• Title: The Center Cannot Hold
  • Author: Harry Turtledove
  • ISBN: 9780345444226
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Center Cannot Hold AMERICAN EMPIRE BOOK TWOIn this spectacular thought provoking epic of alternate history Harry Turtledove has created an unparalleled vision of social upheaval war and cutthroat politics in a world
    AMERICAN EMPIRE BOOK TWOIn this spectacular, thought provoking epic of alternate history, Harry Turtledove has created an unparalleled vision of social upheaval, war, and cutthroat politics in a world very much like our own but with dramatic differences.It is 1924 a time of rebuilding, from the slow reconstruction of Washington s most honored monuments to the reclamationAMERICAN EMPIRE BOOK TWOIn this spectacular, thought provoking epic of alternate history, Harry Turtledove has created an unparalleled vision of social upheaval, war, and cutthroat politics in a world very much like our own but with dramatic differences.It is 1924 a time of rebuilding, from the slow reconstruction of Washington s most honored monuments to the reclamation of devastated cities in Europe and Canada In the United States, the Socialist Party, led by Hosea Blackford, battles Calvin Coolidge to hold on to the Powell House in Philadelphia And it seems as if the Socialists can do no wrong, for the stock market soars and America enjoys prosperity unknown in a half century But as old names like Custer and Roosevelt fade into history, a new generation faces new uncertainties.The Confederate States, victorious in the War of Secession and in the Second Mexican War but at last tasting defeat in the Great War, suffer poverty and natural calamity The Freedom Party promises new strength and pride But if its chief seizes the reins of power, he may prove a dangerous enemy for the hated U.S.A Yet the United States take little note Sharing world domination with Germany, they consider events in the Confederacy of little consequence.As the 1920s end, calamity casts a pall across the continent With civil war raging in Mexico, terrorist uprisings threatening U.S control in Canada, and an explosion of violence in Utah, the United States are rocked by uncertainty In a world of occupiers and the occupied, of simmering hatreds, shattered lives, and pent up violence, the center can no longer hold And for a powerful nation, the ultimate shock will come when a fleet of foreign aircraft rain death and destruction upon one of the great cities of the United States From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. More familiar historical figures showing up in different contexts and more of the world going to Hell in a hand basket as reactionaries take control of the Confederate government. Characters introduced as young children in novels from the previous series are now getting married and having children of their own. The breadth of these narratives is amazing.

    2. Occasionally while perusing a book store, I'll see that a particular novel has multiple authors, which always had me wondering as to why. After reading a succession of Harry Turtledove novels, I am starting to understand the impetus.Turtledove is outstanding when it comes to contemplating 'what-if' scenarios - hence his presence as one of the most popular alternate history writers. But he's downright inadequate in terms of writing dialogue, which prevents him from reaching the category of 'great [...]

    3. I somehow missed Turtledove's birthday last week. A few signs you've read too much Turtledove: You're automatically suspicious of any political movement that crows too loudly about "freedom", you can envision Mormon suicide bombers, and you wonder how World War II would have turned out if alien lizards invaded Earth in the middle of it.

    4. The continuation of the long and intricate alternate history track Harry Turtledove began with a "what if" change of events during the Civil War. For me, this series is addictive. The characters and events are intriguing and I want to know what happens next.

    5. After the reparation payment imposed by USA to CSA had stopped, things seemed to look better for CSA. The Whigs were set to rule like it used to, and Freedom Party looked like it headed to oblivion, since one of its members assasinated the President of CSA. However luck changed when there was Great Depression came, propelled Freedom Party to power. And thus, CSA looked forward to war, to avenge its humiliation on the last war by its northern neighbor. Overall, I tend not to be very excited to th [...]

    6. Yet another installment in a series that I am happy that a buddy of mine got me hooked on. I love all the different characters and the unfolding of similar yet different events in alternative history. The author must have one of the most active imaginations to bind so many different characters over such a long story. I look forward to the next one!

    7. Pretty goodIt was a good book but definitely the second book of a trilogy feel to it. It’s interesting that the first carrier battle in this timeline happened almost a decade before in happened in ours

    8. The characters in this series spend all of their time doing the following three things:(1) Recapping events that just happened(2) Watching election returns(3) Fucking

    9. This is the sixth installment in Turtledove’s sweeping epic retelling of American history based on the Confederate States of America winning the Civil War and establishing their independence. Having posited a redux of that war a generation later, and re-imagined World War I with the USA and the CSA on opposite sides, he has now moved on to the decades between the two World Wars.The USA, as one of the victors in the Great War, has become an empire, having annexed significant portions of the CSA [...]

