• Title: Navarro's Promise
  • Author: Lora Leigh
  • ISBN: 9781101477670
  • Page: 478
  • Format: ebook
  • Navarro s Promise The breed guaranteed Mica no harm would come to her but they never allowed for her sensual fascination with Navarro or his unstoppable need to claim her as his mate in both body and soul Watch a Vi
    The breed guaranteed Mica no harm would come to her, but they never allowed for her sensual fascination with Navarro, or his unstoppable need to claim her as his mate, in both body and soul.Watch a Video

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    1. Breeds 24Wolf Breeds 8Featured Couple: Navarro (Wolf) & Mica (Human)Mica is Cassie's best friend and she is protected by the Breeds because of the dangers of this friendship. She likes Navarro since they met when she was 15, but they both tried to avoid each other.One day Mica is kidnapped and Navarro saves her. Apparently he wants her desperately, but he is unsure whether she is his potential mate. Moreover, Navarro does not want to fall in love, he likes his loneliness and he has never had [...]

    2. I wasn't too impressed with this one. The hero didn't seem to care about the heroine's feelings at all, he just wanted to screw her. He would always leave her after they got it on and he didn't check up on her, he came off as really self-centered which is strange for a Breed male who usually puts his mate's well-being above his own. Then we have the editing error, holy crap Lora Leigh should be ashamed and so should her editors (if she has any) - it took out not just any scene but the climatic s [...]

    3. First, let me say that I enjoyed the story. Secondly, let me say that I'm rating this book with three stars because of rather sloppy editing.There were typos throughout the book, and, I'm sorry, but considering what books are costing these days, and how much I read, I want a book that is well-edited and doesn't have glaring typos (words missing, or words that should have come out that were left in). Also there was a problem with scene continuity. I don't want to give anything away, so let me jus [...]

    4. I don't know where to begin. I would start with a plot synopsis, but there isn't one. I started Navarro's Promise with so much anticipation. I love the Breed world but this was a stinker.Mica Toler is the human best friend of the psychic breed Cassie. This puts her in danger. What kind of danger? Who knows. Apparently the Ebeel council scientist who's imprisoned in the Breed stronghold engineers her abduction attempt. Navarro swoops in to save her & hotness ensues. That's all I got. Mica has [...]

    5. I was lucky enough to get an ARCis book is AZG!! Loved it!Full review reposted from my Smitten with reading blogMy review:Navarro's Promise is Book #24 from Lora Leigh's Breeds series, but it is the first Breeds book that I have ever read. Needless to say, the other 23 books are now on my TBR list because this book was wonderful.Navarro's Promise is the story of Mica and Navarro. Mica is not a Breed. She is a human who just happens to be the best friend of Cassie- on of the most valuable Breeds [...]

    6. This is the first Breed book I've read by Leigh and wow, I can't believe all the high ratings for this book. I picked it up with high hopes based on the ratings that Leigh somehow learned to write. Was I wrong or what? Navarro and Mica were a good hero and heroine. Both are strong individuals and the human Mica and the wolf breed Navarro are good mates even though we are told over and over in the book that Navarro's senses or whatever (sorry I've not read the previous 23 books) aren't recognizin [...]

    7. Mica’s been infatuated with Navarro Blaine since the night he kissed her during a time of great upheaval at the Wolf Breed compound Haven- but she cant let herself have him, for instinctively she knows he’d break her heart. Navarro’s been just as focused on the sexy little best friend of spooky Coyote/Wolf breed Cassie, but the tell-tale mating heat that usually precipitates such focus is missing- not surprising as Navarro’s wolf is recessed. Still, when she finds herself the target of a [...]

    8. Ok so I would have given this 5 stars but, something went wrong at the end. I dont know if I got a crappy copy or what. It says on here that this book is 368 pages. mine was only 310. Whatever expect that towards the end its jumps scenes. Mica is angry and storms out of the clinic and at the elevator waiting. Navarro shows up picks her up and kisses up against the wall. But wait then all of a sudden they are in room naked. All the in between was missing. It was obvious because things are said an [...]

