• Title: Dell'amore e di altri demoni
  • Author: Gabriel García Márquez Angelo Morino
  • ISBN: 9788804405061
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dell amore e di altri demoni E la cronaca della vita di una bellissima marchesina di dodici anni ritenuta indemoniata e del suo disperato a per un esorcista Una favola di passione mistero e morte ambientata nell esotico mondo de
    E la cronaca della vita di una bellissima marchesina di dodici anni ritenuta indemoniata e del suo disperato a per un esorcista Una favola di passione, mistero e morte ambientata nell esotico mondo dei Caraibi.

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    1. This book starts off very slowly and almost slyly, as if someone has started telling a long-winded story and you're really not paying attention, and then, halfway through the story you realize that you're hanging onto every word. If Garcia Marquez explored the metaphor or love as a disease in "Love in the Time of Cholera", then here he centers his story around the metaphor of love as madness and demonic possession. I think the metaphor actually works better than the cholera one. This book feels [...]

    2. Gabriel García Márquez es uno de esos escritores bendecidos por el arte de narrar historias como los dioses. A lo largo de su vasta carrera literaria supo abrirse a paso firme su camino glorioso en la literatura, recibió el premio Nobel en 1982 y se instaló entre los mejores autores que nos dio el siglo XX. Todas sus novelas en general reflejan su maestría única, su impronta inequívoca y son leídas por gente de todo el mundo.Y fue además a partir de “Cien años de soledad” que su fa [...]

    3. أجواء أسطورية ألقانا فيها جابرييل جارسيا ماركيز من البداية و حتى النهايةفي ظروف غير طبيعية تولد سييرفا ماريا التي نذرت والدتها الا تقص شعرها الا عند زواجها فينمو طويلا حتى انها تفرده و تنام عليه و تتغطى بما تبقى منهأم غريبة الأطوار و أب أغرب يلقون بها في كواليس الأحداث و يوا [...]

    4. Español - English Sierva María de Todos los Ángeles fué mordida por un perro con rabia. Cuando se lo informaron a su padre no había nada que hacer y pronto moriría.La niña enfermó y le daban muchas fiebres por lo que se pensó que estaba poseída por un demonio y el obispo recomendó llevarla al convento de Santa Clara para que fuera exorcizada.El obispo encargó a el padre Cayetano Delaura, que se hiciera cargo de los exorcismos de la niña, pero terminó obsesionado con ella y el obisp [...]

    5. Instead of writing a review by jotting down my bleak understanding of the glorious book by Gabo I thought of weaving a little tale based on it and using the characters along with the principle symbolism in the book-'Disbelief is more resistant than faith because it is sustained by the senses' As always I,Father Delaura lost focus and stumbled on my way to the Bishop's room where I was invited to witness an eclipse. In the cloistered silence I found the bishop in a pensive mood holding a smoked g [...]

    6. von der Liebe und anderen Damonen = Del amory otros demonios = Del amar y otros demonios = of love and other demons‬, Gabriel Garcí­a Márquezعنوانها: از عشق و شیاطین دیگر؛ عشق و شیاطین دیگر؛ از عشق و دیگر اهریمنان؛ از عشق و سایر اهریمنان؛ نوشته: گابریل گارسیا مارکز؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش» ماه فوریه سال 2004 میلادیعنوان: از عشق و شیاطین دیگر [...]

    7. This was not the first book of Marquez's that I have read. I read Love in the Time of Cholera when I was in my late teens. I found it so utterly surreal and unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I wasn't sure if I liked it, precisely, but I knew that I wanted more. I was gripped by it, possessed by it, which was not quite the same experience as 'liking' a novel, exactly.The next one I picked up after that was this one. Of Love and Other Demons. I can safely say that I felt the same way [...]

    8. Alnında beyaz leke olan kül rengi bir köpekle başlayıp, usturayla kazınmış bir kafadan inatla fışkıran ve tutam tutam git gide uzadığı gözle görülen saçlarla biten Marquez romanı.Hakkında denecek her şey hemen hemen söylenmiş. "Her şeyin romanı" diyeyim ben de. Tarih, edebiyat, din, aşk, ahlaki değerler, Avrupa, ne ararsanız var. Ah unutmadan bir de, "Mutluluğun iyi edemediğini iyileştirecek ilaç yoktur."

