• Title: About Last Night
  • Author: Adele Parks
  • ISBN: 9780755371297
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
  • About Last Night For thirty years best friends Stephanie and Philippa have been practically inseparable There s nothing they would not do for one another Until a few simple words change everything I need you to say t
    For thirty years, best friends Stephanie and Philippa have been practically inseparable There s nothing they would not do for one another Until a few simple words change everything I need you to say that I was with you Steph, eternally solid, considerate and dependable, is begging her best friend to lie to the police as she s desperately trying to conceal two shockingFor thirty years, best friends Stephanie and Philippa have been practically inseparable There s nothing they would not do for one another Until a few simple words change everything I need you to say that I was with you Steph, eternally solid, considerate and dependable, is begging her best friend to lie to the police as she s desperately trying to conceal two shocking secrets to protect her family Pip, self consigned to the role of scatty, frivolous hot head is overwhelmed she s normally the one asking for help in a crisis although never anything as catastrophic as this Both women have always believed that friendship is built on mutual selflessness, compromise and trust Are those beliefs now to be tested beyond endurance

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    1. About Last Night centers around a topic that I’m sure is going to be widely debated among readers after devouring this book: Would you lie for your best friend if they asked you to? Some women would answer yes, best friends help each other out, but what happens when it comes to not only telling a lie to your best friends family and friends, but also to the police? This then enters a new ballpark completely.Steph is a dependable, caring person, with what seems to be a dream life. She has her go [...]

    2. I had heard so much about Adele Parks books, so thought to give one of her books a go. Utterly disappointed after reading it and won't be picking her book again! Want to know why???Well, given the good blurb, which had all the ingredients to grow into a good full-blown well, she messed it with her writing style. I found her characters one-dimensional, her pace extremely slow and her grip on the story - LOOSE! The author seems to be torn between making the book a women's fiction and a chick-lit w [...]

    3. I haven't read any books by this author before, I think I tried reading one by her when I was about 16 and just didn't get into it. So, I was pleasantly surprised with the book to be honest!Stephanie - I definately preffered her over Pip, I can imagine feeling just like that if somebody cheated on me. She reminded me of myself, because she did feel guilty for having that thing with Subhash, even though nothing actually happened, despite what Julian had done she was still loyal to him and I had s [...]

    4. When I lived in London I commuted from almost one end of the Jubilee line to almost the other. Living near the end of the line and working near the other meant that I nearly always got a seat and that I could get a lot of reading done on the journey. Classics and serious literature didn’t really work for me on the underground, I read those at home and readable, mainstream fiction on those journeys.I think it was back in those days that I last read Adele Parks. She wrote the kind of books I thr [...]

    5. I had read some good reviews for this book so when I saw it on the shelves of my local bookshop I thought I’d give it a go.The beginning gave me an insight into Steph and Pip’s childhood years and how they came to be friends. This made me feel like I understood each of their characteristics really well and so their friendship made sense to me.There were familiar domestic scenes with Steph’s husband and children and I found myself nodding my head in recognition of the little things that wen [...]

    6. About Last Night is set over five days but, despite the short time frame, we get to delve into the lives of best friends, Steph and Pip. The women grew up together but their lives have taken completely different paths; Steph lives in a large house with her successful husband and their three sons and never has to worry about money while Pip is a struggling single parent who relies heavily on her best friend.At the beginning of the book, Pip's life is starting to take a turn for the better with a [...]

    7. I start reading every book full of anticipation and hope that I will enjoy it. It was the same with this book. I have expected a lot of this one. But unfortunately, I am bitterly dissapointed. I have read page by page till more or less the half of "About last night" and reading it was more and more confused. The characters were very unfriendly, I didn't like them, Pip played with my nerves from the very beginning, Steph I couldn't read Steph, I don't know what kind of person she is. The most exp [...]

    8. I have not read anything from this author before but read a review of this book in a magazine and liked the sound of it. It is a bit chick litty which is not a genre that I usually enjoy that much but what with moving house and working 55 hours a week I needed an 'escape, non-taxing' book.The story is about a happily married woman, Steph, her three children and her scatty single mother best friend Pip. It tells the story of Steph finding out that her perfect husband, Julian, may not be quite the [...]

    9. I was given this book by my Mum - it was a signed copy as she had been to the book launch for work. I nearly put it into the charity box but felt obliged to read it. I don't normally read this type of "chic-lit" genre. It definitely held my attention and I quite liked the story but agree with previous reviews that the characters weren't really that interesting and were 2 dimensional. Not really that funny or that sad in my opinion. Easy to read and ok if your on holiday I suppose.

    10. Finished this book in 1.5 days. Easy, light reading. I'm noticing a theme in Parks' books. Long-suffering, delusional housewives married to traders/bankers who are liars/cheaters. And round and round we go. Steph's married to a stable, loving banker. Pip's husband left her. Steph and Pip could not be more different, but are BFFs. When Steph finds out her husband is a cheating scumbag, things go from bad to worse in a fire hurry. Predictable, light and easy to read.

    11. I can’t say much about this book without giving away the whole story, the Author kept the reader guessing until nearly the end, a great book I would definitely recommend, I couldn’t put it down and had to see what would happen.