    9. Okay, this is definitely one of my favourite Breeds books.Navarro has been bred for infiltration. That means he's really good at lying, deception and no emotions. For a long time he let it define him, the only one who could stir him was Mica. Now, Navarro is also different in something else, he has absolutely no desire for a mate. All of the Breeds in the previous books wanted one, if subconsciously. He tries to fight it, is even considering letting Mica go, of course the animal in him prevails. [...]

    10. Well, apparently there is some chunk of this book missing in both Kindle and paper versions. It happens towards the end at what is supposed to be the big climatic scene with the big villain. I spent a couple minutes clicking back and forth on my Kindle trying to figure out how when we went from a hallway down in the basement fully clothed to a bedroom naked in the space of a sentence and then piecing together what must have happened in the missing section (well the fact they were naked in bed ga [...]

    11. What is the guy on the cover doing? The first time a saw this all I could think of was "strike a pose, VOGUE" that Madonna song. LOL

    12. Navarro's Promise by Lora Leigh Paranormal Romance -April 5th, 2011 4 ½ stars Navarro's Promise is already one of my favorites in Lora Leigh's paranormal Breed series. Fans will not be disappointed. Navarro is a Wolf Breed with very dormant Breed genes which often make him more human than `animal.' Navarro is one of the public faces of the Breeds media. He is more human-like than most Breeds. But he was built for deception. His looks, charm and lack of emotion make him more approachable. Howeve [...]

    13. I typically enjoy the Breeds series, there are some that have been so-so and others that are much better. This was one of the poorer ones in my opinion by far. For one, my book had so many typo/grammatical type error issues. It made the first half and much of the second difficult to read. But also the storyline was just not flowing for me. The conversation towards the beginning between Cassie and Mica was confusing to me, Yes Cassie is always talking in vague confusing ways, but this was more, I [...]

    14. This was a pretty good book. It reminded me of LL’s earlier books. It centers on the relationship of Mica (Cassie’s best friend) mating with the wolf breed Navarro. His recessed genetics cause a problem for him when it comes to expressing his true feelings and as a result, they have trouble/doubts/fears attaining the ultimate mating heat. The love between the two of them is evident, their love scenes are super hot and it was fun watching him find his primal instincts. I was very happy with t [...]

    15. There was a scene completion posted on Lora Leigh's site :) if any of you weren't aware.As always, I loved going on this adventure as I have all the Breed adventures. I know a lot of people have been criticizing, but it is amazing the creativity of authors and she will always one of my favs. I will always be a bit envious of that kind of love as it is lacking in my life, but who knows what the future holds.

    16. I don't know what to say This book had the potential to be great. I really enjoyed it right up until then end when the story jumps from one scene to another! You miss the whole finale coming together of the hero and heroine! One paragraph they're fighting next they just finish having sex and declare "I love you's" which really bums me out cause I like the fighting and the making up! Maybe someday I'll get to read to complete version I won't hold my breathe though.

    17. Can't even contemplate a serious review. It's Lora Leigh. It's the Breeds series. You know what you're getting and you get a good dose of it here. Fuzzy logic. Lots of sex. Angsty sentences that don't mean much. Lots of sex. Plot full of holes. Lots of sex. Lots of contradictory statements. Lots of sex. Feelings and assertions not backed up by actions or feelings of others. Lots of sex. The kind of thing you like if you like that kind of thing.

    18. Finally, after a lot of Breeds books that all started blending in together, and where the heroines where getting a bit on my nerves, we get a decent Breeds story.I would recommend you read the story included in the Primal anthology, because it does have some background needed in this one.Mica was a very likeable character, strong, but smart heroine. She's Cassie's best friend, and a human who's grown up around Breeds. She's Dash Sinclair's goddaughter. And she's always had a thing for Navarro, w [...]

    19. I ain't gonna lie. I have a breed problem. I've been reading this series since the beginning when Ms. Leigh was putting out ebooks with Elloras Cave. Ever since that first glimpse of Callan Lyons butt arsed nekkid lying back and doing things to himself outside in broad daylight I've been hooked. I can't exactly explain why it's an affliction I have. There are several things that normally drive me mad when reading these books: Leigh writes the WORST heroines, she tries to portray them as being st [...]

