• Title: fuck, YES!: A Guide to the Happy Acceptance of Everything
  • Author: Wing F. Fing
  • ISBN: 9780940183216
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • fuck YES A Guide to the Happy Acceptance of Everything Book by Fing Wing F
    Book by Fing, Wing F.

    One Reply to “fuck, YES!: A Guide to the Happy Acceptance of Everything”

    1. With a title like this, it has to be good.A must read during banned book week.Did i read it? Fuck, YES!Did I enjoy it? Fuck, YES!Do i highly recommend it? Fuck, YES!Fuck, Yes! is a funny irreverent look at self help books and the gurus who write them.Disguised as a self help book, Fuck, Yes! is really a madcap romp about a con man and the con artists who make up his followers.This book was a joy to read and I highly recommend it .Put on your cool black tee shirt and make yourself a lamb burger. [...]

    2. A very different approach to self-help books, but full of pertinent "examples" I really enjoyed it and it was a fast read with small "nuggets" of compassion. Read it during and after a break up.

    3. Most people think this book was written by Tom Robbins. Up to the publication of this book, Robbins had always featured female protagonists, and I guess he ghosted this book to see if he could pull off a male main character. You can see hints of an emerging Switters in Wing F. Fing. This book is long out of print and I'm not going to trade or sell my copy, but if you can find it, it is a fun read.

    4. One of the top five greatest books I have ever been lucky enough to experience. Given to me by my great friend and all-around outstanding human being, Bill Johnson, to whom I'm forever indebted. Truly mind blowing and life-changing. That this book has not been read by every human being now alive is just about as depressing an idea as my imagination can muster.

    5. Found it in a used book store a good many years ago and picked it up after chuckling at the title. I was greatly surprised by the quality of writing. Probably benefited from my low expectations given the title/pseudonym author. Funny, insightful, and intelligent with a traveling/life journey spirit to recommend it. Happy to see many others felt the same way.

    6. All y'all who have been tracking me for any length of time must think I believe the only book in existence is "Mexican Eskimo"But I promise that I am a reader too my friends! This is a short but sweet note to pay homage to one of the world's little-known crown gems of spiritual literature, appropriately named with the two MOST IMPORTANT words in language. FUCK YES.

    7. Read this in college, loved it, let someone borrow it, haven't seen it since. Who needs self-help books when you've got the Fuck, Yes! philosophy?!?!?!

    8. I first read this way back in 1993 and recently ordered it for a friend. Everyone knows this is Tom Robbins writing under a pseudonym (isn't it?!?), and the writing holds true. A good, fun read.

    9. i got almost to the end. perhaps there was a surprise ending that redeemed the almost entire dreck of this book. with such a great title it was a monumental let down!

    10. I feel lame because I kinda hated this book. I get that it was a parody/satire, but it was incredibly painful to get through.

    11. I can actually say I didnt judge this book because of its cover, but I did buy this book because of its cover. When someone asks you if you've read this book, be able to say "Fuck yes!"

    12. i don't think this work is to be taken too seriously, but for its time it is pretty amusing. i'm thinking it's satire, but maybe i'm wrong.

    13. Won the book in giveaway.Read the whole book, first half is good(little better then average), but next half not good.More personal story rather then self-help book.Author put some very good thoughts/ideas/research in the book, interesting stuff related to F-word. Initially author's journey with Yes is very encouraging, but as we can see later it not leaded to successful life/relationship. Means In my view, it is like running from responsibilities and hiding it under the layer of Yes. Which is no [...]

    14. I won this in a Giveaway. It came with a complimentary Laguna t-shirt from the book and an audio CD of the author reading three chapters of the book (which unfortunately I seem to have lost).This is the kind of book you can't take too seriously. It's complete fiction, so if you look to this as a real self-help book, you've picked up the wrong title. The narrator's self-help lessons come with "examples" of his own life. A bit vulgar (though from the title, one shouldn't be surprised about this), [...]

    15. Honestly, I read this because of the title - I got it long ago when using the F-word in a book title was unprecedented and transgressive. The book itself is OK; very light and somewhat amusing, enough to hold my interest once but I haven't bothered to read it again. Actually, I'm not even sure if I still have my copy.

    16. Gifted to me from my friend and manager at work, I've learned a lot from Wing and his misadventures from reading his tale. Nary a slow passage in this work of fact/fiction. This is drama at what I consider to be a high caliber. Or perhaps I just enjoy stories of highly combustible yet successful people.

    17. A little embarrassing to be reading the book in public because of its name but overall it was pretty good. The premise is to be positive in life. A bit raunchy in spots but kinda made me giggle in spots as well. Thanks Brian for the recommendation:)

    18. Don't let the obscene part of the title deter you from this book. . . I discovered it years ago when my cousin was reading it and so I started to read it, too. I thought it was an excellent book and I've read it so many times that my book fell apart. I highly recommend it!

    19. This book, written by Tom Robbins under the pseudonym Reverand Wing F. Fing, was exactly what the title suggests; the book is an affirmation of life inspired by always saying fuck yes to everything in life. I highly suggest this book, if you can get your hands on a copy (thanks Steve)!

    20. I was really excited about this book, but I just couldn't get into it. I'll try again at a later time because all the other reviews say it's so great.

    21. A rare, out of print book. Mixing humor and satire against the backdrop of a fiction story, you will look at my favorite curse word in a much different way! Enjoy the naughty bits!

    22. A very different sort of treatise, one that alternated between insulting me and amusing me. Not recommended reading and not nearly as interesting as it should have been given its title.

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