    12. ] have enjoyed and Loved all of adele parks books and am eagerly awaiting her new one which is not quite out yet in Calgary! Great beach read great anytime read! I can honestly say i have never disliked any one of her books

    13. I wanted to like this book but I really struggled!!! Infact TEDIOUS is a word that comes to mind. Sorry Adele Parks but you are not a 'chick-lit' author I would recommend

    14. This is the first Adele Parks I have read and was pleasantly surprised. I don't normally read "chick lit " but I Wanted something a little different. I enjoyed the plot - although not always "deep and meaningful" it reflects the complexities of relationships, friendships, love and loyalty in the world today. An easy read and rather enjoyable.

    15. I ended up binning this one. (Not done that before in my life)'Stranger in My Home' was excellent though.

    16. I read the book back in April and could not get in to it but i am so glad that i gave it another go. i was a very fun read in the end.I felt that steph and julian's marriage was over a very long time ago but could not bring them self's to actually end their marriage because of the children which was holding them together which is really sad as really they should be together because they love one anothere love had melted away and was not how it used to be when they first got together. the fire ha [...]

    17. It is a story about two women; Steph & Pip who have been best friends for 30 years. They both have total opposite personalities and lifestyles. Steph is married to Julian (whom she met in uni) and had 3 sons and is from the upper-class family. Steph is an organised, optimistic, perfectionist and caring person. On the other hand, Pip is a struggling single mum and had a daughter. Pip is quite a pessimistic person, low self esteem and relies heavily on Steph. Then one day, something bad happen [...]

    18. This review was first posted @ The Australian BookshelfSo, this is the first ‘chic lit’ novel I have picked up in a long time since my New Years Reading Resolution was to try and steer clear of this genre for awhile because the themes were becoming a little stale. But when the opportunity came up to review the latest novel by Adele Parks, About Last Night- I couldn’t resist. I have read many of her earlier titles such as Still Thinking of You, Husbands, Playing Away, Young Wives Tales and [...]

    19. A book that I picked up on a whim. I clearly go through phases with books. Some times I meticulously check out books on before picking them up, or the spate of ordering from kindle books, or when I just go and pick up a book from the library, just because. This was one of those books, picked up on the lunch time run to the library.'I need you to say that I was with you last night'This was the last thing Pip expected to hear from Stephanie. Stephanie needed Pip to lie to the police about her wh [...]

    20. Having never read Adele Parks before, I was looking forward to something different. A chick lit write producing what seemed like grown up chick lit made for a refreshing change. When I started the books I began to realise quite quickly that the author was producing a lot of background, thoughts and feelings with very little speech (if that makes sense).The character Steph I found very hard to get to grips with, she seemed very cold and mechanical, whereas Pip was a delightfully scatty character [...]

    21. Steph and Pip have been best friends for thirty years. Pip has been recently left by her husband with no idea where he went. Steph is happily married to her successful husband, Julian, and has three amazing boys. She finds out that Julian is having an affair and, of course, is devastated. Steph decides to get even, never imagining how her reaction will turn her world upside down. Pip is surprised when Steph asks her to say that she was with her on a Tuesday night.Friends forever, happy marriage, [...]

    22. Oh dear. This book just did not do it for me at all. I wonder if my genre-preference is changing. This just seemed too syrupy and sickly sweet for me. **** spoilers ****Gist of story is: there is a husband and wife. Wife finds out husband is having an affair. Rather than crack the bap, let rip and hit him over the head with a saucepan, the wife *says nothing* but bubbles it all up inside. Here's what her punishment is - instead of cooking him a homemade meal, she *makes him a microwave meal*. I [...]

    23. Ok I didn't really rate this book. It was just "OK". I listened to it as an audio book from the library and accept that I may not have enjoyed it quite so much as if I had read it as the narrator's voice was really irritating.The book is a story about two women in their late thirties who have been the best of friends since child hood. Their friendship is put to the test when one friend calls on the other for an alibi.It just wasn't a gripping read - the characters aren't likable. In fact, they'r [...]

    24. About Last Night by Adele Parks has been hanging around my wish list for ages. Again this is the first book I am reading from this author and like The White Queen it was an independent purchase, (well as independent as a purchase can be in this age of aggressive marketing) I heard good things so decided to give her a try. I did enjoy this book but in all honesty I found it repetitive at times labouring the same point and I can't quite put my finger on it but I'm not moved to buy her other books [...]

    25. I have previously only read (half read) one other of Adele Parks's books, 'Playing away'. It now lies dormant n my work desk as I did not feel it was enticing enough to keep reading. I was obviously therefore wary of trying another of her books. This book was on average OK, it certainly wasn't bad. I liked hearing about how different the 3 ladies were but I was near giving up in places as the book dragged on a bit, particularly with flashbacks and background information. In all honesty I'm off s [...]

    26. I've read a couple of Adele Parks books and I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately I felt let down. I found a lot of the narrative unnecessary. I give up on books very rarely but I got halfway through and completely lost interest. I was skipping over a lot of the descriptive text as it seemed like the author was just filling space to meet her word count. The lack of speech started to bore me and as soon as I felt myself re-reading parts because I wasn't concentrating, I knew it [...]

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