• Title: The Night Before Christmas
  • Author: Lori Foster Erin McCarthy Jill Shalvis Kathy Love Katherine Garbera Kylie Adams
  • ISBN: 9780758212153
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Night Before Christmas Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house things are definitely stirringe if you re going to wait up for Santa you might as well have some very sexy company White Night Christmas by L
    Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house, things are definitely stirringe if you re going to wait up for Santa, you might as well have some very sexy company White Night Christmas by Lori Foster Snowed Under by Erin McCarthy Ms Humbug by Jill Shalvis I ll Be Home for Christmas by Kathy Love Seducing Scrooge by Katherine Garbera The Good G Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house, things are definitely stirringe if you re going to wait up for Santa, you might as well have some very sexy company White Night Christmas by Lori Foster Snowed Under by Erin McCarthy Ms Humbug by Jill Shalvis I ll Be Home for Christmas by Kathy Love Seducing Scrooge by Katherine Garbera The Good Girl s Guide to a Very Bad Christmas by Kylie Adams

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    1. Six short stories in this anthology about Christmas Eve romances.The StoriesLori Foster's "White Knight Christmas" is a tale of Detective Parker Ross, a reluctant hero with a Scrooge mentality, who comes up against his very own Christmas wish when Lily forces herself on him.I suspect Foster needed a few more pages to end this story. It was too abrupt and jerked the story to an end. Still, it was sweet.Erin McCarthy's "Snowed Under" finds Claire Robbins the victim of a snowplow splash and run. Wh [...]

    2. Somehow they stuffed 6 contemporary Christmas stories in this book. Thus, only 3 stars! Lori Foster 4 stars - I really liked this one. The hero is 14 years older then the heroine (she's 22). This was not really a turn off. Good story considering how short it had to be. Erin McCarthy - 2 stars. Possibly the worst EM I've ever read. Claire was annoying & Justin clueless (NOT endearingly so). They jump into sex & are proclaiming love & marriage within 8 hours. Not into it :(Jill Shalvis [...]

    3. "White Night Christmas" by Lori Foster - DNFDamn girl, take a fucking hint. I've never seen a woman chase a man so passive-aggressively. She's annoying as hell. How many times does somebody need to say no before she realizes they actually mean it?"Snowed Under" by Erin McCarthy - 1 starLily's magical vagina makes a man believe in the spirit of Christmas. Ridiculous."Ms. Humbug" by Jill Shalvis - 3 starsCute little whodunit with a prudish workaholic and a fun-loving, but responsible coworker. I l [...]

    4. Too lusty for my taste. And the stories were so short, even for novellas (about 60 pages each) that the authors didn't have time for much character development.

    5. Some of the stories were pretty good considering the number of pages. But DNF the last story. It did not come across as a romance but more of a lust for the moment story. I did not believe that they would last as a couple.

    6. haaaaa TOTAL fun smut - short stories with a Christmas theme, perfect mindless read during the chaos of the holidays!

    7. I got what I thought was a four-popper, because I wanted some quick, hopefully cute, mindless romances. What I got was a six-popper all of the short stories taking place on the night before Christmas. Oookaybie, then!Story #1 (by Lori Foster)After reading three pages, I found it to be a story about a bimbo in cop's apartment building who convinces him to do a little holiday unwinding. I didn't read further than those three pages, because both of them were annoying, and the writing was pitiful.St [...]

    8. White Knight Christmas: 2.5/5There's one thing about a lot of romance novels that I have a fundamental problem with and that's people deciding they're in love after just one night together. And that's the problem I have with this story. Lily and Parker spend months just exchanging pleasantries and small talk and then after just one night, they're in love. I mean, come on. Up until tonight he thought she was a prostitute I didn't like the character of Lily very much. She was a bit too cocky for m [...]

    9. A collection of short stories, all dealing with Christmas Eve. Now, before I go any further, I should warn any readers--I am a total FANATIC about holiday stories. Doesn't matter the holiday or even the genre, I'll read it. This is especially true of Christmas themed books.Having said that--as with any anthology, some stories are good, some ok, and a few were kind of "eh". I have read a few of the authors in this anthology before--but not in their plain romance stories. Mostly their PNR and/or U [...]

    10. 'THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS' is a holiday themed short story collection featuring some of today's hottest chick-lit authors such as Lori Foster and Erin McCarthy. Despite the promising theme and the highly praised contributing authors I found many of the stories in 'THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS' to be predictable at best. Not only did almost every story follow the same formula but there was little to no relation to the Christmas holiday in any of them. To my surprise, however, the two stand out st [...]

    11. In the spirit of kicking off the holiday season, I decided to start my December reading with some festive books, the first one being THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS a combination of six short stories by well known authors.I was very excited to pick this one up particularly because I've never read a novel by best-selling author, Lori Foster and especially because Erin McCarthy is one of my favorite story-tellers. But, I must say the book wasn't as great as I thought it would be. I was surprised to fin [...]

    12. 2.5 stars. I got this specifically for the Jill Shalvis story, and that one didn't disappoint and brought up the overall score. However, some of the other stories weren't that great or were just ok. I will probably check out Kathy Love because her story was pretty decent and believable. Seducing Scrooge wasn't great but it wasn't terrible and was marginally believable. White Night Christmas was a non-starter for me. Snowed Under was barely believable and thus, less enjoyable. And the Kylie Adams [...]

