• Title: Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation (Signet)
  • Author: Gina Cerminara Hugh Lynn Cayce
  • ISBN: 9780451168177
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Many Mansions The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation Signet recorded fact Thousands of microfilms filed at the Association for Research and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach testify to Cayce s ability to diagnose prescribe for and cure the ills of people whose
    recorded fact Thousands of microfilms filed at the Association for Research and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach testify to Cayce s ability to diagnose, prescribe for, and cure the ills of people whose names and locations he was given, but whom he had never seen Known as The Miracle Man of Virginia Beach, his successes astonished medical authorities and the world recorded fact Thousands of microfilms filed at the Association for Research and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach testify to Cayce s ability to diagnose, prescribe for, and cure the ills of people whose names and locations he was given, but whom he had never seen Known as The Miracle Man of Virginia Beach, his successes astonished medical authorities and the world.Many Mansions is Dr Gina Cerminara s account of these healings and an affirmation of the age old belief in reincarnation She tells how Cayce saw past the barriers of space and time, how he penetrated the previous lives of his subjects, and performed the fantastic cures and prophesies that made him the most remarkable clairvoyant in modern history.

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    1. Excellent book - definitely changed my attitude towards reincarnation as a philosophy. I may have to consider myself a true believer at this point! While not always the most logically sound presentation of the concepts involved, it certainly contained enough gems for me to find it a fascinating and very insightful read. Best moment - uncovering the solution to the paradox of the importance of meaning and purpose in this life vs. the ultimate meaninglessness of existence. Really good stuff :)

    2. This book certainly broadened my perspective on past lives. The case studies end in 1945, so the view of homosexuality is odd: it's not clear if the clients of the readings, Cayce, or Cerminara considered it a problem in the current life.

    3. There is something exciting about starting a new book. And, if you know nothing about the book, there is an air of mystery attached, too. Which is probably why I never refuse to read a book that has been recommended to me by a friend. Something deep down inside says to me, "If this person you know liked it, you should totally give it a shot. You'll probably like it!" (I feel like my friends will now exploit knowing this about me and I'll be reading some ridiculous recommendations)Many Mansions f [...]

    4. I read this when it was first published in the late 1960's and still remember being absolutely stunned. I can actually see myself reading as I walked down the street in San Francisco where I was working as a legal secretary, completely absorbed in the book and paying no attention to the visceral world around me. I had a profound influence on my thinking and understanding of spirituality. I think it may be time to read it again

    5. Do some trees die off in the Winter? Do they shed their leaves and does the leaf litter Decompose and become the Earth? Does the Acorn fall from the Oak Tree and new life begins? The green shoots of new beginnings. The Composition of new cells. Does a fruit plant do the same? Are we the same? Do we come from dust and return to dust? Buried and returned to the Earth? (Heart). Whence life begins.Or cremated and the Ashes blowing in the wind to settle and return to the Earth? Mother Earth giving Bi [...]

    6. A really amazing book. I am one to be subject to the more hocus pocusy sorts of things, but this book takes a very open mindedly scientific approach. Many of the more unexplainable, or seemingly inconsistent, things in my life have finally been set to order for me and has now put me on my way to seeking out testing this new theory on spirituality presented in the book. I get sort of annoyed with myself while explaining this because continually referring back to "that book" feels cultish to me, h [...]

    7. As the consummate skeptic, I still have a hard time with reincarnation. No question, it answers so many questions and fills in the blanks of so many inequities and theodicies so visible in life. If your cosmology is in a state of flux, try this on for size. It certainly isn't the whole story, but it helps.

    8. Anything about Edgar Cayce is good for the soul. I liked this book in particular because it is about reincarnation and how it fits into Christianity.

    9. An interesting book with Edgar Cayce's (an American fortune teller lived during 19th century) case studies on reincarnation, lost city of Atlantis and many more.

    10. This was a well-researched, well-written book about Edgar Cayce's beliefs about karma and reincarnation, cases of healings through past life prognoses, and fantastic prophesies as a clairvoyant. Gina Cerminara does him great credit by taking the reader on a journey starting with Edgar's original beliefs as a Christian, but having to slowly change and acknowledge his new beliefs as he discovers his gifts as a medical clairvoyant. There are probably several hundred cases and examples discussed in [...]

