• Title: Second Contact
  • Author: Harry Turtledove
  • ISBN: 9780345430229
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • Second Contact In the extraordinary Worldwar tetralogy set against the backdrop of the World War II Harry Turtledove the Hugo winning master of alternate SF Publishers Weekly wove an explosive saga of world pow
    In the extraordinary Worldwar tetralogy, set against the backdrop of the World War II, Harry Turtledove, the Hugo winning master of alternate SF Publishers Weekly , wove an explosive saga of world powers locked in conflict against an enemy from the stars Now he expands his magnificent epic into the volatile 1960s, when the space race is in its infancy and humanity mustIn the extraordinary Worldwar tetralogy, set against the backdrop of the World War II, Harry Turtledove, the Hugo winning master of alternate SF Publishers Weekly , wove an explosive saga of world powers locked in conflict against an enemy from the stars Now he expands his magnificent epic into the volatile 1960s, when the space race is in its infancy and humanity must face its greatest challenge alien colonization of planet Earth.Yet even in the shadow of this inexorable foe, the United States, the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany are unable to relinquish their hostilities and unite against a massive new wave of extraterrestrials For all the countries of the world, this is the greatest threat of all This time, the terrible price of defeat will be the conquest of our world, and perhaps the extinction of the human race itself.

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    1. This novel is the first in the Colonization Trilogy. Set in the 1960's, twenty years after the Second World War was interrupted by an alien invasion. There are still enormous enmities between the three super-powers; the United States, the German Reich, and the Soviet Union. But somehow the humans had fought off the extra-terrestrials in some regions, come to a stalemate in others, and had lost their territory in yet other regions.The extra-terrestrials, who call themselves "the race", are lizard [...]

    2. The book can certainly be a third of its size. Suggested cuts : lengthy commentary on how bad nazis are (we don't need alien invasion to know that), lengthy recital of life of Jewish people under Nazis, how ruthless Soviets are and how great American people are. In other words, real history only with aliens thrown in for suckers like me.Good concept art the end, but boring narrative.

    3. Thoughts while reading:This book is taking a while to read. I realize it is setting the scenario up for the next two books in the series, but it still seems to be moving slow in parts. It is definitely a book I have not had any problem putting down to do something else at times. We do not need a constant rehash of how evil the Nazis were in World War II. We already know how evil they were, and it was covered extensively in the first book.Not to discount what the Jews [and other 'undesirables'] e [...]

    4. Second Contact resumes the conflict between lizards and humans some 18 years after the first clash of races (the Worldwar series). The same characters are followed, with some new ones, as the lizards engage in a Cold War of sorts upon the arrival of the Colonisation Fleet. There is very little action in this tome and with the myriad of characters it can be tough going to keep up. Whereas the original series was fresh and original, Second Contact creates a few new ideas and pulls them in to a dra [...]

    5. 20 Earth years after the end of the Worldwar series (book 4, Striking The Balance) the colonization fleet has arrived. Now The Races civilians are introduced to the challenge of dealing with Earth's natives.Turtledove picks up the continuing story using many of the characters that survived the arrival of the aliens and introducing new characters.I am pretty much dedicated to finishing this series and the stand alone follow on volume.A good read.

    6. Very much in line with the rest of the saga. Interesting ideas, interesting characters, ridiculously slow pace.Worldbuilding and analysis of the political minds in this new world situation is minimal and over the whole book you probably have 4/5 meaningful events. It sports 600 pages, it could have been 200 under a decent editor

    7. Continua con questo ciclo l'interessante vicenda iniziata con il ciclo dell'Invasione. Nonostante la molteplicità di POV è sempre avvincente.

    8. The first book in Harry Turtledove's "Colonization" series, "Second Contact" follows up on his WWII series where a race of lizards simply known as "The Race" have landed on Earth & taken over parts of the Southern Hemisphere. Fast forward to the 1960s & the aliens themselves are preparing to try to colonize Earth while the nations of Earth continue to work toward ridding themselves of their alien cohorts. Turtledove's story is a complex round of characters, places & events that keep [...]

    9. I went into this not sure what to expect. Not from the writing quality, I have enjoyed pretty much every book by Turtledove I've read, but by where the story was going. I have to say, I was pretty pleasantly surprised. I think this has to be my favorite in the series so far, although I feel like I've said that with every book in the series. I'm not sure if it's that Turtledove becomes a better writer with each book he writes or the story has just had a chance to really fold out and stretch it's [...]

    10. I have found the entire World War Series interesting and entertaining. I do find that Turtledove tends to repeat information in his books to often, its not like his readers can't remember information from one book to another!Also Turtledove should stop writing sex dialog. Sorry buddy, you are just not very good at that.What Turtledove is great at is presenting history from an alturnate reality. I find the books captivating and wanting more. Could stand a little less of hearing (And I Great You S [...]

    11. I have a feeling I've read this book before, but I'm not sure. Frankly, I think the story would be more interesting *without* the regrettable effects of ginger on the female aliens. Not to mention less annoying. The specter of a Germany and France that have been under the Nazis' thumb for two decades is also deeply unpleasant. Still well-written, though, while still being unsurprising in almost every respect. But hey, I guess if the formulas work, why mess with them? At least he avoided the trap [...]

