• Title: Jazz In The Movies
  • Author: David Meeker
  • ISBN: 9780905983400
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jazz In The Movies The result of ten years research into the area of jazz and film industry the book lists each film title alphabetically together with its nationality year of production director running time a sh
    The result of ten years research into the area of jazz and film industry, the book lists each film title alphabetically, together with its nationality, year of production, director, running time, a short critique and details of all jazz artists, band personnel and musical items where known.

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    1. Now, this is some nice research -- if it's not every movie, video or DVD with jazz in it, including a description of the scenes with jazz, the players, the players playing for actors, then it's damn close. It's from da Capo, which never fails to publish the best books on music. The Beatle book was put out by Fireside, which once published my country music book that I put real work into.

    2. This is a unique and indispensable (for me, at least) reference work. It's a guide to films in which jazz (and some blues) musicians either have written the score for or appear in.My copy is a 1977 edition published by Arlington House. I imagine that the book has been updated since then.

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