• Title: Though Not Dead
  • Author: Dana Stabenow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Though Not Dead The residents of Alaska s largest national park are stunned by the death of one of their oldest members eighty seven year old Sam Dementieff even investigator Kate Shugak Sam a lifelong resident wa
    The residents of Alaska s largest national park are stunned by the death of one of their oldest members, eighty seven year old Sam Dementieff even investigator Kate Shugak Sam, a lifelong resident, was dubbed the father of all of the Park rats even though he had no children of his own Kate, his niece, is surprised to discover that in his will he s left her everything,The residents of Alaska s largest national park are stunned by the death of one of their oldest members, eighty seven year old Sam Dementieff even investigator Kate Shugak Sam, a lifelong resident, was dubbed the father of all of the Park rats even though he had no children of his own Kate, his niece, is surprised to discover that in his will he s left her everything, including a letter instructing her simply to, find my father In the three days after Kate begins her search through Sam s background, she gets threatened and worse Kate struggles to fulfill Sam s last wish without losing her own life to the people who are following her every move Long lost family secrets and fatal consequences are interwoven with the epic history of an unforgiving land.

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    1. I would rate this a solid 4 1/2 stars. Not quite up there with my belovedWhisper to the Bloodbut pretty darn close. I was a little frustrated by smart Kate's inability to recognize the danger in her way and I hate when innocent people get hurt but it all tied together in a poetic justice way. I loved the two narratives-it was fascinating to learn so much Alaskan history and the way it linked all of it together. That said, I can't imagine reading this book without having read the others. I found [...]

    2. First sentence: The black death didn’t get to Alaska until November.Old Sam, a tribal leader and surrogate father to PI Kate Shugak, has died. He has made Kate his executor and primary heir but some of his bequests come as a surprise. Kate hadn’t known how much land Sam owned, including a homestead within gold-mining country. Then there’s the letter simply saying, “Find my father,” and how does this tie to a missing Russian icon which was a tribal artifact? Kate doesn’t know but some [...]

    3. I won this book in a giveaway. Judging the book by the cover - it looks terrific! I entered on a whim, since I have not read any of this author's books. I am really looking forward to to getting it and reading it.

    4. This book is great, but Dana Stabenow kills me. I know I should read all series in order.but I don't, I read a book when I come across a copy and so I jump around series. This book is number 18 and I have missed several in the middle where she must have killed off some of my favorite characters. Now this book is detailing the death of Sam (her great Uncle.) but it veers between present day and the past. I loved the Alaskan history and Kate's family history. I loved the "fairness" of Kate and Sam [...]

    5. Kate Shugak is such a cool character. Smart, tough & determined she just needs a cape to finish the look. The book is filled with a history of Alaska that is seldom heard & is written in a truly evocative form. For such a smart character, I can't quite figure out why Kate keeps walking into such predictable "mishaps" to be beaten about the headn!PS- this is my first book review since year 9

    6. This was the audiobook version narrated by Marguerite GavinHere we are at the 18th Kate Shugak book and I enjoyed it just as much as any of the earlier books: an unusual occurrence for me in any long-running series. This series has done nothing but improve and I liked it to start with. There are all the components you would expect from a Stabenow book: great characterizations, unique Alaskan historical tidbits, a smooth flow of action, character development, amusing dialogue, mystery, and a nice [...]

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel set in the largest state park in Alaska in early 1900s and describes the latest exploit of Kate Shugak, a private investigator. The story opens with the death of eighty-nine year-old Sam Dementieff who leaves a will leaving everything to his niece Kate including a note saying, "Find my father". This is difficult to accomplish since Sam's father is a mystery man who disappeared after Sam's birth taking with him a stolen priceless tribal artifact, a Russian icon. Ka [...]

    8. Stunning five star read. My absolute favorite, even though all the titles in this series are outstanding. I couldn't say this was my favorite though without reading the series in order, but what I loved most was the rich history of Alaska merged with Park Rat characters. Now I was a bit sad that Jim wasn't in the mix of the treasure hunt in Alaska with Kate, but I completely enjoyed his own treasure hunt and a resolution for his past. The leaving of messages via cell phones was cute too. The mor [...]

    9. I am so happy to have won an advanced readers copy of "Though Not Dead".I'm a huge Dana Stabenow & Kate Shugak (& Mutt) fan.I have spent a lot of time in Alaska in the past and Dana's books allow meto travel back to Alaska without the hassle of several long flights,layovers and airline hassles.I'll miss Old Sam but love how this book fleshes out Old Sam's life and in doing sotouches on so much of Alaska's history including the war in the Aleutians andthe Russian history in Sitka, the gre [...]

    10. I loved this book, I got it in kindle format, even though doesn't list that as available. It was great being able to wake up Tuesday morning, turning on my kindle and having it download. Now just to listen to it too! As usual, Kate is kick ass, take no prisoners - so to speak. I love how strong a female lead Kate is. She usually gets herself out of tough situations, much to Jim's dismay! It's especially true in this book as Jim is called down to CA for his father's funeral so he misses all the [...]

    11. Wow. What a great read!I don't give out many 5-star ratings, even to my favorite authors. They should be reserved for really special books. This one counts. I doubt that any information about the book itself would be very meaningful to anyone who hasn't read the previous 17 novels, honestly. I just can't imagine starting any series anywhere but in the beginning, but this work, in particular, will be much more enjoyable if read with the full knowledge of all that has come before.I did enjoy the o [...]

