• Title: Prime Directive
  • Author: Garfield Reeves-Stevens
  • ISBN: 9780671726317
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • Prime Directive Starfleet s most sacred commandment has been violated Its most honored captain is in disgrace its most celebrated starship in pieces and the crew of that ship scattered among the thousand worlds of
    Starfleet s most sacred commandment has been violated Its most honored captain is in disgrace, its most celebrated starship in pieces, and the crew of that ship scattered among the thousand worlds of the Federation Thus begins Prime Directive, an epic tale of the Star Trekreg universe Following in the bestselling tradition of Spock s World and The Lost Years, JuStarfleet s most sacred commandment has been violated Its most honored captain is in disgrace, its most celebrated starship in pieces, and the crew of that ship scattered among the thousand worlds of the Federation Thus begins Prime Directive, an epic tale of the Star Trekreg universe Following in the bestselling tradition of Spock s World and The Lost Years, Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens have crafted a thrilling tale of mystery and wonder, a novel that takes the Star Trek characters from the depths of despair into an electrifying new adventure that spans the galaxy Journey with Spock, McCoy, and the rest of the former crew of theStarship Enterprise TM to Talin the planet where their careers ended A world once teeming with life that now lies ruined, its cities turned to ashes, its surface devastated by a radioactive firestorm because of their actions There, they must find out how and why this tragedy occurred and discover what has become of their captain.

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    1. Extraordinary!!!READER'S LOGThis is one of the best Star Trek novels that I ever read and easily the best one using only the crew of The Original Series, without counting crossovers novels. I know that I need to read more books centering on the original crew, however, this novel Prime Directive will keep a place in the highest levels on my own personal Trek ranking ever. A masterpiece written by the couple, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.They crafted an intriguing mystery since the story beg [...]

    2. The Enterprise crew gone rogue, always a winner! These authors OWN the characters' voices, ST canon, and the sensibility of the original series. They're even genius at taking the cheese factor from the show and using it in homage. (Plot holes, Kirk skirt chasing, swashbuckling heroics, laughing on the bridge!) A pleasure to read.

    3. Prime Directive takes the reader on an interesting journey right from the start as we read about the failures of the Starfleet Constitution Starships and their five year missions including the loss of the Enterprise at Talin IV. Since this novel is not an alternate reality or mirror universe then you are kinda derailed straight away but as you read the book and learn of the catastrophe then took place in orbit over Ralin IV and the subsequent crippling of the Enterprise it all falls into place. [...]

    4. This is hands down one of the best Star Trek novels I have ever read and I think even non Star Trek fans would maybe even like it. It's a tight science fiction read that deals with catastrophic consequences but also is a mystery of sorts.Talin IV is in ruins. A nuclear wasteland and the crew of the Enterprise is at fault. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu (a.k.a. The Enterprise Five) have all resigned over the disgrace of the events and Mr. Scott continues to work to repair the critica [...]

    5. This is one of my all-time favorite Star Trek novels. I've read it, oh, maybe 10 times? Maybe more? I savor it every time. I love the details and the portrayal of the characters, and the plot's good too.

    6. If the rating system here on allowed for half or quarter ratings, I would rate this novel 3.5 stars. I did not want to give it the full four stars, merely because the parts I really liked did not come to fruition until the last fourth of the book.As stated in other reviews I have written, I love Star Trek fiction. There is something beautiful about expanding and conceiving anew for characters, plot lines, and universes of TV shows, books, and/or movies that have already been established. Fans, [...]

    7. My first outing with the Star Trek franchise was a fruitful one. I've been hearing about this book for years. I finally picked it up. In a franchise that literally puts out a novel a month, this books still stands out. It had a perfect feeling of balance. Humor and actual science fiction. Character and action. It's a can't miss.

    8. I heard a rumor that this might be the plot for the next Star Trek movie. It was excellent! I do not read Star Trek books as a rule, but I'm really glad I read this one. It was actually a really good mystery. The final reveal of what happened on Talin IV was very Star Trek. I would recommend this book!

