• Title: Black Widow
  • Author: Patrick Quentin
  • ISBN: 9781558821118
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Patrick Quentin, Q. Patrick, Quentin Patrick and Jonathan Stagge were pen names under which Hugh Callingham Wheeler, Richard Wilson Webb, Martha Mott Kelley and Mary Louise White Aswell wrote detective fiction. Their books were extremely popular during the 1940-50s but have fallen out of favor and are rather hard to find. I found this one at a library book sale and grabbed it. This story stars a continuing character in their oeuvre, Peter Duluth, a Broadway producer and amateur sleuth.Duluth's w [...]

    2. The plan was to read Black Widow by Patrick Quentin (pseudonym for a collaboration between Richard Wilson Webb and Hugh Wheeler) written in 1952 and follow it up with a viewing of the 1954 film starring Van Heflin, Ginger Rogers, Gene Tierney, and George Raft. I mentioned in 2010 that I wasn't sure that the Peter Duluth novels were quite my cup of tea when I highlighted A Puzzle for Fools by Quentin for an A-Z blogging meme. I'm now pretty sure that the Duluth novels aren't my cup of tead neithe [...]

    3. This is the second Patrick Quentin's book that I've read and it seems all of his books are equally enjoyable. While it definitely isn't a classic whodunnit it still makes a good detective/mystery story. While the plot isn't very original, it is presenting in a very entertaining way and all of the characters are really nice. It also did evoke some emotions from me, which is a big plus. Annoyance, anger, disappointment and the wonderful heartwarming feeling at the end.If I manage to get more books [...]

    4. Great classic thriller. I would like to see the movie that was made from this book. I couldn't put this down!

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