    20. The plot didn't hook me at all in this one. I found myself skipping ahead to read only the parts about the interactions between the main characters, Navarro and Mica (What's with the weird names?? They sound like something I might have used when attempting fiction as a teenager!), and I was actually able to follow quite well, which means that a lot of the book is extraneous. I'm still not sure whether I'll go back and read the whole thing. The writing is decidedly lower in quality than the previ [...]

    21. I just love reading the Breeds' storiesI never seem to tire of them. And Navarro and Mica's story was no different. There was so much passion and heat that it curled my toes. Damn Ms. Leigh sure knows how to write intense love scenes. And her ability to put those love scenes on paper just amazes me. I enjoyed both characters and what they each brought to the story. I'm fanning myself just thinking about some of the hot, hot, hot scenes.If you're a lover of the Breeds' series, you will not be dis [...]

    22. I'm done with Lora Leigh. She's had a few - a very few- books in this series worth reading but her last few efforts have been atrocious. I keep hoping they will improve but they only seem to be MORE eye-rolling and MORE ridiculous as time goes on. I can recommend Coyote's Mate which is a 5 star read, but otherwise, this entire series has been mostly a lesson in frustration.

    23. 3 StarsThe back and forth between Mica and Navarro made me dizzy. I didn't feel Navarro really gave a fig about her feelings. In the current breed stories the mating heat is changing, some mates aren't feeling the strong heat that the couples did in the earlier books. Some has to do with mother nature and some has to do with what the council did genetically to some that they didn't do to others. During the whole book they were dealing with a scientist that gave himself a drug that would bring hi [...]

    24. Why is Navarro's genetics denying his mate? How can Mica convince her mate to let loose and admit he loves her? Read it and see how it turns out.

    25. The breed guaranteed Mica no harm would come to her, but they never allowed for her sensual fascination with Navarro, or his unstoppable need to claim her as his mate, in both body and soul.Can I say that the blurb cracks me up? That's straight off Penguin's site. They get right to the point, don't they? Plus, that description can apply to any of the books in the series, just change the names.Oh and that cover That dude is supposed to be asian. Nice, huh? There's so much talk about color washing [...]

    26. Like with all my other reviews about a series, I am going to start saying that this review is full of spoilers, and Navarro’s Promise –being the 24th book of the Breed Series – is a book that has to be read only by those who have followed the whole story, otherwise you are going to be feeling like you are missing out on half of the plot –which you are-. So, consider yourself warned.Personally, I see the Lora Leigh’s Breed Series as a TV show in which each episode is focused on the deve [...]

    27. Pros: The book is built on an interesting concept.Cons: There is very little explanation about the Breeds and how they fit into the world around them; as a first time reader in this series it can be very confusing.Advanced review copy courtesy of Penguin GroupExpected publication date: April 5, 2011All her life, Micah has grown up with the Breeds and fantasized about Navarro Blaine. They haven't spent much time together, but they're thrown into proximity when her life is suddenly in danger. Now [...]

    28. WHOODIE WHOOOO this book was smoking awesome. Wow Lora Leigh has renewed my faith in her 1000%.Mica is the little girl who befriended Cassie back when Dash had come for them, taken them to his friends ranch, and then found out Cassie was a breed hybrid. Mica is and has been Cassies best friend since that time. She has been around the breeds, trained with then, been lied to by them, and befriended them. There is this one breed though this one breed who sets her heart racing and he panties, well, [...]

    29. For starters with Leigh's books it is what it is. If you don't like her sex scenes or the story line you probably don't want to read the books. They are rarely edited well. The misspellings and grammar issues are in large quantities. The wrong names and misspoken facts about past events happen too. And this one has one big editing mistake that is new for her books half of a scene was left out. It is available on her website. While you feel a little lost and miss out on some sex it honestly doesn [...]

    30. I really want to explain myself as to why I gave this book only three stars. You see, I have been waiting so long for a new Breeds book, I mean I’m in love with them, they own like this space in my Soul at this point, even for books that are supposed to be silly erotica and they say sweet cream a whole lot which snobby book readers rip apart. Anyways, I would just like to say that my I liked this book rating had nothing to do with the love story of Mica and Navarro. I loved them, like I litera [...]

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