• Title: The Edge
  • Author: Rudy Josephs
  • ISBN: 9781442414242
  • Page: 387
  • Format: ebook
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    The Edge A new Starfleet Academy series for teens filled with romance and adventure In The Competitive Edge Kirk finds out how much of a toll the intense training classes and grueling schedule of academy life
    A new Starfleet Academy series for teens filled with romance and adventure In The Competitive Edge, Kirk finds out how much of a toll the intense training classes and grueling schedule of academy life is taking on all the cadets, including himself But some recruits seem better equipped to handle the challenges Is there something that is giving them an edge Kirk is detA new Starfleet Academy series for teens filled with romance and adventure In The Competitive Edge, Kirk finds out how much of a toll the intense training classes and grueling schedule of academy life is taking on all the cadets, including himself But some recruits seem better equipped to handle the challenges Is there something that is giving them an edge Kirk is determined to find out, especially since one of the cadets with a little something extra is his new girlfriend.

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    1. I am dying to read a YA series set at a school in space. DYING. I know, I know, Ender's Game satisfies that wishy it doesn't. I want it to be high school students and I want it to be like Stargate/Star Trek/Firefly meets every YA high school book ever made. Anyway, this book seems to be as close as I can get. *sigh* But it was rather fun!I've never watched any Star Trek--gasp--but I did like the most recent movie and this book is based in the movie version of Starfleet. This turned out to be bot [...]

    2. This is the first "Starfleet Academy" book I've read, but not the first "Star Trek" book I've read.I read the intriguing graphic novel Star Trek: Countdown which details the events that led up to Nero traveling through time (for the 2009 movie).Also, (for the original TV series) I read Star Trek: Troublesome Minds, which captured the characters so incredibly well that I was enthralled by the first page.And then, my favorite so far, [book:Strike Zone|217855} (TNG).What I loved about these other b [...]

    3. This definitely felt like a YA version of Star Trek, it wasn’t great but it wasn’t that bad either. Kirk seemed a bit useless in this one, and everyone’s characterization was all over the place compared to the first one in this series.

    4. Poor editing and characterization. Kirk is basically useless. So many irrelevant details that could have been cut out to make way for things that actually further the plot. There's a mystery involved, and being a mystery fan, the reveal was a huge letdown for me- not because it doesn't make sense but because it was presented in a way that makes you say, "Soat's it?" That pisses me off the most because I expected better.On the brighter side, it was a fun read, and I enjoyed Spock and Uhura's inte [...]

    5. It was an okay book. It waa better than the first book but not that much better. There didn't really seem to be much of a plot. And whatever plot there was took a while to get to & onve it got to it it was done in like 15-20 pages. A lot of the book was more of the acdemey life rather than buliding up suspense/thibgs related to the plot

    6. Not as much campy fun as The Delta Anomaly, but still gives some nice insight into who the characters were before the film's canon.

    7. Obligatory disclaimer that reading the odd Star Trek novel is my guilty pleasure, I hate myself for doing it, etc. Vague spoilers for the sort of people who can recognise Trek episodes by name; not enough to justify spoiler tags:Hm. This one was fine. The painfully YA style didn't sit particularly well with me. The ultimate plot was essentially that of 'Doctor Bashir, I Presume,' and had the same problems as that episode: good idea, not amazingly well-executed. It suffers from the constraints of [...]

    8. Sometimes I want to be a NERD, leave me alone. Anyway this was a fun book, the characterization was pretty spot-on and Spock and Uhura were super cute. I will definitely keep reading this series, don't judge me.

    9. I caved and gave this a four star because I love the moral dilemma of this one. I love the moral dilemma and the characters' questioning about whether or not it's worth it, to be in an Academy that only demands "the best and the brightest", and how they deal with it in their own ways.The setup looks easy at first, and the mystery itself is straightforward--a cadet died due to a mysterious cause. But I love how the author handles this one. He chose to explore things psychologically and took a con [...]

    10. Kirk is at the academy, and other students are under pressure to succeed. Someone is giving them an edge that is dangerous. McCoy gets involved when he finds that something caused a death. A good story with some great character moments. It questions how far you should go to succeed. A good read.