    9. Solid entertainment, amusing, and well read--if a bit predictable.(view spoiler)[ Enterprise meets Lovecraftian entity, an unconscious Galactus of sorts. (hide spoiler)]

    10. This book is my favorite among the Star Trek derivatives. It is one that can be read countless times. If you are a fan of Star Trek the original series this is a must read.

    11. This is my second copy of this book - I had originally bought a copy when I was in my 'reading/collecting Star Trek books' phase in the late 80s/early 90s and remember enjoying it the first few times I read it. Then my copy disappeared ['borrowed', loaned out, lost in a move, I don't know what happened to it] and that was that. Until I came across another copy for $1 at Half Price Books. It had been a while since I had read it, so I bought it to give it a shot. Isn't it funny how sometimes peopl [...]

    12. I'm not a Trekkie by any means, and I've never seen an entire episode of any of the Star Trek franchises that I know of. All I've seen is the J.J. Abrams set of movies that have drawn in non-Trekkies and discombobulated old-time fans. And yes, not being a Chris Pine fan, I found my first meeting with Capt. Kirk to be impetuous, pouty (he does have full lips for a man, no?), and not particularly bright.But this book was probably, to date, the best sci-fi book I've read. Not being a long-time read [...]

    13. I have to agree with several of the others that reviewed this book, it is one of the best of the original series. It rates up there with Sarek and Vulcan's Forge. This is story of Captain Kirk being place in a no win situation and taking all the blame. This was a no win scenario from the very beginning. The entire bridge crew is blamed for their actions and all resign. However none of them give up. They continue to look for clues and answers to the disaster and how it could have been prevented. [...]

    14. The best of the TOS series I've read so far. The setup was fantastic -- the crew disgraced but the reader does not know why -- and kept me hooked. Thankfully this didn't end up being another "bogus charges" episode like the one with the altered bridge tapes, this failure was real. Every character from TOS gets some limelight here exploring how they personally handle the professional disgrace, which was well done aside from the poor attempt at comic relief with McCoy. The ending (of course the cr [...]

    15. In many ways, Prime Directive exemplifies the best of what Star Trek novels have to offer. A compelling story with real stakes for our characters, and all brought to life with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens' penchant for crafting a tale that had me turning pages late into the night. A solid 5/5 Trek novel, and quite possibly the best book to give to someone who is interested in reading Trek fiction but has never picked up a Star Trek novel before. Great stuff!Full review: treklit/2018/02/P

    16. A great mystery novel set with a Star Trek theme behind it. A definite page turner with well-written passages that have you picturing scenes in your mind as though a movie where being played. A great piece of work for those who appreciate the original series.

    17. A fun book that lets us see what TOS crew would do if they were no longer aboard The Enterprise.

    18. Star Trek Prime Directive Simply AwesomeMy third Star Trek book in almost twenty years was also the second Star Trek hardcover book ever.And it should have been the first because it is Simply Awesome.Star Trek Prime Directive was written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Canadian authors of some renown, and is still rightly considered a classic to this day.Our story takes place in the final year of Kirk’s first five year mission, in other words just after the 1960’s television series an [...]

    19. I normally shy away from making declarations about any series of books but I'm going to break my own rule. If you have never read any Star Trek Tie in novel before, start with this one. If you plan to read just one, read this one. Read it even if you don't like Star Trek. My first copy of this book fell apart from overuse and I had to buy another one. That has happened maybe once or twice in my life, several times with Lord of the Rings and once with Watership Down. Yes that means I enjoyed this [...]

    20. Prime Directive takes place at the end of the original five-year mission. The story starts off with the entire crew disbanded, with only Scotty still on the ship. All of the main characters know that they have to get back to Talin IV. Sulu and Chekov team up together and are abducted by Orion pirates. Bones and Uhura team up and pretend to be the dread pirate Black Ire. Spock joins an earth-based group that wants the Prime Directive done away with. While Kirk works loading docks throughout the g [...]

