• Title: In the Presence of Mine Enemies
  • Author: Harry Turtledove
  • ISBN: 9780451459596
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the Presence of Mine Enemies In the twenty first century Germany s Third Reich continues to thrive after its victory in World War II keeping most of Europe and North America under its heel But within the heart of the Nazi regime
    In the twenty first century, Germany s Third Reich continues to thrive after its victory in World War II keeping most of Europe and North America under its heel But within the heart of the Nazi regime, a secret lives Under a perfect Aryan facade, Jews survive living their lives, raising their families, and fearing discovery

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    1. This book seemed interesting. It wasn't. It had incredibly long passages of intricately detailed bridge games. (Yes, bridge games. And not "high stakes bridge" or anything like that. The book wasn't set at a bridge tournament. It was just two main characters and their wives getting together to play bridge. And, boy howdy!, did they play bridge. For instance:Willi dealt the first hand. "And now to give myself thirteen diamonds," he said grandly."As long as you give me thirteen hearts, I don't min [...]

    2. In this alternate history novel, the year is circa 2001. The Nazis won the Second World War, then conquered America a generation later. Jews are hiding in the midst of the Third Reich.So, what’s the book actually about? As far as I could figure out, not very much. I kept wondering when something would actually happen. Unfortunately I reached the end and nothing had, unless you count interminable games of bridge while the characters wonder who is having unfaithful thoughts.Turtledove had a grea [...]

    3. Ho-hum, another Turtledove book about WW2. This one is different, thoughMost of the time, when he tackles the subject, he looks at the minor tweaks that have radical outcomes. A cigar dropped in 1962 means that Patton is a Confederate General trying to invade Ohio. This book looks at a single Jewish family in 1995, living in NAZI Germany. What makes this book work is that, for once, he's moved past the wars, and focuses squarely on people. Their hopes, fears (terror!), and daily drudgery. One of [...]

    4. Set in the 1990's this is a novel which poses the question "What if the Nazis had won?"It focuses on one family who look like any other loyal Aryan family--but they have a secret. They are Jews. When the children become twelve, they are told of their true heritage.The story is well told. The fears of being found out, constantly being afraid of the secret police, are well handled. Especially hard for the oldest girl--all her life she has read stories and heard about how horrible Jews ared now she [...]

    5. I've given up on a couple of Turtledove's "adult" novels since loving his GUNS OF THE SOUTH but this book was fascinating. It was one of those "couldn't put it down" kind of books.As usual, he doesn't seem to have a good grasp on religious faith - but he doesn't undercut that belief in this story.I'd say more, but I'd hate to be a spoiler.

    6. Empecé este libro con la ligera esperanza de que sería algo nuevo e interesante, pero temiendo en mi interior que sería “otra de lo mismo”. La verdad es que tenía unas expectativas relativamente elevadas, puesto que mi razonamiento era que, por muy mal que lo escribiera Turtledowe, no podría ser mucho peor que Phillip K. Dick o cualquier otro ucronista que trate el tema de una Victoria del Eje.Si, he dicho “Victoria del Eje”. ¿Que pasa? Es un tema que ha fascinado desde 1945 a los [...]

    7. This is another book in Mr. Turtledove's series of alternative histories, and is set in a world where Germany is the victor of WWII. I read it because of my interest in WWII, having read similar alternate history novels such as Man in the High Castle, Fatherland, The Plot Against America ( maybe The Domination), etc. From a literary point of view, this is the poorest one. The style is flat, it does not leave a good "taste" on your mind. The characters are boring, as their daily lives which do no [...]

    8. The concept was good. I like the ending. However, there was a lot in it that really required some struggle. There was one page that was so much like one previous, I actually thought I'd lost my place. I can also see it being far more enjoyable if I understood or cared about bridge. Other than dragging somewhat, the story and the questions asked were pretty good. Made me want to brush up on my WWII history.

    9. Fun to read, but Turtledove has been suffering from a repitition problem recently in a lot of his books. Repitition is fine in his series, where you may have forgotten events from 3-4 books prior, but here the reader should be able to remember what happened 3-4 chapters ago. The story is great, and the events are played out nicely however. Probably a good read for a plane or car trip, moves quickly and is easy to read.

    10. Enjoyed the characters and the interesting moral quandaries that Turtledove created for them. I also enjoyed seeing the alternate history and world that he created. But the story developed so slowly that the majority of the action took place in the last fourth of the book. All said, I'll be picking up another of his books.

    11. It was a decent alternate history, I wouldn't have enjoyed it so much if I wasn't fascinated with the time period. It's a bit repetitive, but the concept was interesting. It worked nicely as a train read, not so engrossing that I couldn't put it way when I needed to.

    12. This was fairly depressing to read, even though it ends on a hopeful note. It was also a little repetitive. Like, enough with the doctor who can't make coffee already. I didn't really like any of the characters well enough to care when they were in danger.

    13. What if the Axis had won World War II? The lives of Jews in post-war and post Holocaust Berlin. An interesting look at Jewish history and how our people has survived.

    14. I found this an very interesting look at what if the Nazi's had won. Very believeable characters who are Jews hiding in Nazi Germany. Very well done

    15. Another fantastic Turtledove alternate historical fiction novel about Jews hiding "in plain sight" because the Nazi had won WWII. I could feel the fear and uneasiness of the protagonist in this work.