    13. - White Knight Christmas by Lori Foster (read 8/15/11) ****Overworked Detective Parker Ross just wanted some down time and to forget about the Christmas season (bah hum bug). Neighbor, sweet little Lily Donaldson was just the cheerful, spirited sort of person he wanted most to avoid. But Lily was the type that is too difficult to ignore, especially since he had been admiring her for several months now. **** Short, sweet, hot, cute ~ what a combination. It’s only 61 pages long so, as with most [...]

    14. Wow, I loved reading this book! It has 6 short Christmas stories in it, all waiting to be read. **White Knight Christmas By, Lori Foster**Snowed UnderBy, Erin McCarty**Ms. HumbugBy, Jill Shalvis** I’ll Be home For ChristmasBy, Kathy Love** Seducing ScroogeBy, Katherine Garbera** The Good Girl’s Guide To a Very Bad ChristmasBy, Kylie AdamsAll of these stories I thought where, are you ready? Very hot and Steamy and oh so Sexy!!I am very glad I have read this book.I recommend this one to the ro [...]

    15. I love Christmas stories so I really hoped this would be a good book and it was a decent one. I can't say I loved all the stories but some of them were better than others.Loved Snowed Under by Erin McCarthy. Great story about a little sister who gets the opportunity to seduce her brother's best friend who she's crushed on for years.The Good Girl's Guide to a Very Bad Christmas was also pretty cute. Aspiring actress and coffee shop barista gets the guy of her dreams after making out a naughty Chr [...]

    16. I've read a better collection of stories. This was definately not my favourite and I found myself putting it down and getting back to work!! Can you believe that? Rather than eating up the distraction it was actually forcing me to focus. So I'm not sure what type of score to give this book. I did finish it and mildly enjoyed most of the stories, but at the same time I wasn't dying to turn the page a 3 seems to by my safe rating for books that are neither 'that good' or 'that bad'

    17. White Knight Christmas by Lori FosterA young 24 year old woman, Lily, is in love with her neighbor, a 38 year-old police man, a hero in her eyes. He is a bit of a Grinch. She is too young and cheery for him, but he is very attracted to her. After they spend the night together on her birthday, his heart grows 10 times its size, just like the Grinch, and he realizes he is in love with her too a very sweet story, brought tears to my eyes.

    18. A nice grouping of Christmas stories. A detective who thinks he's too old for his attractive young neighbor, a guy who's always wanted his best friends little sister but stayed away because he thought she was off limits, among other good works fill this book. All with twists, love, and passion between people who's love sprouted in a lot of diferent ways. Great read!

    19. Six steamy short stories of relationships sparked to love at Christmas. 1) Lily pursues neighbor officer Dan. 2) Claire warms up her brothers friend Justin. 3) Mayor Matt heats up co-worker Cami. 4) Rob encounters childhood girlfriend Erica. 5) Krista captures Grinch boss Jackson. 6) Peri dreams of actor Chase.

    20. I'll be home for Christmas by Kathy Love 3/5 StarsAs a non-paranormal romance it was pretty good but it seems I much prefer her vampire/werewolf series.White knight christmas by Lori Foster (TBR)Snowed under by Erin McCarthy (TBR)Ms. Humbug by Jill Shalvis (TBR)Seducing scrooge by Katherine Garbera (TBR)The good girl's guide to a very bad christmas by Kylie Adams (TBR)

    21. Only read the book for the Erin McCarthy and Jill Shalvis stories.I really liked them both, especially the Erin McCarthy one but the rest of the stories was rather boring for me. My favourite quotes from the Erin McCarthy story:'Men. Couldn't live with them. Couldn't get away with killing them.''Give him insurance fraud to investigate and he was on it. A woman and he was clueless.'<3 it!

    22. White Knight Christmas by Lori Foster: 2/5 starsSnowed Under by Erin McCarthy: 4/5 starsMs. Humbug by Jill Shalvis: 5/5 starsI'll Be Home For Christmas by Kathy Love: 3/5 starsSeducing Scrooge by Katherine Garbera: 2/5 starsThe Good Girl's Guide To A Very Bad Christmas by Kylie Adams: 5/5 stars

    23. I thought all the stories were good besides the last one by Kylie AdamsIt was a little dull Other than that it was a great quick Christmas anthology. Would recommend this to any romance readers out there.

    24. OH my, this is a trashy novel. My mother in law and her sister read them at Christmas time every year and then pass them along to me. Normally they are not this trashy, a good trashy, just trashy.Six author's, six short trashy stories with happy endings, happy hohoho to you

    25. Christmas romance with some sex thrown in for good measure. I have to admit I didn't realize there was sex in these stories until I started reading them. Some good romance stories overall and i enjoyed reading them.

    26. If your needing a GREAT steamy Christmas romance, this anthology will considerably far pass your expectations! These authors are AWESOME! None of it felt like 'wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am'. Their writing flowed marvelously together, they're GREAT writers!!

    27. White Knight Christmas by Lori Foster: 2 starsSnowed under by Erin McCarthy: 3 starsMs. Hambug by Jill Shalvis: 4 starsI'll be home for Christmas by Kathy Love: 3 starsSeducing Scrooge by Katherine Garbera: 2.5 starsThe Good girl's guide to a very bad christmas by Kylie Adams: 3.5 stars

    28. Lori Foster - 2 starsIt pains me to only give this two stars but the story was really unbelievably contrived more so than usual for a romance short story. The characters were cute and some of the banter was cute but it was way too rushed.

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