• Title: Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign
  • Author: Latrivia S. Nelson
  • ISBN: 2940012119346
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Nook
  • Anatoly Medlov Complete Reign From the bestselling series the Medlov Crime Family comes the highly anticipated story about America s favorite bad boyAnatoly Medlov is the youngest crime boss in the Medlov Organized Crime Family
    From the bestselling series, the Medlov Crime Family, comes the highly anticipated story about America s favorite bad boyAnatoly Medlov is the youngest crime boss in the Medlov Organized Crime Family s history Now, he has to prove himself to a council who thinks his legacy has not been well earned, amidst a grueling investigation by Lt Nicola Agosto of the Memphis PolFrom the bestselling series, the Medlov Crime Family, comes the highly anticipated story about America s favorite bad boyAnatoly Medlov is the youngest crime boss in the Medlov Organized Crime Family s history Now, he has to prove himself to a council who thinks his legacy has not been well earned, amidst a grueling investigation by Lt Nicola Agosto of the Memphis Police Department and during plot to destroy him by his ex lover, Victoria In his loneliness, the only one he can confide in is the shop girl, Renee, an old friend who knows than anyone about his personal journey However, his friendship soon turns to love for a woman he knows that he cannot have because of the feared code his is bound to by the Vory v Zakone When his estranged mother dies suddenly, Anatoly flies to Russia to pay his last respects and discovers a jolting secret The late Ivan Medlov s own brutal legacy still lives through his son, Gabriel, and his New York crime family Anatoly s father and former Czar of the underworld, Dmitry, sees this as an opportunity to unite the two major families and blesses both men However, Anatoly sees Gabriel as a threat to his empire and competition for the affection of his father Will cousins kill because of the sins of their fathers Gabriel Medlov has always resented his existence Now as an undercover DEA agent, he plans destroy the Medlov Crime Family once and for all Only in order to get close enough to destroy the organization, he must also get close enough to love his estranged family Will blood prove thicker than water or will one man s revenge end the Family for good Follow the story of one young man who fights to be king in a room full of royalty and suffers the pain of his position in the romantic suspense guaranteed to make you want Anatoly Medlov Complete Reignanatolymedlov.wordpresslatrivianelsonfo

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    1. This is the 3rd of 4 books in The Medlov Crime Family series. I especially loved this book. Anatoly is everything - young, handsome, filthy rich, powerful, and, of course, cocky. He has evolved so much through the series. At first, he seems like nothing more than a cold-hearted killer yet you know he loves Dimitry, Royal, Anya, and his dogs beyond reason. At the same time, you realize that he is completely closed off emotionally from everyone else except his best friend, Renee, whom we first met [...]

    2. I was so disappointed of this book and especially of Anatoly. He has no problem being ruthless and hurting women but we never see him in love. There was no chemistry btw him and Renee, who was such a boring character. They are basically friends and it felt like Anatoly was only upset when she left bc he did not want things to change. Dmitry adores Royal; he is possessive, jealous, and a complete alpha male when it comes to his devotion to Royal. I thought that was what we would see from his son. [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book. Anatoly is hot headed, street smart, loyal, sexy, and all about his business. I keep askin myself Dmitry or Anatoly? The father or the son? I haven't come up with that answer yet. Good book. I'm ready for the 4th book, to come already.

    4. In the latest installment of our beloved Medlov family we focus on Anatoly Medlov, Dimity’s oldest son and Czar of the Medlov Crime Family, whose journey to power is far different than that of his father. As Czar of the Thieves-in-Law, some members of the council feel that Anatoly is too young and inexperienced to be head of the family and try to test the young leader of the Vory v Zakone. They are out to kill, but Anatoly is smarter and more cunning than they think. While the Czar is in Russi [...]

    5. Well I'l be darn another amazing story that I zoomed through, how long do I have to wait for another one of her books? So Anatoly having to prove himself as boss of the Medlov crime family goes through a lot in this third addition to the series Lust, Jealousy, revenge, lost, and even love, but the cool thing and the best thing about this book is Dmitry having his sons back on everything, he is truly the man of this series when ever I get to a page and Dmityr's on it I'm like "dang!! here comes t [...]