    16. Outside of the 191 Timeline series, this is my absolute favorite Turtledove novel. You dive into the lives of various characters in a timeline where the Nazis won WWII and is set in the 1990s. Great twists and connections with Real World history.

    17. I am not a "what if" person. I struggled through this book for that reason. I was only able to read 1/3 of the book and decided it wasn't for me. Probably a great book for those who like the alternate history genre.

    18. I was initially skeptical of alternative histories, especially an alternative history whose subject is world where Nazi Germany won the war, but this book was a nice surprise.

    19. A world where the Nazis won? I wonder what that's like.Heinrich Gimpel gives the novel a strong introduction: he walks through a day in his life as a government cog, commenting on things that seem a bit dull and overdone to him, but great at giving the reader an image of 21st century Germany. Germany owns much of the world, after deciphering the nuclear bomb ahead of the US; tourists from affiliated nations come to goggle at German superiority; political indoctrination is abundant.Heinrich goes [...]

    20. So what's that all about? First and foremost, a deeply naïve and unrealistic idea -Jews not only surviving decades of Nazism right at the heart of the Third Reich but, even holding important posts, from crucial worker at the OKW to academics in prestigious universities and high ranking public servants at the top levels of the State. Even more unbelievable: children are entrusted by their whole families to help assure such survival!Well, that's a shaky foundation to a whole novel but it manages [...]

    21. This is my first foray into the works of Harry Turtledove, and now I know that it won't be the last. He is a good writer with incredibly vivid characters; his heroes aren't perfect and his villains aren't completely evil (mostly). And he clearly invested a lot of time and thought into his world-building. At first there were parts that didn't make sense to me; the book was written in 2003, so at first the lack of cell phones and internet seemed like glaring omissions to me. But then I thought abo [...]

    22. An interesting 'Alternate History' novel. Well written with engaging characters. Plot: Jews that survived the Nazi Holocaust are still surviving today in the 3rd Reich. Of course under the identity of perfect Aryans. They need to be extremely careful with everything they do or say in their lifes, or they run the chance of being killed by the SS. The politics in the background tell the story of the 4th Reich in motion, with a new "Führer" who wants to pass more rights to the people.The story rem [...]

    23. This was truly gripping, but I think it had to do more with the "what if" aspect of this story than the story itself. I mean - what if Hitler had succeeded in dominating the world? What if his ideals had been made into law, and he had succeeded in genocide of a race or three? That's a spooky idea in itself, but then the reader is allowed to follow a family with a secret, one that even their children are only allowed to learn after they reach a certain age.This was well-written, even if a few par [...]

    24. One of the best Turtledove alternative histories. This one depends on no sci-fi changes, aliens, or other weird happenstance. Germany won WWII many years ago, getting the atom bomb first as a neutral US stays home. Years later they defeat the US in WWIII. Now Germany and Japan are the dominant powers in the world. Jews are believed to be mostly wiped out but small groups exist, even in Berlin, pretending to be loyal Germans, working for government agencies, colleges, and other such jobs. Now, re [...]

    25. Imagine Germany won the second world war and yet another world war followed. Unlike today the whole (or majority) of the developed world is controlled from Berlin. Jews remain persona non-grata and are believed wiped out by most of the berliners. add a new regime that suggests past mistakes should be rectified. arrests, uprising the SS against the wermacht and you have an inkling of what this book is about. You simply cannot imagine what happens in a 2 year period in the germany of the 21st cent [...]

    26. Having Jews secretly surviving in the alternate Nazi empire is an interesting and well-executed twist on the old alt.history cliche, but Turtledove yet again fails to come up with any alternative history - just retreads of the real thing. Just as the Jake Featherstone saga follows Hitler's career to the letter so the fall of the Nazi empire follows the fall of the USSR. To the letter. As soon as I read that the Fuhrer and his wife were off on holiday in Croatia I knew exactly what would ensue, a [...]

    27. An alright alternative history book on the ever popular Nazi victory theme. Essentially by the dawn of the 21st Century, Nazi Germany has become the major world power, with Japan being somewhat of a rival. While it does paint an interesting view of a third generation Nazi society, and Jews living in secrecy, the execution was a bit stale for me. A lot of things aren't explored what I would have liked to, such as the defeat of the United States in the Third World War, instead of card games being [...]

    28. I was a little disappointing with this book. First of all, it took me ages. I kept picking it up and putting it down. That's never a good sign. Parts were great, others just dragged and dragged. I realize the point of all the card games, but I don't think that I needed to have a rundown on the rules, or who was pulling what card. It was way too much detail. The alternate world Turtledove set up was very good. In fact, I wouldn't have minded having more of that. I, however, was rather disappointe [...]

    29. An interesting alternate history book in which Germany wins WW2. It's set in 2009 (or thereabouts), and follows a family and their friends who are Jewish, and trying to hide that fact while living in Berlin.Not bad overall. The author does seem to play a lot of bridge, as evidenced by bizarre page-long descriptions of people playing bridge in near-incomprehensible terms, and the plot seems to stretch out a while longer than it needs to without anything actually happening. They go about their liv [...]

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