• Title: Mermaids and Medicine Women: Native Myths and Legends
  • Author: Basil Johnston
  • ISBN: 9780888544292
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mermaids and Medicine Women Native Myths and Legends Mermaids and medicine women spirits of the wind water and woods inhabit this book of Ojibwa myths exquisitely illustrated by Maxine Noel a member of Oglala Sioux
    Mermaids and medicine women, spirits of the wind, water, and woods inhabit this book of Ojibwa myths, exquisitely illustrated by Maxine Noel, a member of Oglala Sioux.

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    1. A collection of faithfully transcribed and translated oral tales.I enjoyed both the stories and the colorful artwork.

    2. The stories here have found a new life in writing. They are oral tales, with oral fingerprints, the informal, off-hand seeming introductory remarks, the occasional vocal exclamations. These, along with the book's sweet, glowing colours, invite me to a sense of place and occasion.Deep heritage is marked in the manner of telling: 'it is said that…' and there are lacunae 'it is not known…' '…is anyone's guess' that speak a rule of privacy… some of folks' business is a matter for storytellin [...]

    3. This is collection of Ojebwe folktales is told in the oral storytelling tradition. It was a refreshing read because I was not familiar with a single story. The beautiful illustrations are art museum quality. This book should be more readily available! It is not easy to find, even in Ontario where the author is from!

    4. Superb collection of Anishnaabe stories with an accompanying selection of illustrations by Maxine Noel (Sioux). I chose to immerse myself in Basil Johnston’s books today and I feel fortunate for the experience. These collections are an historical and cultural treasure. Recommended.

    5. A nice collection of legends from oral tellings with an authentic voice. The illustrations in the book are beautiful paintings.

    6. While I wouldn't recommend this if you're not already familiar with Native American folklore, it's a good collection of oral folklore, with some lovely illustrations.

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