• Title: Played Out: The Jean Seberg Story
  • Author: DavidRichards
  • ISBN: 9780867211931
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • Played Out The Jean Seberg Story Seberg all American innocent from Iowa was chosen by Otto Preminger to star in his film Saint Joan which had a script by Graham Greene After a d Preminger flop Bonjour Tristesse she mo
    Seberg, all American innocent from Iowa 1938 79 , was chosen by Otto Preminger to star in his film, Saint Joan, which had a script by Graham Greene After a 2d Preminger flop, Bonjour Tristesse, she moved to Paris, making movies with Godard and Chabrol She then had a Hollywood career until she got involved in politics and, as revealed, was smeared by the FBI.

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    1. Sweet Jean, not too bright. She got entrapped in politics and wanted to emulate Vanessa (who probably worked for MI-Oh-My!) Actors who open their big, dumb mouths : what can one say? Sweet Jean, who became the darling of New Wave directors, gets huge credit for surviving pig Otto Disgustinger.

    2. One of the more tragic stories of rags-to-riches-to-rags in Hollywood history.Jean Seberg was literally plucked from middle America at age 18 to star in a major Hollywood movie--a biopic of Joan of Arc titled Saint Joan. The masculine haircut she received for the role gave her a striking, iconic image--it set a fashion trend that would resonate into the next decade. Before long, her star began to fall. She left Hollywood and found her greatest success in Paris, where she co-starred with Jean-Pau [...]

    3. Rags/riches/ruins. Starts softly, with inspirational nuances, plays out as a whisper from a lonely, misunderstood woman whose main role in life was to be a screen, projected upon by everyone in her life, personal and private.

    4. Almost unbearably sordid and sadwe still have Patricia from "Breathless" but it's a shame that Jean Seberg wasn't as tough as her signature character

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