• Title: Striking the Balance
  • Author: Harry Turtledove
  • ISBN: 9780345412089
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • Striking the Balance At the bloody height of World War II the deadliest enemies in all of human history were forced to put aside their hatreds and unite against an even fiercer foe a seemingly invincible power bent on wo
    At the bloody height of World War II, the deadliest enemies in all of human history were forced to put aside their hatreds and unite against an even fiercer foe a seemingly invincible power bent on world domination.With awesome technology, the aggressors swept across the planet, sowing destruction as Tokyo, Berlin, and Washington, D.C were A bombed into submission RussAt the bloody height of World War II, the deadliest enemies in all of human history were forced to put aside their hatreds and unite against an even fiercer foe a seemingly invincible power bent on world domination.With awesome technology, the aggressors swept across the planet, sowing destruction as Tokyo, Berlin, and Washington, D.C were A bombed into submission Russia, Nazi Germany, Japan and the U.S were not easily cowed, however With cunning and incredible daring, they pressed every advantage against the invader s superior strength, and, led by Stalin, began to detonate their own atom bombs in retaliation.City after city explodes in radioactive firestorms, and fears grow as the worldwide resources disappear will there be any world left for the invaders to conquer, or for the uneasy allies to defend While Mao Tse tung wages a desperate guerrilla war and Hitler drives his country toward self destruction, United States forces frantically try to stop the enemy s push from coast to coast Yet in this battle to stave off world domination, unless the once great military powers take the risk of annihilating the human race, they ll risk losing the war.The fatal, final deadline arrives in Harry Turtledove s grand, smashing finale to the Worldwar series, as uneasy allies desperately seek a way out of a no win, no survival situation a way to live free in a world that may soon be bombed into atomic oblivion.

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    1. Striking the Balance kicks off with the war between the Lizards and the Big Uglies reaching new dramatic heights of destruction with both sides taking the nuclear option as the default option which in turn leaves both sides open to more reprisals! :D Striking the Balance is extremely visceral as we get to see many of the characters returning from the previous books and we get to see the machinations in the most senior leaderships and from the perspectives of the 'grunts' in the trenches! :D This [...]

    2. Did not finish! Did not finish! Did not finish this stupid mother****ing book!I refuse to read about lizards invading the earth and saving Europe's Jews from the gas chambers in World War II. Especially four foot tall lizards who snort ginger and get high. This book was stupid, tasteless, and boring as hell. I have read so many suck-ass Harry Turtledove books and it stops here. It must stop here!

    3. Since World War: Striking the Balance is the fourth book in a tetralogy of alternate history, anyone reading this review probably doesn’t need anything about the set-up explained to them. Just in case, the entire WorldWar series is a mash-up of World War II meets an invasion by technologically superior aliens. Of course, if I hadn’t seen the titles of these novels in advance, I probably would have been surprised at the conclusion of this series. Don’t get me wrong, I really think it’s a [...]

    4. A somewhat disappointing conclusion to this epic series. Most of the book is about people trapped in enemy areas as either unwanted visitors or POWs. It deals with people eyes being opened that their view of the world isn't necessarily the only nor correct one. For the world being at war, very little of the book concerns itself with the battles of the Lizards. Also the book is anti-climatical since the last 2 or 3 chapters are mainly setting up for the next series.

    5. Thots while reading:Despite all of the talking in the book, it is moving faster than the third book. It is kind of amusing. I do find myself enjoying this book [for the most part] more than the third book [so far]. Finally! (view spoiler)[The stupid Race FINALLY drops a nuke on a Russian 'city' in retaliation for another Russian nuke going off in Race-controlled territory. They should have nuked Russia before this.The author actually reveals potentially why no nukes had been dropped prior to thi [...]

    6. Striking the Balance, the conclusion to this alternate history series, should have offered so much more. The first two hundred pages are a drawn out series of chapters which serve as a catch-up for the plethora of characters which the book follows. This half of the novel offers no real entertainment and although the action heats up in the middle of the novel, by then there's a good chance you'll be disinterested. The book wraps up rather anticlimactically too and although the end of the series i [...]

