 in a stock portfolio that only has companies with a minimum of 25% women on the board of directors, as well as racial diversity.

    6. Really eye opening on some of the challenges women face in the workplace. While I appreciated the data-based foundations of the findings, it was a bit dry to read sometimes. Definitely not a sit by the pool kind of book. It took me awhile to get through it. I would have loved to hear more vignettes of successful women leaders. However, overall, it raised some great points and a worthwhile read for men and women.

    7. This was such an annoying book that I couldn't even read it through. Technically, I never really read any of this book, but it was required for a class, so I "skimmed" it. Which even that didn't really happen. The parts I did actually read made me so mad and annoyed that I gave up because it's so dumb. I'm just so glad that I'm done with this book!

    8. This is the most recent volume of amazing work speaking towards the dearth of women in leadership. It brings together statisical studies addressing both discriminatory attitudes and the burdens of childcare and parenting on a career. It recharacterizes barriers for women in the workplace from a glass ceiling to a labyrinth of small obstacles that all add up over time.

    9. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was required reading for a course of mine in business school. It took a look at women in the workplace and how they compare with men in many different areas such as in leadership roles, time management, and the amount of work that gets done. It is well worth reading if you are a woman with a career or if you are a man interested in management.

    10. Outstanding & practical progress from the "old school" Glass Ceiling conversation. Through their work one can develop a plan for progress by realizing some of the primary elements that have kept women and minorities in a career maze.Great research and consulting resource.

    11. It was good but nothing revolutionary. I've seen the data elsewhere. It also suffered from some of the same problems as Sandberg's book, though not as much. Also- did no one edit this book? It's incredibly repetitive.

    12. Book covers many of the issues that may hold women back. Solid read. Worth my time. Would love to see what they would do with a second edition.

    13. Such a great summary of lots of research on women and leadership. Folks should read this rather than Lean In.

    14. It felt like common sense with empirical data--which is great--but I was hoping for something more.

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