    12. Continueing.Alternate History of course, highly interesting. Hehe, I just wait for the tales after this one, Wiki says: we will even overcome The Race, and even conquer. THAT´S a little ahead, but still. I like it. At least a tale that covers thousands of pages- of which I´m fond of. Yep.Never spare me my unreality.Hehe;-) !!!I just guess- that, reading this, it is finally made clear that humankind might be a force to be considered. In the long run, the very long one.My opinion. There are stil [...]

    13. Dopo la serie Invasione inizia una nuova serie: Colonizzazione. La guerra �� finita sono passati 20 anni e la Razza ormai fa parte integrante della Terra in una pace instabile e precaria. Gli usi e costumi di due specie nate su mondi diversi si stanno mescolando per dare vita a qualcosa di completamente originale. Ma dopo la flotta aliena di invasione arriva la flotta dei "civili" che si aspetta una Terra ormai conquistata e pacificata. La realt�� �� ben diversa e tutti dovranno farc [...]

    14. Haven't read alternate history for a while, not usually something I search out (and sometimes I try and avoid it altogether if it involves Nazis). Well, this one does involve Nazis, but I don't have much choice in NYPL ebooks that I can read on my Palm. This is one my better ebook finds; the aliens are well-developed, many of the humans are interesting, thoughtful characters (though some feel stereotypical), and the plot (the uneasy co-existence of the two Races), while it moves slowly, is intri [...]

    15. The fifth book in this series continues on as before. Easy, if long read, with the plot continuing to develop nicely.I can't decide whether Turtledove's style of constantly recapping the plot is a good or a bad thing. One on hand it is almost impossible to lose track of the story. On the other I think that five books in we don't need to be reminded continually that the probe the Lizards sent showed men on horseback etcOverall an enjoyable read.

    16. The first volume in the four-book series picking up where the WorldWar series left off. The author brings back virtually all his key characters from the earlier series, now a generation older, and introduces new ones, some of them the children of the first set. As always, he blends action, humor, and serious issues; grand politics and individual relationships; and all points of view, human and alien.

    17. Après la trilogie Worldwar et quelques romans d'autres auteurs, je reviens à Harry Turtledove avec Colonization, la trilogie qui sert de suite à Worldwar. J'ai bien aimé le premier volet de cette nouvelle trilogie, moins centré sur la guerre mais au contraire sur la coexistence des Lézards et des Humains, vingt ans après l'arrivée des extra-terrestres en pleine Seconde Guerre Mondiale. C'est prometteur pour la suite !

    18. 7/10608 pages Continuation of the World at War series fought between humans and aliens in the middle of the 20th century. The Colonization works, of which Second Contact is the first, detail the aftermath of the unsteady truce which is reached. Set in early 1960s, Turtledove follows his routine formula of 10-12 different story arcs. Started slow and picked up for me halfway through.

    19. ehi ma proprio durante la seconda guerra mondiale dovevano arrivare gli alieni ? e come mai gli alieni sono sempre pià lenti e crapuloni degli umani? unico difetto d iquesto libro sono i troppi punti di vista daranno si una visione d'insieme del tutto ma si perde il filo e poi io tendo ad appassionarmi sempre e solo ad una delle trame .

    20. The continuation of Turtledove's Worldwar series is even better than its predecessors! Lots of intrigue, a slim and focused (for Turtledove) plot and super awesome new characters! Read my full review @ my book review blog.

    21. Mentre sulla Terra è in corso la Seconda Guerra Mondiale, improvvisamente una flotta d'invasione di una razza aliena attacca il pianeta, con l'obiettivo di annetterla al suo impero interstellare. Ciò produce un vero e proprio trauma sulle culture umane, che, per conservare la propria libertà, si vedono costrette a rovesciare le alleanze e a coalizzarsi contro il comune nemico.

    22. Twenty years have passed since the Worldwar series. The aliens are still around. The Nazis are still around. Humanity has got into space. A cold war is in play. Espionage and state-sponsored crime are the activity here. Finishes with no climax - obviously the series was one book cut into three. Rated M for some violence, drug use, moderate coarse langauge. 3.5/5

    23. The Balance series taken to the next logical point in the timeline. I love the way that Turtledove uses his large cast and how the story twists and turns. I love his grasp of combat and the flow of the story lines.

    24. Maintains the consistency of the overall Worldwar/Colonization series of books. In fact I liked it a bit better than the four Worldwar novels, though this may be because it's an alternative take on the 1960s, one of my favorite eras in history. Held my interest very well.

    25. The aliens are backd they still are not happy. Can humans put aside our differences to kick some? Seems unlikely. Again, worth the read for the historical facts and figures sprinkled in against the mediocre sci-fi.

    26. Re-read, Re-read and againI had this series years ago. Paperbacks, but I read them so many times that they fell apart. I kept checking for them as soon as I had a Kindle, they ate fan-tab-ulous.

    27. Good continuation of the World War series. If you like Turtledove, you will like this. I would recommend starting with World War: In the Balance, however, to see if you like his style.

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