    11. “The Edge” by Rudy Josephs is actually the first Star Trek novel I have read that is set in Star Trek’s “Abramaverse”. As this is a Starfleet Academy book it is targeted at the Young Adult audience just like the earlier Academy novels that were set in the Prime universe. However, I do feel that this book was of a higher standard than the Prime Universe series of novels. I suspect that this is because YA novels have come on quite a way in recent years and there is a huge variety in term [...]

    12. 3.5 Stars. Offering a glimpse into the lives of Kirk, McCoy, Spock, and Uhura before the events of the 2009 J.J. Abrams film that relaunched the Star Trek franchise, the Starfleet Academy series continues with its look at the cadets' school days with The Edge. For some inexplicable reason, the publisher elected to release The Edge, which clearly covers the first few months the quartet spend at the Academy, after The Delta Anomaly, when they are well-established in their studies, Academy routine, [...]

    13. While this is the second book in this new "Star Trek" series for teens, it really jumps back in time to the point when Jim Kirk and his classmates are starting off at the Academy. It quickly becomes clear that their time at the Academy is going to be filled with all sorts of challenges, both physical and intellectual. It starts off with a race across the desert in which only one of the plebes, or freshman, will be winner. Everyone else might as well not matter. Knowing Kirk as we all do, this wi [...]

    14. This is the second book in the Starfleet Academy book series that is intended for young adults. The first noticeble thing is that the writing style is significantly different. The author of the first book Rick Barba tried in my opnion a little too hard not alienating young readers away from the Star Trek Universe. Odd concepts for Star Trek such as money and street crime were really out of touch. The author of The Edge Rudy Josephs does not make this mistake and seems to have a good grasp of the [...]

    15. This is the second published book in the series, but it takes place before the first one. I didn't know that when I started reading it, so it was very confusing (it would be really nice if there was a note at the beginning that says “This book takes place before the events in The Delta Anomaly”).Kirk, Uhura and McCoy are just starting out at the Academy and they’re doing their best to keep up. There’s a lot of pressure on the students, so some of them use illegal procedures to give thems [...]

    16. I bought this book pretty much straight after reading the first book in the series and my initial expectation would be that it would be better than the first, which was okay. It's an understatement to say that I like Star Trek and I was really hoping that it would be pulled off incredibly well here.I really liked how the story of The Edge was more related to life on campus and what happens to the students there rather than something that is happening off-campus like in The Delta Anomaly. It seem [...]

    17. This was more of a 3.5 star read. And not because the characterization was poor. It wasn't too bad actually. It was because the writing was so average. Boring. Unexciting.This book takes place in the "alternate universe" created by the movie Star Trek: 2009 (in case the cover wasn't a dead give away). The synopsis says that Kirk is saving McCoy from being blamed. Well, the problem starts right away, but drags its feet until over half-way through the book when McCoy is "detained". In fact, there [...]

    18. In this science fiction novel The Edge for the Star Trek original series cast in Starfleet Academy, the author Rudy Josephs describes a short period of time in the alternate timeline presented in the JJ Abrams movie “Star Trek” in which Kirk’s father is killed by a Romulan from the future. The original series cast is present, but they are at the Academy in Sausalito, CA undergoing 4 years of training needed to become officers in Starfleet. The date is 2255 CE (23rd century) and the main pr [...]

    19. I was curious when I saw this new set of Starfleet Academy series. It was thicker than the previous ones I've read from the Star Trek:The Next Generation series. Wow! I never thought it would be an engaging read. Author Rudy Josephs kept me close at the edge of my seat as I thumbed quickly through the pages just like the race in the first chapter. It didn't lose steam because mystery came in a form a dead first year student in the morgue and the following day, another student in ICU. It made one [...]

    20. The 2nd in the J.J. Abrams universe Star Trek Novels. Once again, it focuses on Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and Bones during their first days at the Academy. (I am not sure who was in charge of the numbering/ publishing, but this book needed to have come out first, not 2nd). In this book, Kirk is having to adjust to his first days at the Academy- he is being tested and trying to prove he is alpha dog of this crop of cadets. That no matter the challenge, he is going to find the strength and energy, and s [...]