    12. I am a huge fan of Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak series, and I think on many levels this is her best one yet. The story was a masterful interweaving of past and present, and the backstory was rich in the history of Alaska as seen through the eyes of one of the characters. The Alaska history was so compelling that I have ordered one of the books named by Stabenow, a fictionalized history by Jim Reader called Castner's Cutthroats. Castner's Cutthroats were a military group who fought the Japanese in [...]

    13. This author challenged me a bit. It took me longer to read this book than it normally would. Something about how she constructs her sentences slows me a bit. Perhaps appropriately run on. Perhaps organized backwards. Not sure but she makes me work harder for comprehension than I am accustomed too. It could also be in part because she is telling historical Alaskan fiction, so there are many family names, tribal names, people to keep track ofd then also because this is a book in a series and I sta [...]

    14. The Best since Hunter's Moon.This story is full of history -- of the Park, of Old Sam, of Jim Chopin. It has flashbacks that tell us more about all of them. Jim exits the Park to attend his dad's funeral and we meet his mother as well as an ex-girlfriend. His absence allows both Jim and Kate to become more aware of where they stand with one another and their feelings for one another. And, of course, while he is gone Kate finds herself wrapped up in a mystery. But this one is more personal and th [...]

    15. This was by far NOT my favorite of all the Date Shugak books. Yes it was interesting to learn about Alaska's history (EVERY book she writes and publishes if full of history) but it was too much for me. I also didn't like that seemed to be a puzzle that Old Sam concocted for Kate to solve and with him leaving out vital information (as you will see if you read the whole book) it becomes an annoyingly frustrating read.Kate being hit in the head (or shot) AND a car accident was just a little too muc [...]

    16. I love the Kate Shugak series, but I was a little worried when I read the description on this one. I don't usually like books that go back and forth in time telling two stories at once. I shouldn't have been. I'm about half way through, and I'm loving this one just as much as all the rest. Sure, I miss Jim (and so does Kate), but there is plenty of action without him! Just finished Though Not Dead. What a great book! I don't want to give anything away, but Kate and Mutt are at their best, and th [...]

    17. This was a good one, a really good one. Its too bad I didn't have longer reading sessions to help fully enjoy the story. Despite a lack of sleep from a newborn baby this book managed to keep me awake at night, that's quite a feat. Now there are only two more left in the series (that have been published at least), I don't know what I'll do without them! The next book is a crossover with another series so maybe I'll pick that one up then

    18. Wow, what a great read! I think what I admire about this entry in Dana's Kate Shugak series is how much she uses the history she's created over the series to inform the plot. I also loved the blending of history and real people with the characters Dana's created. And Kate is at her best here. Tying the stories of Jim Chopin's search for family with Kate's was inspired.

    19. 4.5 starsI'd forgotten how very much happens in this book. There's one overarching mystery, echoed from past to present, and then a trail of questions, danger and frustration for Kate as she tries to retrace Old Sam's footsteps to resolve his final issue. Past and present collide, conspire and finally settle into place.

    20. Alaskan history, Winter survival, family history and Mutt it is all there in this superb Kate Shugak story. Old Sam has died and left Kate as his major heir and executor of his estate. This leads Kate on a journey of the past where she learns a number new things about her family. Jim's father has died and Kate is without his assistance.

    21. Think this was one of Dana's best books. Nice blend of fiction and non fiction. Love historical detail about Alaska. I really would like to visit Alaska one day and not from a cruise ship. The author's books paints such rich characters and landscapes about Alaska,you just want to explore it all for yourself. This is only second time I have scored a book a five.

    22. This might be my favorite Kate Shugak book yet. The story of Old Sam, as told through both flashback and Kate trying to figure out the mystery he left her. Lots of Alaskana, lots of tying in to previous books in the series, lots of subtleties. I read two fluff chick lit books prior to this and had to force myself to slow waaaaaay down to pay attention. Nothing means nothing in these books.Happy to say I figured out where the icon was before Kate did, and I also figured out one of the bad guys be [...]

    23. I was privileged to meet Dana when she wrote and had published her first Kate Shugak novel at a mystery writers' convention in Seattle, Washington many years ago. We both lived in Alaska and had a wonderful conversation.I am extremely pleased to see how she has developed the series, although I have not kept up with it!. This novel is outstanding! The plotting and characterization is extremely well constructed. Although there are places of extended description and narrative, it is understandable [...]

    24. There are a lot of story lines going on -- many characters. It's hard to keep them all straight. In the end, the whodunit was not just one person, nor one motive. I suppose that was Stabenow's intent. Oh, and the plot: Kate is the cleaning up Old Sam's affairs and runs into many, many bad guys, whacks on the head and general mischief. Meanwhile, Chopper Jim is cleaning up his father's affairs on the outside and finds out that he really does like Kate very much. Satisfying Shugak story, if somewh [...]

    25. My-oh-my! My newest favorite Kate Shugak book yet! I have thoroughly enjoyed living in the voices of Jim and Kate as they solve mysteries, discovery and struggle with their individual identities, and find their way to each other. The people in the Park remind me of every small town, family reunion, and Mark Twain story I have ever experienced. Tangible and enticing. Though Not DeadDana Stabenow

    26. I liked this story better than a previous one in the series except REALLY EDITORS?! in an earlier section it's talking about first snow for the season in mid October & later in the story it says it's mid Sept?! Also, it does get confusing with so many characters names and multiple timelines tho this seems a common writing style for too many fiction stories.

    27. Tracked down this title because I somehow missed it when it was published and it dealt with the fate of one of my favorite characters.Love Dana Stabenow's books -- her sense of place, her characters and the plots never have a dull moment.

    28. Amazing pace and development of backstory. Kate survives so many attacks--per normal. Juxtaposed with Jim's story and back story. Superb!!

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