    9. This book was like a punch in the gut. And it left me with little to no words, so this review will be short and vague so as to not spoiling anything.Set in the 18th century, 12-year-old Sierva María is bitten by a dog and people believe her to be posessed by a demon. Thus they send her to a convent where Cayetano Delaura meets her and falls in intense love.Honestly, it's very simple, and yet there's so much in it. The writing is so atmospheric, and this is enhanced by the subtle magical realism [...]

    10. I have always drawn parallels between Marquez and Murakami not only because of the common element of magical realism so discernible in their works, but also because of their talent for splendid imagery.But it goes without saying, there's a pronounced difference between their styles as well. While I understood perfectly well that Murakami likes to crack open the spine of a city bustling with life and activity on the surface and fish out its soul from the intimidating depths of its anatomy, Marque [...]

    11. Ο μαγικός ρεαλισμός του Marquez ξεχειλίζει από κάθε σελίδα αυτής της σκοτεινής ιστορίας. Η ατμοσφαιρική γραφή του σε πάει σε ένα τελείως διαφορετικό επίπεδο πραγματικότητας, όπου ακόμη και οι περιγραφές φρικαλέων στιγμών δεν σε σοκάρουν. Ούτε καν. Μάλλον θεωρούνται φυσική εξ [...]

    12. 2.5 estrellas.El primer libro que leo de Gabriel García Márquez y tengo que decir que me gustó. Es una novela corta, que se lee en una sentada.-¡Qué lejos estamos!-¿De qué?-De nosotros mismos.El inicio es interesante, aunque tengo que admitir que me costó involucrarme con la historia. Luego todo se empieza a esclarecer en el segundo capítulo y, a partir de ahí, el relato se disfruta mucho más.No hay medicina que cure lo que no cura la felicidad.En algunas partes se me hizo bastante pe [...]

    13. صادقانه بگم، من به طرز تأسف‌باری مارکز و آثارش رو نمی‌فهمم. چه صدسال تنهایی که اعصابمو بهم ریخت و حوصله‌مو سر برد، چه این. و البته از گزارش یک مرگ خیلی خوشم اومد و هنوز خیلی آثارش مونده تا قضاوت کنم. ولی کاش مارکزو می‌فهمیدم. برام ناراحت‌کننده‌ست حقیقتاً. از طرفی اسم نمی‌بر [...]

    14. It seems this is one you either love or are indifferent to. I found myself leaning toward the indifferent. The underlying story of a young girl being removed from the comforts of wealth based upon misdiagnosis and ignorance is of itself fascinating, the scene setting fabulous. To overlay that with a doomed romance between a handsome priest and a prepubescent girl is heady stuff, then further layered with themes of the demonic and the insane, and yet it simply failed to enliven my senses. Maybe p [...]

    15. I recently watched the movie version of this book, and I did not love it, mostly because I only understand the most rudimentary of Spanish and the movie's English subtitles were horrible. Regardless, I still bawled like a baby, because Of Love and Other Demons is one of the most, if not the most, tragic story I've ever had the pleasure of reading.Of Love and Other Demons is the story of a pre-teen girl Sierva Maria, her affliction which is mistaken as demon possession and her days with Father Ca [...]

    16. Really incredible!This was only a very short book but every sentence was really beautiful and I just took my time to savour every word.I'm not sure what magical realism is but it this is magical realism then I love it!!!!Not only did Marques write amazing prose but he was also a great storyteller.Have read a good few of his books but now must read them all!

    17. My favorite Gabo book so far (and I´ve read more than one or two). I was just going to leave it at that, but since I just finished it, I may as well write down why it merits space on my ¨favorites¨shelf while I still have the taste of black beans and rice in my mouth and the smell of the ocean in my hairFirst, I am happy to see in other reviews that I´m not the only one who´s noticed the trend of men falling in love with prepubescent girls in Gabo´s works--that wasn´t the author we studie [...]

    18. شاهکار نبود.ترجمه خوب بود. قصه اونجور گیرا نبود. رمان نویسی به وسیله شخصیت پردازی، این می تونه توضیح مناسبی باشه برای از عشق و دیگر اهریمنان. یه جورایی یادآور آدمهای مصروعِ قمارباز داستایوسکی.خوندنش لذت های متعدد و پراکنده ای به تو می ده، مثل گوش کردن به شوپن. برای من از نظر کشف [...]

