• Title: Забавная Библия
  • Author: Léo Taxil
  • ISBN: 9785901275078
  • Page: 175
  • Format: None
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    One Reply to “Забавная Библия”

    1. This is one of the two books that paved the way to my atheism (the other one is, of course, the bible). I found this one hidden in my mom's bookshelf. My folks aren't that religious, but I bet this book made them feel a little uncomfortable so they weren't so eager to let me read it. And they were right, because this book erased what was left from my christian beliefs (or any religious beliefs whatsoever). In short, this is a blasphemous text that mocks the old testament. It's was considered so [...]

    2. Ce inseamna sa citesti biblia cu ochii unui adult :)Momentul in care am ales sa ma indepartez de orice forma de religie, a fost un moment in care (culmea!) nu am avut acces la niciun fel de informatii sau pareri contradictorii (carti, filme, opiniile altora). Totul s-a intamplat doar prin prisma gandirii proprii si (iarasi culmea!) alegerea unui standard etic/moral dupa care sa ma ghidez. A de fapt am avut acces la o carte in acea perioada, o carte comunista de istorie a religiilor. O carte dest [...]

    3. Ar fi fost utila de citit la 10 ani atunci cand am încercat sa citesc vechiul testament si am renunțat de plictiseala. Autorul te poarta practic prin toata Biblia in ordine cronologica făcând propriile comentarii. Nu pot spune ca sunt mai mult sau mai puțin credincios dupa aceasta carte, dar sunt convins ca a fi credincios intr-o religie este o decizie ce trebuie sa o iei personal si nu doar PTR ca scrie intr-o carte "sfânta"!

    4. с нея посрещайте всички адвентисти, свидетели и т.н. като ви дойдат на вратата :D

    5. Забавное чтиво для своего круга. К слову, отлично освежает в памяти Ветхий Завет. Что, однако, совсем не порадует верующих, воцерковленных, православных и иже с ними."При чтении этих страниц можно только почувствовать еще большее отвращение к служителям религии, которые пол [...]

    6. Une lecture détaillée et instructive de la bible, telle qu'elle était lue et enseignée dans les écoles catholiques et depuis les sièges des prêtres, par un des acteurs influent du mouvement athée des années Jules Ferry. A lire absolument pour comprendre pourquoi la laïcité est très importante pour le développement d'un pays.

    7. This is very satirical autopsy of the Old Testament. The author sometimes tries to understand the book too literally in those places where even atheists see symbolism and allegories, but most of teh time he does his job very objectively. With a caustic satire he reveals numerous contradictions in the holy texts and how actually cruel and irrational Yahweh and his prophets are.Highly recommended for George Carlin fans!The book was very popular in Soviet Union because of the official Party Line on [...]

    8. This is one of the books that I inherited in my library. It's a satire of the Old Testament, but it never made me feel less (or more) religious. It takes things from the Bible in their most literal sense and that can be extremely funny. For a text that is at lest 2500 years old it obviously cannot withstand the type of cold analysis of our scientific culture. I liked this book because it really made me laugh and because it manages to expose both a little bit about the Bible (and those that take [...]

    9. Anyone who's truly curious about the actual text of the Old Testament should read this thorough, informative and, last but not least, enlightening book. As someone who had no idea what was in the Old Testament until now, I can't help but ask myself, "Wait, this is the 'holy book' that so many people have killed or died for?!" What a sad, sad joke.

    10. Я думаю, что эту книгу стоит перечитать, держа параллельно те источники, которые в ней упоминаются.Но Библия, действительно, получилась очень занятная.

    11. An old book, about an even older book. Maybe today this volume is less interesting than some sites that offer an extensive comment for the bible, but back in the day that was a good step forward.

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