• Title: My Favorite Mistake
  • Author: Beth Kendrick
  • ISBN: 9780743470346
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
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    My Favorite Mistake FIRST LOVE ISN T FOREVER Exhibit A Faith s little sister Skye who muddled through her first divorce at the tender age of twenty one Faith has always provided damage control when Skye s love life get
    FIRST LOVE ISN T FOREVER Exhibit A Faith s little sister, Skye, who muddled through her first divorce at the tender age of twenty one Faith has always provided damage control when Skye s love life gets too reminiscent of a daytime drama But now that Faith has finally found the job, if not the man, of her dreams as a culinary writer, currently living la dolce vitaFIRST LOVE ISN T FOREVER Exhibit A Faith s little sister, Skye, who muddled through her first divorce at the tender age of twenty one Faith has always provided damage control when Skye s love life gets too reminiscent of a daytime drama But now that Faith has finally found the job, if not the man, of her dreams as a culinary writer, currently living la dolce vita in Italy she can t just jet back to small town Minnesota to help her suddenly pregnant little sister heal her broken heart and anemic bank account BUT NEVER SAY NEVER Faith has been putting off this homecoming for years, ever since her dad left her family in the lurch, her mother left her in charge of Skye, and a sub zero case of cold feet led her to call off the engagement to her high school sweetheart, Flynn But a return to the amber fields of grain might just be what Faith needs to gain some perspective on her past and figure out her future It s been way too long since her last love affair.ries of Flynn still get in the way of every man she meets But if she and Flynn are really meant to be, why does the path to happily ever after have so many potholes

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    1. Barely 2 stars. After this author's very enjoyable Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service, this was such a disappointment. I found the plot by turns dreary and silly and the main characters unlikeable. Faith is whiny, spineless and not bright. Her sister is a stupid, stupid woman. Faith's old boyfriend, Flynn, is a hot, surly guy who is still in a snit because Faith broke up with him 10 years earlier when they were 18. None of thses people show any sign of having matured in the ensuing decade. The best t [...]

    2. FIRST LOVE ISN'T FOREVERExhibit A: Faith's little sister, Skye, who muddled through her first divorce at the tender age of twenty-one. Faith has always provided damage control when Skye's love life gets too reminiscent of a daytime drama. But now that Faith has finally found the job, if not the man, of her dreams -- as a culinary writer, currently living la dolce vita in Italy -- she can't just jet back to small-town Minnesota to help her suddenly pregnant little sister heal her broken heart and [...]

    3. This a cute book, and it was quick and fun to read. It's what I would describe as "beach reading," though in my case, I read it on the plane. If your flight is more than 2 hours long, pack an extra book.

    4. This book is just a really fun weekend read. Perfect for curling up with a book when you just want to chill

    5. Funny funny! That's really all I can say! I don't want to give too much away, but who says you can't get back with an ex?!

    6. My sister-in-law found this book at the summer cabin we were staying at on vacation and this was the perfect quick vacation read - read it almost all on the flight home. Perfect for your chick-lit fix!

    7. Make no mistake about it, My Favorite Mistake is an easy read and the perfect book to curl up with and have a few laughs. Not long after high school graduation, Faith left the small town life of the suburbs of Minneapolis for the California sunshine never looking back on the family problems and first love she left behind. Ten years later, she's a culinary writer traveling the world. However, her simple and basically carefree life comes to a screeching halt when she gets a desperate phone call fr [...]

    8. I wanted to like this book more than I actually did. The reviews I'd read were good, the plotline sounded fun, but the delivery was lacking. It really felt like most of the novel had a lot of (some valid, some just too drawn out) issues between the two main characters that ended up getting resolved way too quickly and neatly in the end. I felt like a whole lot more should have been needed between the two to get them to that happy place than what actually was shown in the book. It almost felt lik [...]

    9. This was written in the first person, which I don't really like for romance, as we never get inside the hero's head, so it's harder to understand his character.I liked that the small-town theme wasn't annoying. I've read too many romances that portray small-town life as some kind of heaven, while city living is for soul-less idiots, and it's a theme I'm totally sick of. But that didn't happen here.I was disappointed that there was no HEA ending. While I understand why the author chose to leave i [...]

