• Title: The Explorer's Code
  • Author: Kitty Pilgrim
  • ISBN: 9781439197196
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Explorer s Code Award winning CNN journalist Kitty Pilgrim turns her talents to print in The Explorer s Code an exciting international thriller that revolves around the quest for a land deed valuable enough to kill
    Award winning CNN journalist Kitty Pilgrim turns her talents to print in The Explorer s Code, an exciting international thriller that revolves around the quest for a land deed valuable enough to kill for When the renowned young oceanographer Cordelia Stapleton receives an invitation to accept an award on behalf of her great great grandfather, a famous Victorian polar explAward winning CNN journalist Kitty Pilgrim turns her talents to print in The Explorer s Code, an exciting international thriller that revolves around the quest for a land deed valuable enough to kill for When the renowned young oceanographer Cordelia Stapleton receives an invitation to accept an award on behalf of her great great grandfather, a famous Victorian polar explorer, she has no idea her life is about to change dramatically John Sinclair a dashing, wealthy archaeologist and philanthropist presents Cordelia with the award at the glamorous Oceanographic Institute Ball in Monaco He also gives her a journal that her greatgreat grandfather wrote in 1908 An orphan with very few family belongings, Cordelia is amazingly touched to have this precious heirloom Once the journal is in her possession, Cordelia learns that she is heir to the land on which the Global Seed Vault in Norway sits The valuable deed for this land, or at least a clue to its whereabouts, may be hidden in the journal When the journal disappears from Cordelia s stateroom on the Queen Victoria and Cordelia receives threatening e mails, it becomes clear that she is in danger John Sinclair comes to Cordelia s aid, helping her search for the missing journal and land deed, and capturing her heart As they race to find the deed, Cordelia and Sinclair encounter a team of British virologists trying to decode the genome of the 1918 influenza pandemic, but unearthing infected tissue samples may prove lethal than curative Cordelia and Sinclair sail through the Mediterranean from Monaco to an archaeological site in Ephesus, Turkey They travel to a beautiful old Parisian home and a lavish estate in the British countryside Their search culminates in the high Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, not far from the North Pole Behind them every step of the way are a consortium of Russian underworld criminals, religious fanatics from Texas, a sinister botanist, and a sexy American spy, all hunting for the deed, all pursuing Cordelia The Explorer s Code is a satisfying blend of historical detail, fast paced action, scientific discovery, and the thrill of exploration that informs as well as entertains The breathtaking ending in the high Arctic is as chilling as a polar breeze.

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    1. Well then. A VERY watered down international mystery/murder meets VERY watered down romance. I actually bought this at the grocery store on a Sunday (library is closed!) prior to heading out to a water park with my teenaged daughter and a friend. I knew I’d be on my own for the day so was hoping for a fast-paced, mindless, international crime/murder page turner. Mindless, check. The rest, not so much. To be honest, I was ok for a hundred pages or so. We’ve got characters in Ephesus, Norway, [...]

    2. This summer , while in an air port I noticed this book. It totally caught my interest so I put it on my list. Well, I just finished reading it and I have to say it did not meet expectation. The book is about a young female scientist who lives on a submarine. She has dedicated herself to her work. Being an orphan, she has learned how to depend on herself until her great grandfather (who was a polar explorer in the artic) is honored for his life's work and she has to go to Monaco to accept the hon [...]

    3. Author Kitty Pilgrim does a terrific job setting up the locations within her debut novel " The Explorer's Code". While I've never been to Monaco, Turkey or the English countryside, Pilgrim is at her best in establishing the locales for mystery-adventure, and connecting the reader to these beautiful locations. One will pick up a strong sense of the mystery and allure of a Turkish bazaar, and the outrageous wealth and glamour of the Monaco coastline.Unfortunately, the thin plot and inconsistent ch [...]

    4. Cordelia Stapleton is an Busy Oceanographer whose work is interrupted when she is invited to accept an award to be given posthumously to her great-great-grandfather. Her friends convince her to go and she heads of to Monaco to accept. At the ceremony she meets the head of the foundation presenting the award and there seems to be a connection between them. John Sinclair is a bit of a playboy and an archeologist and along with the award he gives Cordelia a Journal that was kept by her G_G-grandfat [...]

    5. The premise of the book is solid: an orphan oceanographer goes to accept an award being present posthumously to her great-great-grandfather, and in the process, receives a journal that several organizations and governments believe will lead to an extremely valuable land deed with international implications. The follow-through was where I began to have problems with the story.I was looking for a treasure hunting thriller in the vein of Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake when I found this book, so I d [...]