    21. It's early in the Academy days of our favorite crew(the movie version) and James Kirk is trying to make his mark.One young freshman turns up dead in his bed and when Leonard McCoy assists in the autopsy, he discovers something odd. Multiple injuries to internal organs without medical intervention. And something even more odd. He finds evidence of surgery to deaden the nerves, rendering the person unable to feel pain.When Uhura's roommate collapses, McCoy is the attending physician and discovers [...]

    22. I can see how people feel that this was a better book than the first in the series (Delta Anomaly). It seems a little more respectable, has a little more depth, more thought. But it just didn't have the personality of the first book. All of the characters were quite bland (except Spock, oddly), and the "whodunnit" was a bit disappointing at the end. Kirk was thoughtful and and a little more down to earth, but I missed that x-factor and verve that he had before. I mean, McCoy didn't even once say [...]

    23. Blander than 'Starfleet Academy: Delta Anomaly', but not truly terrible. I prefer energy, a sense of humour, or the tang of romance. Although Spock and Uhura flirt somewhat there was less 'spark' here than elsewhere. Cadet Monica Lynne's racism against aliens on page 19 was jarring: I disliked and suspected her immediately, while Kirk continued his efforts to woo her for weeks and months afterward? She must be quite a hottie- I found her immediately off-putting.Does Starfleet Academy actually ha [...]

    24. This book really surprised me. I gave up reading Star Trek series fiction when I was in high school after I realized that one book was just like the next. I was really hesitant when I picked this up thinking that this book would be one more of the same type of series. While it does have the feel of series fiction, the characters and the story were original and fun. Basically, this one is a fun read for the Trekkies out there looking for something new. On a side note, this particular series is be [...]

    25. This Starfleet Academy book was a ton better than the first one I read. It was less stereotyping and more just natural. It was a fun read. It follows James T. Kirk on his first few months at the academy. Some of his internal monologues seemed a little out of place, but they made him look more human and allowed for a growth we had to assume happened at Starfleet that we didn't see in the film. The story is a simple mystery about things students getting hurt. The bad guys are a hundred times more [...]

    26. My first thought upon seeing this book was a sarcastic, "Wow, they actually made this?"My second thought? "I want to read it."I didn't have the highest of expectations. I've read media tie-in books before, and I'm used to remaining unimpressed as far as literary standards go. #pseduofanfictionThis was a pleasant exception. It's not going to win any awards or anything, but it definitely kept me hooked. I swooned over some Spock/Uhura moments. And the mystery kept me guessing.Also, can we get an a [...]

    27. This latest installment in the new Starfleet Academy series is set immediately after Kirk arrives at Starfleet Academy as a first year cadet - in Abram's latest Star Trek universe. Kirk hasn't formed many friendships other than with Dr. McCoy, who also becomes involved in the investigation into the cadet's death. This new Star Trek series geared towards young adults have both been murder mysteries so far. Both installments are stand-alone novels, so it's not necessary to read them in order. In f [...]

    28. This novel isn't as well written as the other books in this series. The pace is a little slow and the resolution takes a bit to finally happen. It was easy to guess what was going on, and Kirk's action at the end is sort of in character, but not exactly. The relationship with the girl also didn't ring true. The best part is the development of Spock & Uhura's relationship. This book is sort of a medical thriller. But the thriller part is weak. The relationships were better handled. As a Trek [...]

    29. Starfleet Academy, The Edge. (I know, I am such a nerd.) Jim Kirk, Nyota Uhura, and Monica Lynne are all first year Starfleet Cadets, along with many other applicants. School seems to be going well—they are all struggling to keep up with the work but that is only to be expected. But when some serious medical anomalies arise concerning other students, Cadet Kirk's best friend, Cadet McCoy, could take the blame. It's up to Kirk to uncover the lengths people will go to succeed. I know this book s [...]

    30. I didn't enjoy this one nearly as much as The Delta Anomaly, but it was still enjoyable in its own way. I always have fun with prequels. It was especially nice to get some insight on how Spock and Uhura might've hooked up.I did have one problem, however: there seemed to be an odd emphasis on gender roles scattered throughout the book, especially revolving around Kirk and his love interest. Comments about Lynne being a "modern woman" and Kirk not doing the "gentlemanly" thing, etc. Nothing major [...]

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