    6. I want to give this 2.5 stars just like the first but it is not allowed so 2 it is. The storyline, plot and characters are good but the execution is still terrible. The same things over again. I thought that it would improve with this book but it did not. I really think the author is messing with the readers with the amount of typos, misspelled words and just plain incorrect words. I can not believe that she is supposed to be a college graduate with a MBA. Somebody should really proofread her st [...]

    7. Is that the end? Darn it. I'm kinda in love with this series now. In Complete Reign, Anatoly is settling in as the Medlov boss, but soon recieve word that his mom has passed away. From there, things in the Medlov family getting even more interesting . and crowded. I really liked Royal and Dimitri, but I've been enjoying Anatoly since book one. It was great to finally see him get his moment to shine; for readers to see why papa had so much faith in his boy. I think Anatoly still has a ways to go [...]

    8. Excellent. I wish I could give it 10 stars Did not want the book to end. I do recommend reading Dmitry's Closet AND Royal Flush for background information. i have totally falling in love with the series. I don't want to give any spoliers away, but you definitely would not be wasting your time or money with this series, THe books are not short, because if they were, you would be disappointed. Even if you don't like the mafia aspect, the story line is excellent. Every emotional is expressed in thi [...]

    9. my heart is just clangin' against my chest, fighting against the constriction of my throat, trying to push it's bloody way out of my mouth. to be free. out of the pure, astonishing accomplishment of this book, which was way too good, way too well, way too mother fucking fresh. please excuse my French. i swear latrivia slson is smirking at those of us who shun away from her raw audacity (i keep using that word to describe her, but it's only in a ghostly, affectionate fashion) and astounding talen [...]

    10. What can I say about book number 3? It picks up from book #2. I have fallen for Anatoly. I am so glad that I read this book. I started to skip it because the cover made it look boring, but it is definitely part of the series. Also, the author mentioned that it could be a stand alone book, so I thought why read it then, it must not be important to the series. Anatoly has taken over as boss and he struggles with so many things. He seemed so real. His struggles were understandable. He struggled wit [...]

    11. Great read! I thought Victoria would've learned her lesson but she was just as fool as she wanted to be. Anatoly seemed like he was just barley holding it all together but there was a method to all the chaos with him. I thought Destiny was going to show up or Harrison and end Anatoly's reign. Gabriel was a give away from the beginning. I thought Dmitry was going to tell him that Ivan had told him, I was hoping he was anyway. I really like Anatoly going to Georgia, the family was funny. I was hop [...]

    12. I like this series, but the romance part seems secondary (even tertiary) in these novels. This one in particular needed a good editor/proofreader, all the errors almost destroyed the novel. I love the psychotic/violent side to both the Medlov menn't judge me(lol). I didn't enjoy this one as much as the second, but I will finis the series with the fourth installment. It leaves a bit to be desired with the main romance/relationship not taking center stage. In this series I find myself enjoying the [...]

    13. Although I did enjoy this story, I felt like it could have been better. I know who am I to say that, but the story felt rushed in places especially when I compare it to the other stories in the series. I felt like there were parts missing from to Anatoly and Renee's story. There was more time spent on other topics than their relationship which was interesting for a romance novel. Gabriel was a nice addition to the family and I am glad he and Briggy got together. Finally I am soo glad that Yuri g [...]

    14. What can I say Anatoly is the man. He is the definite boss now. He really became his own man in this book with all he has gone through. All the hiccups along the way were something else. Losing his mother, gaining a cousin, deceit from women, and finally finding a love of his own in Renee. Those two were so sweet together. And that Dimitrywow! Anatoly is supposed to be the killer by Dimitry is just ruthless.a true mafia men. Can't wait to start the next book

    15. Not as good as his father but still a good read. It seemed Anatoly's dad was always saving his butt, and I seriously could of used more romance in this one. Still worth a read though.

    16. Book 3 of the series did not disappoint me one bit! I loved that Anatoly got his story, and oh what a story it was! Great job Ms Nelson!

    17. Another hit! This author really knows how to weave an intriguing story. This one kept me on my toes. I wanted so badly read the book descriptions of the next books in the series so bad because I could not predict what was going you happen next. I'm glad I didn't.Definitely worth the read.