    7. This novel ends this 4 volume series at a place that can be called the "end of the beginning".The end of several story lines and parking of others brings this phase of the invasion to a more or less satisfactory state, but you're going to want to continue with the "Colonization" series which launches 20 years later with the arrival of the follow on fleet.This is a good read.

    8. Sempre di buon livello, come i primi tre; la narrazione sembra finita…ma continua con il cicllo della colonizzazione.

    9. I started reading this series almost a decade ago now, so I guess I’m glad to be done. There’s a real sense of anticlimax, but I think I expected it.

    10. Il ciclo dell'invasione di Harry Turtledove, lo scrittore statunitense nato a Los Angeles nel 1949 che è comunemente considerato un autore di allostorie, è una saga fantascientifica che è stata scritta tra il 1994 e il 1996 e ambientata nel corso della seconda guerra mondiale, mescolando elementi storici e ucronici al tema dell'invasione aliena. Il ciclo è composto da quattro romanzi: "Invasione anno zero", "Invasione atto secondo", "Invasione atto terzo" e "Invasione atto finale". Dopo il c [...]

    11. The final book in the Worldwar series, or the middle book in the Tosev series, this book brings most of the threads of the Worldwar series to a close, and leaves enough open for the larger series to continue.Harry Turtledove demonstrates throughout this series a strength in story-telling, especially in handling long-term story arcs spanning multiple novels. He has a compelling story to tell regarding the invasion of an alien race of reptile-like beings during World War 2, and brings together a s [...]

    12. I really wanted to like this. World War Two, its major players locked in an epic and historical struggle, their stories told by a historically fluent and talented author. Plus these wartime heroes and villains not merely engaging one another but fighting of an Armada of invading aliens ! Will their uneasy alliance hold as the common human interest is sought in an effort to defeat these alien imperialists !?You see, this is why I wanted to like it.Turtledove had often entertained me in his shorte [...]

    13. The characters are believable and you care what happens to them. The differences between humans and the aliens are well thought out and result in interesting situations. The plot of the whole series is very good, but perhaps a little bit predictable. I only gave this, and the series as a whole, three stars because it is very repetitive. Many of the characters say and think the same things over and over and over. And over. You get the idea. The detailed descriptions of battle scenes is also repet [...]

    14. A couple of points here. First, anyone who reads Turtledove has to be impressed with his mind as an author. The detail with which he writes is truly impressive. How does he do it? But, and secondly, unfortunately his books (especially when in a series) become tedious to read. After a while you just want it to end! So, since I read the first two books in this series and really wanted to see how it turned out, I opted to just skim the last two volumes. I did this successfully by skimming through a [...]

    15. The premise of this series is interesting and overall I liked reading it.That said, although I enjoyed the story, the writing is terrible. It is terribly repetitive. I mean, how many times do we have to read about minor league baseball stadiums? I get it! The guy used to play baseball, but enough already. Add to that some very unrealistic dialog. Every Russian character keeps going on and on about the dialectic. Sheesh. It was a hard read. I really had to work through these books but I did it be [...]

    16. It was a bit of a grind and Turtledove's repetitiveness in rehashing the early events of certain fictional characters tended to lengthen the read of this four book alt-universe tale. The ending is as expected, a bit open which is the case of history. The what ifs are present at the beginning as at the end. Several of the personal storylines are rapped up in happy endings especially for the three main love stories. I did expect that Mutt Daniels and Sam Yeager might meet up again but that would h [...]

    17. I have found the entire World War Series interesting and entertaining. I do find that Turtledove tends to repeat information in his books to often, its not like his readers can't remember information from one book to another!Also Turtledove should stop writing sex dialog. Sorry buddy, you are just not very good at that.What Turtledove is great at is presenting history from an alturnate reality. I find the books captivating and wanting more. Could stand a little less of hearing (And I Great You S [...]