    6. A romantic suspense involving an archeologist and an oceanographer when she inherits a family legacy.My TakeThe concept and the characters are great. Unfortunately, the story's execution, in so very many senses of that word, is too surface and immature.It's---eventually---a sweet romance that finds Cordelia and John entangled in international intrigue with numerous attacks. The odd thing is that the attackers are all so inept and it's a good thing that Pilgrim keeps telling us what everyone is f [...]

    7. I was very surprised to see such low rating reviews on this book that almost deterred me from reading it. I am very glad I didn’t! I quite enjoyed its fast pace from taking us on a journey through so many different countries but pieces it all wonderfully together with an exciting and thriller plot line. I was a little confused in the beginning with each chapter being some different character in a different location, but it soon comes together and flows nicely and I do like the fact that it had [...]

    8. Cordelias great-great-grandfather leaves her a journal with clues to a land deed, to land that the seed vault sits on.The trouble is that there are people looking for the same deed and they are willing to kill for it. Will she find the deed and survive in the process.Delia meets John Sinclaire, a rich archeologists comes to her aid when she receives threats. Will they fall in love?While the story was well written it lacked a real sense of action. It read more like a romance novel with a good dos [...]

    9. Do you enjoy a good mystery with a just little romance? A fascinating story line that takes you to interesting places in the world. Perhaps even learning a little of the most note-worthy events in history. Then, mixing it up with an array characters that help take you into the story and leave you there until you turn the last page. This author knows how to incorporate her years of experience on CNN with the ability to conjure up a great imaginative story.

    10. "Award-winning CNN journalist Kitty Pilgrim turns her talents to print in The Explorer’s Code, an exciting international thriller that revolves around the quest for a land deed valuable enough to kill for. When the renowned young oceanographer Cordelia Stapleton receives an invitation to accept an award on behalf of her great-great-grandfather, a famous Victorian polar explorer, she has no idea her life is about to change dramatically"When one reads a debut novel, especially one by a public fi [...]

    11. I have actually debated posting this as I find it very difficult to denigrate an author's hard work. Having said that, know that I am considering every word before I post. This book looked so promising. Just my sort of thing. Adventure, an oceanographer, archeology, the opportunity for romance, some science thrown inUnfortunately, The Explorer's Code fell sadly flat. A good story should have an organic feel to it--*This* is the way it happened. This is the way it *had* to happen Not so in The Ex [...]

    12. Overall:I like the idea of the plot and the various locations that were used. The author had strong writing in a few points and it appears that she definitely did research However, this book had luke warm writing overall and the characters were a bit off putting. For maybe the first 100 pages I had hope it would be a good one, but it turned out false. Good:The main characters are somewhat likeable and have a little bit of depth. The various locations appeared to be well researched and it's alway [...]

    13. Follow Cordelia Stapleton on her personal quest to recover and claim the deed to the land left her by her great-great-grandfather. That is the premise of The Explorer's Code.Obviously it i not that simple.This is an international thriller, with locales and characters in Monaco,England,Turkey, America,Paris,Russia and Norway.And let's not forget the high seas! There is a variety of characters interested in Cordelia's inheritance, most of them nefarious.Hence the thriller part.Unfortunately, the v [...]

    14. Oceanographer Cordelia Stapleton is contacted to receive an award on behalf of for her great-great grandfather, a famous arctic explorer, at the Oceanographic Institute Ball in Monaco. She reluctantly accepts but is surprised with her great-great grandfathers journal at the ceremony by the suave archeologist John Sinclair. Unfortunately, the journal holds the key to the location of a land deed to an internationally desired piece of the arctic that now belongs to Cordelia - if she can find the de [...]

    15. Cordelia Stapleton is thrust into a high-stakes Arctic land grap when she reluctantly accepts an award for her great-grandfather from the Herodotus Foundation, whose founder and director are none other than dashing Archeologist John Sinclair. What follows are increasingly sinister complications that result in inexplicable deaths while a rag-tag group of mercenaries chases Cordelia and John in their race to find the mysterious Arctic land deed. The plot is exciting and engaging, the characters ni [...]

    16. This inaugural book by Kitty Pilgrim was filled with adventure, suspense, intrigue and romance. Oceanographer Cordelia Stapleton finds that her life is turned upside down when she accepts an award posthumously for her great-great-grandfather, a famous Victorian polar explorer. The award is presented by handsome and dashing John Sinclair at the Oceanographic Institute Ball in Monaco. Along with the award, she is given a journal that her great-great-grandfather wrote in 1908. Cordelia discovers th [...]

    17. This is a debut novel for Kitty Pilgrim, a former CNN broadcast journalist. I enjoyed her foray into writing an international thriller set in exotic locales and full of international good guys and bad guys, sparing nations vying for land rights, and ties back to the early 20th century when the Artic Circle was the new frontier. While many characters are the type of 'stock characters' you expect to find in a thriller, she throws in come curve balls to keep the reader on his/her toes. The book mov [...]