    18. Just Fantastic!!Finally we get to read about Anatoly and his life before and truly becoming boss.This was not only a story about a reunion among friends but one among family.I love that the fact we get to see inside of this family,the men specifically,and how hard that they love.The writer once again pulls you back into this series and this family so effortlessly that you get the feeling of coming home.I loved the coming together of Ana and Renee it was not only sexy but it was an adult sexy,and [...]

    19. And the twists, deceit, lust, love and everything in between keeps on rolling!!! I swear this series is my crack!! And even though the grammatical errors keep rolling and some scenes are juvenile and lack structure, I am still a fan of this series and can't wait to dive into book 4!As expected, it all worked out in the end for the Medlov men, and I am glad that Dmitry and Anatoly's creativeness simmered the drama in the end. Couldn't have asked for a better ending, which is why I am confused as [...]

    20. So far, book 3 is the best in the series. I loved the way the author told Anatoly's story and showed a clear and realistic evolution of his character. Book 3 was also one of the better written of the series as far as grammer and character and story development are concerned. The relationship between Renee and Anatoly was believeable, fresh, romantic and realistic. Unlike Dmitry and Royal whom I love, Anatoly and Renee didn't have to break down as many barriers because they were friends and true [...]

    21. This one is about Anatoly, the short blue eyed russian who was a killer since his early years. He travels back to Russia to pay respect to his mother who died. There his other siblings ignore him because he is Vor. A criminal who is godless. Anatoly feels alone in the world until his father, stepmother and little sister Anya walk in with the bodyguards. At the funeral he meets Gabriel , his cousin. Gabriel is Ivan's son. Even without a dna test its clear that he resembles his father. But why doe [...]

    22. I also loved the first book in this series, that was the last and only time I truly loved and respected Dimitry. After that stunt with that slut of a whore in, Rise Of The Queen, basically dry humping the woman who almost killed his wife, in their home, I lost all respect for him. He might have called it, "punishing the slut," but there is other ways he could of done it. He might of had a knife to her throat, but he just dry humping her from the back and had kissed her, did I mention passionatel [...]

    23. Great book with a great story. I was in love with Anatoly from the first book, so it was an extreme pleasure to finally dig into his mindset with this one. The only thing that I would kindly ask is for somebody, ANYBODY, to PLEASE WORK ON THE GRAMMAR AND EDITING. I would do this for free! It makes no sense for the third book in the series to be the WORST book when it comes to punctuation and spelling! Its as if the editor, if there is one, gave up because there wasn't enough complaints about the [...]

    24. Let me just say, This book was equally as amazing as the previous 3. This story kept true the characters and really stressed the importance of holding on to what you have, finding out what is truly important to you and doing what you have to to hold on to it. This story has it all, betrayal, family, ambition, true love, revenge and forgiveness. I would definitly recommend this book as well as the ones before it.

    25. Yayyy I have stuck with this series and am glad the editing has gotten better but there is still work to be fine as it totally detracts from the story. I love the fact of the mixed race relationships but I think this could have been explored more with Ana and Renee as it felt that the story with Gabriel and his loved came across stronger - still backing this author as her writing gets stronger and stronger with each book

    26. Anatoly made his name in this book as a boss. He learned well from his father. I liked him and Renee but I would've liked to see them more. I also liked Gabriel. Even though his true status was revealed, I was glad nothing came out of it. He was a main focus in the book: to me. Ahhh Dmitry. He tells you as it is then sends you to meet your maker. The man is deadly when it comes to the organization. Oh Victoria: well she is another story It was nice to see Royal get her reunions.

    27. Loved it. I would have liked a little more interaction between Anatoly and Renee at times. As always the author has a knack for making you wonder what's going to happen next. I like the way Ms. Nelson shows the many different sides of her characters and makes you care about them. Grammar was a slight distraction, but really enjoyed the story. I would have given a 5 rating if not for the editing. On to the next. Keep them coming!

    28. Loved the plot.If I judged this book by the plot and characters alone I would have given it 5 stars. As expected I totally enjoyed the plot and characters of the book. What I did not enjoy though are the way too frequent grammatical errors. This book would have benefited from an editor. However I will definitely continue to read this series. Hopefully editing will done.

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