    10. My Favorite Mistake by Beth Kendrick: I went to the library and checked out all the Beth Kendrick books. Fun book to get lost in. It was a little bit of a roller coaster ride, but I loved the chemistry between Flynn and Faith. My absolute favorite: The little glimpses of Lars, the good guy. Way cute. Only wish there were more about Faith's job, but maybe there was no way to slip that in conveniently. Oh, and I teared up when I thought it was kaput with F&F. Highlights: Flynn & Geary chem [...]

    11. This is chick lit and not even really good chick lit. The story has a lot of promise, but gets muddled and confusing in the middle. By the time the ending came, I really didn't care much about the characters.I couldn't stand the character Skye, the heroine's younger sister. Do women like that really exist? Completely brainless, acts like a 12 year old instead of the 20 something year old she is. She was such a cartoon character devoid of any believability. The heroine was also unlikable because [...]

    12. This book was just ok. I'm normally a big fan of Beth Kendrick, but this book just kind of dragged on. There was way too much chatter between characters that didn't need to be there. I would have rather had more information about the main character's background, her history with her sister, and not so much just the ex boyfriend. I know it's technically a romance novel but it just didn't feel very romantic! I'll read her other books since I've liked some of them in the past, but this is not one I [...]

    13. reading now and nearly done. It is okay but so far I think this is the book by Beth Kendrick I like the least of the 3.Maybe I did not like this one as much because it was the same old story. woman and man love each other but pretend that they don't and argue all the time. Like in the harlequins I used to read when I was a young teen. Once you've read one of them you've read them all. Her other books were different. I've read Nearlyweds and Exes and Ohes. Those books are about more women and not [...]

    14. Beth Kendrick has a very good sense of humor with her writing. It is also serious, but more on the funny side. Main character Faith is confused about life and how her feelings are towards her ex-boyfriend,Flynn, of 10 years. Flynn is the typical Minnesota country man who is caught up in work and Faith. Faith's sister Skye has no idea what in the world she is doing with her life and the bar that she owns. I would recommend this book to people who like the drama, romance, and comedy that Beth Kend [...]

    15. I don't know why, but this is one of my absolute favorite books. I've read it at least 10 times, and I enjoy it every time despite the fact that I know every line almost by heart. It's a quick, fun read and I definitely recommend it.Probably my favorite line from the book, because of the big, laugh-out-loud effect it always has on me:"On my God! Are you actually going to lie there, in bed, with no pants on, and tell me that you think we need to slow down?"

    16. cute, fun read. i was heading to a beach vacation & decided to go non-electronic so i grabbed 5 or 6 books in a beach bag. i read this one during our 15-hour drive. Flynn was a little too rough on Faith in my opinion, & I kept thinking there would be a more relevant conflict than she left him 10 years ago and broke his heart. Geez. but i enjoyed the female characters and the light voice, so 4 stars!

    17. I admit I didn't finish this one. I have loved everything else I've ever read by Beth Kendrick, but for some reason I couldn't get into this one. I didn't care about the characters, and I actually kept forgetting I'd already started this one. I hate to leave books unfinished but I just couldn't do this one.

    18. During the entire book I expected to read some explanations about why she thought He left Her when they were teenagers (when her father left). There was none Also, during all this book her mother is conveniently gone and lost. Nobody cares about her. The plot is too simple and it has way too many commercials.

    19. It's okay. Not as good as the black dog bay series. The character development was lacking. And all the main characters are one dimensional stereotypes. The dialogue is riddled with cliches. But it was a light and easy read.

    20. Total summer frivolous reading. After reading so many thought provoking classics for school, this was a totally refreshing beach read. Read it to relax-don't read it to think or expect to be wowed with the writing.

    21. Such a stupid book. The literary equivalent of circus peanuts. I wanted a light read but I didn't want to lower my IQ while I was reading it. The good news is that it is a very fast read and was over quickly.

    22. I've read a lot of Beth Kendrick's books and a lot of chick lit in general. This was weak. There was a lot of back and forth with Faith and Flynn. I think it was maybe too realistic with their arguments and issues. I wanted a little more fluff. Also, that cover is embarrassing!

    23. I thought this was a great romance book. I could actually feel the emotions of the characters as they were going through their struggles. I'm not normally a big romance fan, but this book has started to change my mind.

    24. This was a typical damsel in distress that is saved by her sister who can drop everything and fly internationally to help her. This was a cute book to read and I think anyone who reads chick lit should read this book!

    25. It definitely is not like the books that I normally read. I was pleased with this love story. Beginning with that of your first love, losing it and finding it all over again. Definitely a story people can relate to.

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