• Title: history of the Roman Republic.
  • Author: Cyril E. Robinson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: None
  • history of the Roman Republic None

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    1. A good history of from before the republic was founded (with most of the mythology ignored) to when Augustus killed it off. Also sections on politics, philosophy, religion, army tactics, etc Of how Rome morphed from being friends to all she defeated, to conquering slave masters trying to steal everything during the Punic Wars, to satisfy her greedy lazy welfare recipients and even greedier ruling elite. I do have to drop one point from my rating as it is written in page long paragraphs covering [...]

    2. I chose the audiobooks for this "read" - parts 1 & 2. Very enjoyable and informative. I did find it somewhat challenging to keep track of events and players in the audiobook - as I listened to this while commuting. However, that did not diminish the experience.It has piqued my interest and encouraged me to now delve into the classic "Decline and Fall" books.I should be well versed in historical Rome shortly! :)

    3. Until this series of lectures which covers the republican era of Roman history in 20 hours, I had very little sense of anything going on in the Western world between Aristotle's death and Galileo. While just a start, these lectures filled in some blanks for me. For one, terrorism and supernaturalism were leveraged deliberately and effectively long before ISIS.

    4. An excellent history of the rise of Rome. Once you get past the Edwardian worldview of the author, the narrative quality was very engaging and it was quite concise. I listened to an audio version from audible and the narration was top notch

    5. Been interested in the Roman Empire recently and this book, while a bit dry in places, is a nice concise overview of the Republic.

    6. It's only for Volume 1. It's ok lar. Takeaways include the Etruscans, Hannibal and the Carthaginians in particular.

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