    10. I've read several HT books, including several in this series. While the narrative is good and overall enjoyable reading, I found several aspects to be unrealistic, no matter that it's "alternate history". The first is the tiny part Britain plays, even being defeated in Northern Ireland by the Irish (with help from the Yanks of course). No mention of the naval battles against Germany which, but for some bad luck (and some glitches in British ship design) could have led to the routing of the Germa [...]

    11. In part two of the American Empire trilogy, Harry Turtledove continues his story of the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of fascism in the Confederate States of America. The story's interesting enough, and I tend to agree with the view of history theory that Turtledove puts forward (that history is mostly the result of economics and cultural progress, rather than the actions of select individuals). I'm not a terribly big fan of Turtledove's writing style, though; he writes like he's writ [...]

    12. This is the middle volume of the American Empire trilogy, volume six of the story arc in which the South's victory in the Civil War makes the North American continent a place of hatred and bloodshed. At this point, the whole story has run out of steam, somewhat. This part of the tale runs from the early 1920s until 1932. Things happen, but life during the boom of the Roaring 20's and the depressed 30s isn't quite as dramatic as it was during wartime. The characterization is still good, and I'll [...]

    13. Like most of the books in this series the ones in the middle of story arcs tend to be slow. But unlike the other middle books the last half of this book really picks up steam. Now I'm not complaining about the slow pace. That slow, detailed pace is why I adore these books. But when things keep you on the edge of your seat like the rise to power of Jake Featherston in the end of this book it's really hard to stop reading (or listening in this case). This book has such a good ending in fact that i [...]

    14. This was an alternative history book set mostly in the early 1900s in what we know as the US and Canada but in this book things are quite different. It was a fairly good read even though I didn't read its predecessors. I am going to defer to the description found a the web site listed here for a much better descriptionifidimensionscom/Nov02/cISBN - 0-345-44421-3, Alternative History, Pages - 547, Print Size - R, Rating - 4 All books reviewed are from the library or purchased by the reviewer.

    15. I didn't enjoy this book as much as I usually enjoy Turtledove novels.Maybe as I am reading the American Empire Series as a block, and after 1200+ pages, am I suffering from fatigue. I am still keen to continue on, so the story is still engaging. However instead of being a ripping yarn, it seems to have bogged down in too much character developing/living their normal (boring) lives as the world turns on Turtledove's alternate axis.Onwards and upwards!

    16. Once again, Harry Turtledove takes the fabric of history and twists it into a new shape. With a mixture of fictional and historical characters, he takes us through the rest of the 1920's and into the 1930's. He's not afraid to knock off a character or two along the way as well, thus opening up new storylines along the way. He truly is the master of alternate history!

    17. Nice progression in Turtledove's alternate history now. This is probably the best in the series so far. Characters are still largely predictable but the parallels between the CSA and the Weimar Republic / Nazi Germany from history are now quite interesting.

    18. Well thought out alternative history, though it does feel like more effort was put into developing the characters rather than the plot. That being said, I've read this before any other books in Turtledove's alternative American history.

    19. Another good book in a fun series. Turtledove works the period between the wars quite well. I love how the characters interact and the plots are quite interesting. This series was so enjoyable that it was worth the time spent reading as the payoff is great. I really enjoyed this series.

    20. Finished! Next one downloaded and ready to go. I am loving the storyline but to be honest, there are some things that get too repetitive. Turtledove treats each book as if you have not read the predecessor, which seems highly unlike. Nonetheless, I am pushing on!!!

    21. You gotta read this series if you want to understand Turtledove's subsequent series taking place during WWII. Mostly politics, it shows the rise of a fascist state in the South which will lead to WWII.

    22. This is where the series really started to drop off, by paralleling events of our time line too closely.

    23. An interesting take on the years 1921-1933 in a world where the Confederate States won the American Civil War (or in this world the War of Secession).

    24. Despite the plot was getting more and more predictable (parallels between CSA and post-WWI Germany), the reading was captivating. Looking forward to finishing the trilogy

    25. Second time read. I decided to go back and reread this series to get me properly into the followup books.

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