• Title: Mystery in the Minster
  • Author: Susanna Gregory
  • ISBN: 9781847442970
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mystery in the Minster The th episode in the popular Cambridge series of medieval mysteries featuring the physician cum sleuth Matthew Bartholomew In the fledging college of Michaelhouse in Cambridge is in need of
    The 17th episode in the popular Cambridge series of medieval mysteries, featuring the physician cum sleuth, Matthew Bartholomew In 1358 the fledging college of Michaelhouse in Cambridge is in need of extra funds A legacy from the Archbishop of York of a parish close to that city promises a welcome source of income However, there has been another claim to its ownerThe 17th episode in the popular Cambridge series of medieval mysteries, featuring the physician cum sleuth, Matthew Bartholomew In 1358 the fledging college of Michaelhouse in Cambridge is in need of extra funds A legacy from the Archbishop of York of a parish close to that city promises a welcome source of income However, there has been another claim to its ownership and it seems the only way to settle the dispute is for a deputation from Michaelhouse to travel north Matthew Bartholomew is among the small party which arrives in the bustling city, where the increasing wealth of the merchants is unsettling the established order, and where a French invasion is an ever present threat to its port But soon he and his colleagues learn that several of the Archbishop s executors have died in unexplained circumstances and that the codicil naming Michaelhouse as a beneficiary cannot be found.

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    1. Rating is probably a little padded (maybe more like 2.5?) because I read this by the pool and the beach on a very lovely island with a drink in hand, but meh. Best choice on the leftovers shelf and did the trick. Research/exposition is clumsily inserted, and running gags aren't quite funny enough to merit the running, but I'm fascinated by the time period and love a cheap mystery.

    2. I've seen some quite negative reviews for this one on and I can sort of get where they're coming from. It's yet another Matthew Bartholomew book set outside Cambridge, this time in York, they're never as good as the ones set in Cambridge because the town is such a character in itself. This one is also a bit more tense, with less laugh out loud bits, there's murder, including one particularly tragic death and (literally) disaster. It also suffers from too-many-characters-itis. AND there's a cert [...]

    3. I was actually really disappointed by this book. I love Susanna Gregory and the Matthew Bartholomew mysteries are my favorite series ever. Yet this book had almost none of the humor that the previous books had and the whole situation between him and Matilda has been drawn out so long that I almost feel as though they're too old now to have any constructive sort of relationship. I mean, there have been 17 books and he wasn't a spring chicken at the beginning. I just don't care anymore, it's becom [...]

    4. It's ok. Matthew, Michael, and some other members of the college go to York to try and sort out some business. The book doesn't feel all that different from the other book(s?) in the series where some members of the college go on a trip to sort out some business.

    5. Wow! A wild ride through 14 century York. This book is indeed a breathtaking ride. The setting for this the seventeenth book in the Matthew Bartholomew series is York in the mid 1300's. Matthew, his larger than life friend Michael, Headmaster Langellee and a lawyer from Michaelhouse, (their house of learning in Cambridge). Ms. Gregory is a wonderful author and her medieval series never disappoint. The pace in this book is breathtaking as Matt and his friends are trying to find evidence to claim [...]

    6. As much as I loved the setting of the novel (as a former York resident) I was disappointed by how slow moving the story was. The main protagonist (Matthew) is a quick witted and intelligent medicine man who is called to be part of a team of scholars who need to sort out the ownership of a church in York which has been bequeathed to their Cambridge college by a former archbishop of York, now deceased. However, the main overseers of the Will have been dying at an alarming rate and, as well as tryi [...]

    7. Mystery in the Minster is another excellent entry in the Matthew Bartholomew series by Susanna Gregory. Master Langelee takes Bartholomew, Brother Michael, and law professor Radeford to York, his old stomping ground, York, to contest with the new powers that be that a small parish was left to Michaelhouse by the dead archbishop. With the setting in York and not in Cambridge, this is not a typical entry in the series. The above listed characters are the only recurring ones present in this volume. [...]

    8. I've always enjoyed Susanna Gregory's Matthew Bartholomew series. This book is number 17. I love the description of life in 14th century England. This time, Matthew is forced to go to York with a small group from Michaelhouse to dispute a claim for a parish church that would help improve its income. Of course, murder and intrigue seems to follow the good doctor. Maybe it's the change of scenery from Cambridge, but I found this book so much more enjoyable to read.

    9. I love this series. There are always new characters for a twist, but the main characters remain the same. It's like visiting with some old friends and listening while they tell you about their latest adventure. This time, Matthew and Michael get away from Cambridge. Matt hopes for some peace and quiet, but finds treachery and murder around every corner.

    10. Murder mystery set in the 13th century in York around the Minster. This author creates a vivid world - however, as with other books I've read - there are a lot of characters to get your head round, and a lot of murders. I find it hard to follow the plot. Not enough to put me off reading more from the author, but it does spoil the enjoyment a little and make it harder going.

    11. Although I'm an avid medieval reader, this just didn't grab me. The characters are two-dimensional and lack any sympathetic qualities - I struggled to care what happened to any of them and found myself flicking forward to read the final chapter, which offered few surprises.

    12. Another excellent mystery involving Matthew Bartholomew. Susanna takes out of Cambridge and takes us to York providing historic information on travelling in the era.She again keeps the solution closed right up to the end even though all the information is presented.

    13. Set in 1358. The starving scholars of Michealhouse, Camvbridge travel to York to protect an inheritance from the Archbishop that the local vicars are trying to snatch. They find themselves in the middle of political intrigue, a major flood and the targets of assassins.

    14. A well written novel with great characters and an interesting main plot. However, with sub plots and the seemingly endless dead men who keep appearing, the novel was too long. It seemed to take forever to get to the conclusion.

    15. An enjoyable tale of betrayal & intrigue in medieval York. Plenty of bodies & suspects which keeps the reader guessing who done it to the end, which is what a good crime novel needs. Will read more books by this author.

    16. Enjoyed this thoroughly - borrowed it from the library, remembered I don't HAVE to own all the books I read! :)(although I still want a copy of this at some point as I collect her)

    17. Oh yes, I liked this. Enjoyment enhanced by reading it while we were in York. I shall definitely read this series.

    18. I guess I am biased - Susanna Gregory would have to be one of my favourite authors. I have loved every Matthew Bartholomew book and this book was, as always, fantastic.

    19. I couldn't get into this book. Something about the writing style just left me snoozing. My mom didn't like it either. No stars because I didn't finish it.

    20. Matt and Michael got themselves in it this time! Love ready these period mystery's by Susanna Gregory!

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