    18. Received this through a giveaway. I really wanted to like this book. The overall plot was interesting enough although at times a tad implausible, and this could have been a really good book - in fact, it started out as a really good book. Then I had to push myself to plod through the rest of it. I wasn't invested in any of the characters. They were poorly developed, and there were too many of them that had no bearing on the storyline. Relationships between characters seemed to be way too intens [...]

    19. How good was it? Let me put it this way, I'm a speed reader, and the last 44 pages took less than 10 minutes. I liked the character development on the main characters. The "bad guys" were a little cut out for me, but the mains wow. Well done, Miss Pilgrim. The story runs the gamut of chase novel, detective story, and puzzle mystery. Although the actual code was pretty easy to recognize as the clues started lining up, the usage of Victorian Codes was well done, and very much appreciated by this r [...]

    20. A relunctant oceanographer accepts an honor on behalf of her great-grandfather, she also receives a family legacy. This is now her only tangible link to her family, but it holds secrets that others want and show no mercy in attaining it. Jumping from archeological digs in Ephesus to the glitz of Monaco to the serenity of the English countryside and finally to the arctic tundra in Norway, the explorers try to solve the mystery surrounding the journal.I enjoyed this book, and the only thing I real [...]

    21. I'd rate this closer to 3.5 stars. I enjoyed the story and loved the descriptions of all the different places the characters went. I tend to gravitate toward any story where the characters are traveling the globe in search of historical documents. The story moved along pretty quickly. I thought the romantic angle was a little distracting and cheesy. I also got a little bored of the author always having to throw in brand names to prove the characters were wealthy and sophisticated. That could hav [...]

    22. Read this in hopes of being a fun read that jumps around various parts of the world. Yes, it took place in some neat locations but the characters were PAINFULLY flat and I felt like I was reading a book written by a seventh grader. Really good for a seventh grade writer but not so for an adult. I guess I should have known it was doomed when I saw that Nancy Grace had rave reviews on the back cover.

    23. Loved this book!!! Simple writing at times, but I loved how all the action and chasing and circling the globe appeared in my mind's eye. Cordelia is like my spirit animal- she's intelligent, beautiful, and knows her own mind and knows what she wants. What she wants is the heart of ladies' man/archaeologist John Sinclair- rugged and chiseled. This book is like a freakin' "Indiana Jones" movie, and I'm so glad I discovered this series. Need more Sinclair and Cordelia in my life :)

    24. This is the first of two books about Cordelia Stapleton and John Sinclair. I read the second one and came back to this one. Cordelia accepts an award for her great-great grandfather and is swept into a search for a deed to land in the North. She knows little about her family and nothing about a deed. She and John are coupled together to figure out what is going on as they approach an archeological dig of his. Suspense and great characters combine to make this a fantastic book.

    25. This is a summer beach book with adventure and glamorous destinations. The hero and heroine are two dimensional, beautiful, kind and noble, with not a flaw between them. Not very real. The story line has a detective part that i enjoyed, very Sherlockian and it takes the reader from Monaco to Ephesus to London to Norway with suspense and action. I am also reading Henry James Wings of the Dove, and he is a much more subtle writer.

    26. This book could have been a lot better than it was; but I think for a first novel it's a success. Pilgrim's writing strength is in her details - what the characters had for lunch, etc. Excellent in that respect. I think where she falls short is in her characters - they are just a little too stereotypical. I would definitely read another novel by her because I think she will have, by then, found her "voice" as a novelist! This is a light, fun book to read!

    27. I was initially intrigued by the cover because I have been to Ephesus and loved Turkey. And I did just want a light read - but this was too light. Thin plot, stereotyped characters, poorly written scenes, sloppy details, vague or generalised descriptions. Everyone was too rich, too beautiful, and their muscles were not only toned but described ad nauseum. All in all, pretty boring.

    28. Great adventure book. I personally did it a disservice by not having the time to sit and consume the story. I only had ten-minute intervals to read this month, because it is such an adventure story it needs to be read in bigger chunks to feel the speed of the story. Otherwise, loveable characters and a good complex story. I wish the ending would have been less open-ended.

    29. I learned a lot about the world's seed vaults. Facts were sprinkled throughout the book so I found myself going to the Internet to determine fact from fiction. It did not disrupt the story line so I didn't mind. Thought there should have been more twists. Enjoyed the book and I'm starting the second one now

    30. Cordelia Stapleton accepts a post-humous award to her Artic exploring great grandfather Stapleton.John Sinclair gives her the award and is interested in her.There is a lost deed to property in the Artic. Russians, Norwegians, Americans and the Seed Vault are after the deed. They think Cordelia knows where it is. Danger follows.

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