    18. This series opened up a whole new world to me. It was the first alternate history type book I had ever read and at least for the few few in the series, it is the best. During one of the worst conflicts in the history of the world, aliens decide to invade. Alliances form in the most unlikely groups and heroes are born from the most unhero of people. This is a great series and I would recommend it to anyone. It did slow down towards the end of the series, but the first two or three books when the [...]

    19. I had heard complaints that he was writing these a bit hackneyed to get kids through college - I can agree with the complaint. There are a huge number of characters, and they switch frequentlyd at least 5% of the text in each character's section is the same complaints over and over again.Several characters (some of the more interesting ones, in my opinion) are killed off for no apparent reason other than to provide closure.Skorzenywelllet's just say the author clearly didn't know where he was ta [...]

    20. Finally finished the last book, a very enjoyable read overall! Since I started the second series before I went back and read this first series, I knew what was going to happen in the end, but even allowing for my being “spoiled” I found the final Jager-Skorzeny and co. scene a bit anticlimactic. Nevertheless, I’m glad I “discovered” Turtledove (it seems even a long-time science fiction reader like me can miss things along the way) and the Race. Overall a very solid and satisfying scien [...]

    21. Nel momento di svolta della seconda guerra mondiale, le potenze in conflitto sano state costrette a unirsi contro un nemico apparentemente invincibile. Grazie alla loro superiorità tecnologica, gli aggressori hanno devastato il Pianeta, seminando distruzione ovunque. Le città sano scomparse, il terrore è dilagata e le risorse sono state consumate. Resterà ancora una terra da conquistare agli invasori? E l'umanità, che mondo si troverà a difendere? La battaglia degli uomini sta raggiungendo [...]

    22. Enjoyed it, but thank GOD it's done. Way too many pages. Just be warned that this is one very long book, not four books. And I'm pretty sure there's a "sequel series" after this one. One observation: I am pretty sure that HT has no idea who his central character(s) is or are until he just keeps writing. People who are quite important at the first seem to drop away, others get more important. This is all Brad Wilson's fault. He loaned me the books. They ate my brain for far too many hours.

    23. The explosive conclusion? How about the whimpering fizzle conclusion? I deserve a medal for finishing this. All four books should have been edited down into one 500 page book. I started cheering when people, that we have been following faithfully in every minute detail of their lives for four looooooooooooonnnnnnnngggg books, died; then realized that most of them contributed absolutely nothing to the story.

    24. The Lizard Aliens have invade the world, but they chose the worst time to do it; WW II. Every industrialized nation on Earth it at a peak of weapons development, and the alien invaders are at a 200,000 year lull in advancement. And with our discovery of nuclear power or chances of survival, or total abliteration, have just increase ten fold against this menace from another solar system.

    25. A satisfying conclusion - but not really, because as in real life history never ends - to his Worldwar series. Turtledove has followed and developed the stories and personalities of people real and fictional and thought in depth about the possible impact on human cultures of alien actions and technologies.

    26. As with all of the past books in this series this one was better than the last. You get to see where the conflict eventually peters out at, and as no big surprise to anyone that's read the past books it's neither a slam dunk victory for the humans OR the aliens. I particularly liked this aspect of the series, it makes it feel all that more real.

    27. This series doesn't so much end as run out of steam and kinda stop. This really feels like Turtledove got bored with the world he'd postulated -- or at least had better ideas 20 years down the line -- and decided to call it a day. While I'm interested in the sequel series, I'm a lot less interested than I would have been had be stuck the landing.

    28. Well-written, and almost completely unsurprising. I now understand why these things are so popular. Trope after trope unrolls in front of the reader, but at least the characters all come across as actual human beings, despite being trapped inside a gigantic cliché. The book gave me the peculiar sensation of being bored *and* interested in finding out what happened next at the same time.

    29. I really enjoyed this set. yes some of the characters were a bit thin and two dimensional, and some of the plot holes you could drive a red bus thru, but the action moved at avoid pace and I enjoyed the writing style. perhaps I enjoyed it more because I like military history and sf , but I'd recommend them. I will read the colonization series at a later date.

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