• Title: S.O.S.
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9780545123334
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • S O S From bestselling author Gordon Korman the thrilling conclusion to the adventure aboard the unluckiest ship of all The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable the largest passenger steamship in the worl
    From bestselling author Gordon Korman, the thrilling conclusion to the adventure aboard the unluckiest ship of all.The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable the largest passenger steamship in the world, one of the biggest and most luxurious ships ever to operate.For Paddy, Sophie, Juliana, and Alfie, the Titanic is full of mysteries whether they re to be found in the oFrom bestselling author Gordon Korman, the thrilling conclusion to the adventure aboard the unluckiest ship of all.The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable the largest passenger steamship in the world, one of the biggest and most luxurious ships ever to operate.For Paddy, Sophie, Juliana, and Alfie, the Titanic is full of mysteries whether they re to be found in the opulent first class cabins and promenade decks or the shadows in the underbelly of the ship Secrets and plans are about to be revealed only now disaster looms, and time is running out The four of them need to find the truth, unmask the killerd try not to go down with the ship.

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    1. Third in Korman's Titanic trilogy.I liked this trilogy, I think it would be an excellent set of books to get young boys readingor girls for that matter.The story of well-to-do Julianna, suffragist's daughter Sophie, underage White Star employee Alphie and stowaway Paddy is engaging and interesting. The friendship that develops between the three comes across as genuine and easily could have held the story together without the Jack the Ripper subplot.That subplot was like a big glob of mud in the [...]

    2. Time is running out for Sophie, Juliana, Alfie, and Paddy as they struggle to survive; the Titanic is sinking and there aren't enough lifeboats. Readers will be on the edge of their seats wondering who will survive the harrowing journey. Although I wasn't always happy with the results the mostly realistic conclusion should satisfy readers.

    3. The book S.O.S. was amazing. It is the third and final book in the unsinkable series. The 4 main characters, Paddy, Alphie, Julianna, and Sophie. Danny, the stowaway that was see taken by bad people was turned up alive and it takes place in the final hours of the titanic. I thought this was a great ending to an amazing trilogy.

    4. The Titanic Trilogy consists of three books: (1) Book One: Unsinkable; (2) Book Two: Collision Course; and (3) Book Three: S.O.S. Written by one of my absolute favorite authors–Gordon Korman–these books weave a heart-stopping adventure based on the historical “unsinkable” ship, the Titanic in 1912. Book One details the final arrangements for the Titanic’s maiden voyage and its initial departure from England. Book Two covers the actual event of the Titanic’s fatal crash with the icebe [...]

    5. Personal Response:I did not really enjoy this book or either of the other two books in the series. I should have expected it, being that it is meant for younger aged kids in like fourth or fifth grade. It was pretty well developed and I think that any kid could potentially enjoy it. This book just wasn't for me though.Plot:This book is the last book in the three book series and it is a good continuation of the other two. In this book, the main plot is the final hours of the R.M.S. Titanic.Paddy [...]

    6. I loved everything about the book except the ending -- and I'm not talking about the sinking. I felt like there was too much in the ending that was beyond unbelievable coincidence regarding the main characters. The Jack the Ripper connection was disappointing. The turnaround in the two Irish thugs who were after Paddy throughout the whole series was not believable. The rescues were just too unbelievable. Up to the part in the water, though, the book did not disappoint, and while the ending was d [...]

    7. This is the third and final book in the Titanic series by Gordon Korman, and concludes the story of Sophie, Juliana, Paddy, and Alfie, four young teenagers traveling on the Titanic. At the start of the series, they had very little in common. Juliana and Sophie are both first class passengers, but come from very different families - Juliana is the daughter of a British earl, while Sophie's mother is an American suffragist. Paddy is a stowaway, and Alfie lied about his age to get a job on the ship [...]

    8. Page 39.A third of the way through the book, I am screaming in my head that all the main characters absolutely HAVE to make it out of this alive. Pretty much by the end you feel like you just went on a crazy, emotional roller coaster. And got punched in the gut as well.(view spoiler)[NO NO NO NO NO! WHY, WHY, WHYYYYYYYYYY?! WHY DID ALFIE DID?! HE WAS MY FAVORITE! HE ALMOST MADE IT, TOO! If the hypothermia hadn't set in, he would have been FINE, but NOOOOOOOOO, Korman HAD to kill SOMEBODY besides [...]

    9. Okay I stayed up till almost 1:00am reading this book. I read it in less than three hours. I just couldn't put it down. I had to find out what happened. Overall this is one of the best series I've read on the Titanic. I just LOVED it. It was also a very tragic and sad book. learning how unprepared the Titanic was and how the class system treated the people. (view spoiler)[AND WHY DID ALFIE DIE!!! of all the characters he was the hero. he saved Sophia's life (more than once) and Paddy's. He was a [...]