    19. Marquez begins his story with a note. In this note, he describes arriving at a convent in the process of being emptied and turned into a luxury hotel. Laborers unearthed "three generations of bishops and abbesses and other eminent personages" until, at last, they came to a niche of the high altar where they found the tomb of a twelve-year old girl called Sierva Maria de Todos Los Angeles. She had hair the color of copper and it flowed out of her head twenty-two metres long. And so a story is bor [...]

    20. إذًا فالحب عند ماركيز شيطان ،يُخرج الوقور عن وقاره،ويذهب بالعقل إلى الشتات فلا تدري كنه أفعالهوتصرفاته،فالحب هو الشيطان الأكبر.نحن أمام رواية احتاجت فكرتها لأربعة عقود لتختمر في عقل ماركيز،ويخرجها إلى النور،هي رواية عن جنون البشر وعادتهم الغريبة المريبة،هي رواية عن سطوة [...]

    21. Aşk ve Öbür Cinler’i bitirdikten sonra aklıma pek çok şey geldi, pek çok şey düşündüm. En çok da keyfin ve doygunluğun büyüğünü neden kitabı okurken değil de okumayı bitirip kitaplıktaki diğer kitapların yanına yerleştirdikten sonra hissettiğimin üzerine kafa yordum.Bu girizgâhtan, romanın kolay okunmayan, okuyucuyu yoran bir eser olduğu sonucunu çıkartmayalım. Aksine, diğer Marquez eserlerine göre daha basit ve de uzunluk olarak da oldukça kısa bir roman [...]

    22. 'Disbelief is more resistant than faith because it is sustained by the senses.''The Enemy makes better use of our intelligence than of our errors.''Dominga de Adviento, a black women, believed in two religions at the same time because what she did not find in one faith was there in the other.''Dulce Olivia found consolation in nostalgia of her unrequited love.' Once I was speaking to my room-mate. I told him about the helplessness of people in India Sometimes their senses are so raped by the mi [...]

    23. This is perhaps the most disturbing love story that I've ever read. EVER. But that's what makes it so hauntingly great. I have slowly been working through Gabriel Garcia Marquez's books, and I've yet to be disappointed by his work. This is such a fascinating tragic tale of love that it completely supersedes Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in my opinion. A tale that brings to question love, faith, parenthood and so much more. You have a young girl, thought to be demonic and possessed, who was bitt [...]

    24. EDİT: bi allahın kulu da çıkıp dememiş ki 'gerçeklikçi' değil 'gerçekçilik', AŞKOLSUN :( hadi benim kafam güzel, cahil cühela ne yazdığını bilmeyen biriyim, peki ya siz :((( İnternetsizlikle geçen günlerim bel sakatlığı, öğlen uykusu ve kitapla geçiyor. Zaten bu bi günde bitti. Free wifi kafeler İyi ki varlar.Nys.Gerçekçilik akımından nefret ediyorum. Bazen. Çoğu zaman. Konusu romantik bir kurguya müsaitse. Genelde gerçekçilerden nefret ediyorum. Evet.Sorun [...]

    25. I must admit that while I enjoyed this immensely, I did not enjoy it as much as most other Marquez. It isn't just that I have grown tired of his pedophilia storylines, though that doesn't help, but rather that this story doesn't do as interesting job of blending the real and the fantastic and the moment that opens the story, so beautiful in its absurdity, seems to bear little resemblance to the story that follows, which is a shame because a concentration on the fantastic, rather than the mundane [...]

    26. Yummy, captivating reading, from the very first sentence. There's a lot of blah about the book, just look around, plenty of reviews and opinions; everything is magic of course, and the story telling*, oh! the story telling is absolutely fantastic, so I'll just make a confession: I have a terrible, secret passion for priests who fall madly in love and run away with the object of their desire, go nuts or do something crazy. Here, not so secret any more.*mental debate on who's a better story teller [...]

    27. "Nijedan luđak nije lud, ako čovjek prihvati njegovu logiku."A ako ne prihvati, jao si ga "luđaku". Radnja je smještena u 19. stoljeće, u kojem strah od nepoznatog neminovno vodi ka samo jednom zaključku - sve su to vražja posla. Kad se svemu tome pridoda i ljubav, imamo katastrofu, pogotovo ako je jedan od aktera svećenik. Jako dobar opis jednog prošlog vremena, kojim se Marquez "narugao" crkvi i njenom kleru."Mi ateisti ne možemo živjeti bez klerika. Pacijenti nam povjeravaju tijela [...]

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