    21. Judith & Garfield Reevs-Steveens – Die erste DirektiveJames Kirk, ehemaliger Kapitän der Enterprise, muss seinen Lebensunterhalt mit diversen Gelegenheitsjobs verdienen. Dazu benutzt er immer diverser Tarnidenitäten. Er, Spock, McCoy, Chekov, Sulu und Uhura wurden für die atomare Verwüstung des Planeten Talin IV verantwortlich gemacht. Allen wird ein Verstoß gegen das Nichteinmischungsprinzip, die sogenannte Erste Direktive, vorgeworfen. Alle sechs Brückenoffiziere sind aber von ihre [...]

    22. This was a fun book! The story line is interesting (Kirk's crew intervenes in a culture w/o permissionl hell breaks loose) and the characters stay true to their tv personas. There's a section in the novel that breaks significantly from ST timelines (in terms of when people are demoted, etc).I'm actually surprised the ST powers that be allowed that to happenI thought they had pretty strict guidelines (no romance between characters who aren't romantic on show death timeline crossovers).The end tak [...]

    23. I have been a Trek fan since the late 80's when i was kid watching reruns of TOS & the new episodes of TNG. I have also loved every incarnation of Trek & was horribly disappointed when Enterprise was cancelled. However i never got into the books until 2010! I just didn't know what i was missing! Since i have read about 30 or so Trek novels, mostly the ones published from 2010 on up. As much as i was enjoying them i decided i wanted to start reading the older Trek novels,rticularly the on [...]

    24. I had read this previously and had remembered liking it. On the re-read it was still pretty enjoyable. The Enterprise crew as fugitives all striving toward the goal of finding out what had caused their downfall makes for some entertaining reading. Even with the limitations put on Trek authors at the time, the author still manages to entertain pretty thoroughly. If I could give 3.5 stars I would have, because after the main climax of the book, it sputters on for a good bit of time wrapping everyt [...]

    25. For the 50th anniversary of Trek I thought I'd read a story I hadn't read before. It's a fun read, good, not great, and has many of the same good and bad features as the show. The characters are generally well-written, and all of the usual favorites get some good moments. There are some clever forward references to the movies and Next Gen. The story itself is interesting. The aliens aren't as important as you'd think them to be, and the ending didn't go nearly where I expected. It seems to wrap [...]

    26. This is my first Star Trek book. It was enjoyable yet a bit predictable at the same time. It has almost everything you love about the series. The bickering between McCoy and Spock always seems to bring a smile to my face. However, it seems that it relies too much on already established back story that it does not have much of plot-line in its own right. There was an incident where the Enterprise crew was involved where many beings died on a planet. The books follows their attempts to clear their [...]

    27. I've read only one Judith and Garfiled Reeves-Stevens book prior(Federation) to this book and given I was overwhelmed by that experience I was a little apprehensive about reading another. Their books do tend to be heavy both in print form and in chapter length and some readers will be challenged to read their literature. But this book was absolutely brilliant. From the first chapter this book grabbed a hold of me and didn't let go. The story telling was by far one of the best I have read in the [...]

    28. In this, my second foray into the realm of written Trek, I found myself very engaged. The voices of the characters felt quite faithful (although I had a few problems with Spock and sometimes Kirk--if I were to nitpick), the prose was wonderful and it felt like a perfect mixture of TOS and TOS movies. The additional characters were fun to read and the story itself really popped.Without giving too much away, it was a unique but familiar revisit to a much missed franchise. I highly recommend it to [...]

    29. I listened to this book as an audio book. This is the first Star Trek novel i have read/listened to and was impressed I am a big Star Trek fan and the book gives more depth of story to the TV series. I will definitely be listening/reading to more of the Star Trek novels.The book was well written with a good story-line. The original series of Star Trek wasn't my favorite series but the story here i really enjoyed

    30. James Doohan is probably my favorite of the Trek cast who narrates. He does a great Kirk, an hilarious McCoy, and a spot-on Scotty (heh). This book has a great first half, then kind of oddly turns into Fantastic Four #38 for the second half, but hey, flattery is the sincerest, and all that. My favorite part was Kirk just chilling with Gavreaux & her cat at the beginning, all like sans Starfleet.Really solid characterization, if the story was a bit weak.

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