    10. Intense read, which was to be expected. But done well. And with what I know from my Titanic obsession, Korman stayed pretty true to the actual facts that existed. And the fictional parts he added were just fine. Realistic and sad. A really good book and overall trilogy to teach or intrigue young audiences about this tragedy. I was disappointed that Korman didn't include some author or historical note to state what things were actual facts and such. Based on true stories always intrigue me, and I [...]

    11. Granddaughter gave this series to me for Christmas and the gift was more than expected. Mr. Korman has delivered a sound book about people in difficult circumstances, does not gloss over the horror without being gross. This book should be read by every 5th and 6th grader. The history lessons the time period attitudes, dressings and divisions should bring to light, arcetectural / engineering lessons the building of the ship could trip in those so inclined, and the survival / phycological lessons [...]

    12. Book #3 picks up where book #2 left off. It tells the story of the Titanic's sinking in the most descriptive way I've ever read about in other fictional books. Some of the fine details may just be the author's interpretation of how the sinking happened, but the visual scenes of the ship and the panicking emotion of the passengers felt real. This is my favorite book in Korman's Titanic trilogy!It was a great series and I really enjoyed the pleasure of reading it. I discovered many new facts about [...]

    13. As I had hoped, the third book in the series recaptures some of the qualities of the first. I raced from cover to cover in just a few days. Part of that, I think is the intensity of the situation: the ship is sinking and we really want to find out if our friends will survive. Children unfamiliar with the history may be surprised that there is no happy ending here. The Jack the Ripper thread is picked up again, which was my biggest detracter from book two, but it isn't as heavy on the plot line. [...]

    14. We all know how the story of the Titantic ends, so the sinking of this great ship is no surprise. The lives of Alfie, Paddy, Sophie and Julianna on the sinking Titantic and their efforts to survive and save as many lives as possible is the REAL story. Very exciting conclusion to this trilogy. Readers may be surprised that the ending isn't "perfect" and they must all learn to live with some type of loss.

    15. Since Paddy was escaping a deadly past which was from gangsters a deadly man is on the boat trying to kill him and his friends,what is even worse is that he's trying to kill them while the boat is sinking.Will they survive?Will they not?Why don't you find out?I love this book because again it is adventure and realistic fiction.It is a great book and encourage you to read it.

    16. This is the perfect conclusion to the titanic books. And though someone dies, I think they all have a happy ending. Sophie is with her mother and father, Juliana is with the poor little baby without parents, Paddy is united with Daniel and even though Alfie dies, I think he did have his happy ending. All he wanted was to be reunited with his parents, and that what he got.

    17. Fast-paced, exciting, with the voices sometimes being a little too over the top for mebut overall a great listen. I jumped in at the end of this series, but will definitely go back to read the first two. There's just something so fascinating about the Titanic disaster.

    18. This trilogy was a fun, fast paced read. It is always interesting for me to hear the facts surrounding the Titanic. Korman also adds additional excitement with gangsters and the possible solving of an age old murder mystery.

    19. The closing of the Titanic trilogy shows how the characters have moved beyond their outlooks at the start of the story. There's lots of drama and danger as the ship goes down.

    20. GI love learning about the titanic and the tragic stories of its passengersoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *sniffle* goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood <3 alfie:(

    21. A superb ending to the trilogy! It brings all your favorite characters to a conclusion as well as sets a very realistic & vivid account of what it was like when the ship went down.

    22. I've read a lot of books about the Titanic over the years, having been introduced to this particular piece of history by my grandfather when I was very young. In all Titanic stories, there certain things that are always included, certain personalities that never change (Thomas Andrews as noble, man-of-the-people shipbuilder with a heart of gold; J. Bruce Ismay as speed-inducing scoundrel out to make headlines). While this series was no exception, tired details are included along with fresh chara [...]

    23. The titanic has hit an iceberg, and has started to sink! Sophie, Alphie, Julianna, and Paddy know that there's a killer on board, and that they have to find out who he is. They also have to try and not go down with the ship! Read this toe tingling, and action packed book! It is awesome! I could hardly stop reading it once I'd started!

    24. I really loved this book because it makes you want to finish it. I would recommend this for a 10 year old because there is some killing. If you like history books you will like this because this is a history book. In this story there is a part when the titanic' lights starts going on and off.

    25. In the dark of the night the “unsinkable” Titanic is slowly descending into the Atlantic Ocean. Several of the boiler rooms are filled or are being filled with water rapidly. The lower decks are filled with commotion and panic while the upper-class decks are quiet as the ship is slowly swaying in the translucent ocean. The wind is howling throughout the massive ship and echoing through its corridors. There are patches of ice of all sizes surrounding the ship and a massive iceberg which has p [...]

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