• Title: Twin Killing
  • Author: Marshall Cook
  • ISBN: 9781932557329
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
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    Twin Killing Third book in the Monona Quinn mystery series taking place in Iowa
    Third book in the Monona Quinn mystery series taking place in Iowa

    One Reply to “Twin Killing”

    1. ** spoiler alert ** Although I find Monona Quinn to be engaging as a character, these books are supposed to be mysteries, and that's where this book falls short. The murder victims are never made real, and the motives for the killings, although made known, are not fully explained. I enjoyed finding out more about Mo's family and her growing-up years in small town Iowa. But in my mind, those factors should be the side dishes, the complements, to the main course--the mystery. And that didn't happe [...]

    2. Monona, an editor for a newspaper, left home after high school, leaving her twin sister Maggie to look after the farm, their mother, etc. Only when her teenage nephew is caught up in drug trouble does she go back to the "farm" and tries to solve the problem. All of the people in her old hometown called her a hero because they heard the story about how she helped find two murderers. Thus to say that when she goes back to the farm, she realizes that she feels bad for her sister, taking on all the [...]

    3. The religious writing in this book actually detracted from what was basically a good little mystery. It seemed to me that the author just threw in some religious material so he could call it a Christian book, although his main character didn't act like a Christian in the arms of her former lover. Most of the religious material did nothing to further the plot or really enhance the characters. I wonder if his editor told him he could sell it better as Christian fiction rather than as a short myste [...]

    4. I really like Marshall's third book. I had read his first and found a lot of editing errors. It detracted from the content. This time, the book had few editing errors and very nice writing. I liked the characters. They were all very human and their behavior was believable. I would definitely recommend this book.

    5. Not the best of this series. The plot seemed to drag at times, and it took forever to get to the actual mystery. I do hope the last book in the series (Obsession) will be better.

    6. Home is where you're comfortable with. And I think, home is where God is. Wherever Monona is, she has God. So cool! Family-oriented, and a God-fearing story. (:

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