    11. I knew that Edgar Cayce was considered one of the best psychics of his time, but what I learned by reading this book is that he also gave people readings about past lives. Cayce, himself, was raised a Christian, so it took him quite a while before he believed in reincarnation. It read more like a text book at times, but it was very interesting. It seemed as though every time I came up with a question about the subject, within the next chapter or so, my question would be addressed and answered. V [...]

    12. I have read about Edgar Cayce over the years, but this book delves into areas i didn't know much about; Cayce's 'life readings' which dealt with past-life experiences, karma, and healing.Although I did not agree with all of the thoughts set forth in this book (e.g. the karmic cause of epilepsy, Hinduism as it relates to Cayce's idea of Karma), i did read some interesting things about Cayce and how he conducted his life readings.Albeit - this book does have some deep christian belief's embedded i [...]

    13. This book broadened my perspective on past lives. I have always believed in reincarnation but this book gets in deeper and really puts it into perspective. I definetly recommend this book. I also recommend the book Soul Mates book by Kevin J Todeschi. Its written off Edgar Cayce's work whom I consider brilliant.

    14. This book is about Edgar Cayce and his readings on reincarnation. I first read this book more than 35 years ago. Here is a simple man who had extraordinary abilities. The topics addressed in this book are relevant today and provide alternate viewpoints on issues affecting society. Very, very interesting.

    15. The book discusses reincarnation, based on the many case readinds of Edgar Cayce, and its impplications to philosophy and religious beliefs. Why are we here? Why do we have the circumstances of life that we have or why do we have the kind of illness or personality that we have? It talks about karma as being redistributive justice or continuing process towards perfection.

    16. Definitely fascinating. This is a fact based "research" type of book, so it's a little dry and detailed. Not a fast paced ready by an means, but there's no denying Edgar Cayce was a phenomenon.

    17. This book is amazing! All I have to say isI need a life readingI wonder if Edgar Cayce has reincarnated yet,

    18. It is documentation on channelled readings on reincarnation and karma. A very interesting read with lots of food for thought.

    19. I first read it in middle and it still has many recurrent themes, particularly the chapter on isolation and past emotional states and previous lives.

    20. Raised a Hindu, I have very early on accepted and deeply believe in reincarnation. To be provided validation for the same, was cherry on the cake. I often wondered about nature of Karma; why is it unfair and how it really works. This book gave me the answers. It helped erase lot of ambiguity and fear fed to me by religion. I'm grateful to have found this book at this point in my life.

    21. Very interesting at the beginning, after some 20% of its contents the book becomes monotonous an, quite frankly, boring with hundreds of cases that you eventually lose track of Pity as I had quite high hopes for that one Will have to find a new one

    22. Too metaphysical for my likingting stories are presented. Since I never met Edgar Cayce personally I cannot judge his character. It seems that he had a heart for and a genuine interest in doing much good in life and was able to help many people. I think that we cannot expect all people in all times to be helped in the same way.Maybe this was a work for a specific time in human evolution.Mystery is intriguing. I did find myself wondering how the seekers really ended up feeling about their over al [...]

    23. I Loved this Book! " 'Tat twam asi' (Thou art that) is a Hindu aphorism of profound and various applications; one of its more immediate meanings is that in looking on all varieties of human accomplishment we are looking upon externalizations merely of the potencies of our own soul"Patterns author noted in Cayce readings: "takes the existence of a Creative Power, or God as it's starting point" "God exists.Every soul is a portion of God. (You are a soul; you inhabit a body.)Life is purposeful.Life [...]

    24. Probably my favorite "North Star" book that I always return to every decade to reread and contemplate. This book was life changing for me, at a time when I had lost all hope that any of my greatest aspirations could be achieved. It was the coolest of cooling soul-water than quenched an unquenchable thirst. It led to a lifetime pursuit of the meaning of life--my life and Life with a capital L.The writing is a bit awkward, but a marked improvement from trying to read any other books on Edgar Cayce [...]

    25. I had read this book many years ago, and had forgotten about it, until I saw a book that looked as bit similar. In my opinion, this would be the go-to book if someone wants to read about reincarnation. Extremely interesting.

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