• Title: His Enemy's Daughter
  • Author: Terri Brisbin
  • ISBN: 9781426888236
  • Page: 474
  • Format: ebook
  • His Enemy s Daughter Once overwhelmingly irresistible to women Soren Fitzrobert s life was changed forever by a brutal wound Now Soren has come to wreak revenge by claiming his enemy s daughter Left temporarily blind by
    Once overwhelmingly irresistible to women, Soren Fitzrobert s life was changed forever by a brutal wound Now Soren has come to wreak revenge by claiming his enemy s daughter Left temporarily blind by his invasion, innocent Sybilla trembles before the scarred barbarian But it s not entirely out of fear Forced into marriage, Sybilla must surrender to Soren s seductionOnce overwhelmingly irresistible to women, Soren Fitzrobert s life was changed forever by a brutal wound Now Soren has come to wreak revenge by claiming his enemy s daughter Left temporarily blind by his invasion, innocent Sybilla trembles before the scarred barbarian But it s not entirely out of fear Forced into marriage, Sybilla must surrender to Soren s seduction, one sense at a time And Soren is drawn ever to the woman he intended only to use.

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    1. His Enemy's Daughter was an interesting medieval story. The first half was harder to read because the hero is very tortured and angry because the heroine's father tried to kill him and disfigured his body and face. Soren is gifted the lands of the man who tried to kill him and goes to kill all of his relatives and raize the land. He attacks the keep and during the attack the heroine, Sybilla, is injured in the head and goes blind. Soren almost kills the heroine but gives a last minute reprieve w [...]

    2. This book was a fast, easy and enjoyable read. The characters weren't complicated and the story was strait forward, kind of a Bueaty and the Beast plot.Soren (H) lived only to get revenge on the man who had nearly killed him and left him scarred beyond belief. Soren, who before the battle was known as The Beautiful Bastard, killed the man who struck him down on the battle field after the battle had been called. That however wasn't enought for him, he wanted the land that the man owned and to kil [...]

    3. The "Beautiful Bastard", Soren, now feared because of the scars he carries from wounds he suffered in battle and the vengeance which spurned him to live. Sybilla, blinded by the brutal force of Soren's invading forces, she must somehow try to protect her people - even though blinded - and married to the man who came to destroy her.Soren is absolutely wonderful *sigh*. Scarred, tortured soul that he is. Soren realizes Sybilla will experience the same things he did with his recovery and he helps h [...]

    4. The author delves into the political condition of the time instead of glossing over it like most others do.One of the reasons why I don't read much of Medieval romances is that the hero acts all alpha and dominates over the submissive heroine. This one, I concede, had a strong hero, but we also get to see his vulnerabilities and his caring side. Also, the heroine isn't as meek and has a quiet strength. Though I would have liked to see her a little more active. I suppose her being blind made her

    5. Sorry, but reviews in portugais *-*Primeiro preciso dizer que eu fiquei enlouquecida quando li o primeiro livro da série Os cavaleiros da Bretenha, e contava os minutos até a chegada do livro de Soren, pois eu sabia que ele seria a personagem mais complexa e rica da trilogia. Toda aquela beleza que de repente se transformou em ira devia ser explorada então aqui estamos no livro de Soren <3 OMG!Soren <3"Pensou pela milésima vez que isso já não importava. Seus sonhos e esperanças tinh [...]

    6. Almost good, but it fails on several levels. Firstly, the hero was very slutty prior to losing his looks and I find that really, really off putting. The heroine is portrayed as being excited by his past indulgence in sleeping around, even though this was often with prostitutes and frankly I find that really weird and I rather doubt that in reality a naive, innocent girl in the middle ages would have been turned on by knowing her husband was once so immoral.Also, in a time where people's appearan [...]

    7. Enjoyed this book quite abit. Like the H not being a jerk the whole time, and growing from the beginning. Liked the way he took his time to get to know the h and let her do the same. He wasn't out for raping and piliging, but to preserve as much life as possible. He had the whole I need to act manly in front of everyone, but in private he was very good towards the h. The h was good as well. Not a doormat and not some shrew. She had emotions when they were called for and not overkill at anytime. [...]

    8. At first, I did not like the book, but after 1st part, I started to like it. The hero was cruel to heroine when the heroine was already lost the sight of her eyes. He marries her to take his revenge and did such awful things that I was having a really hard time. But somehow hero understood heroine situation because of the past experiences of his life. And then I thought this book at least stood a chance. The way Soren (hero) helped Sybilla (heroine) to cope with her life is really appreciable.

    9. Readable and an effort was made to make this reasonably medieval in feel. The romance developed in a believable way and the hero's problems were handled pretty well. I did find the fact that he wore a hood to cover his scars kind of hokey since the people who lived in that time period had to be pretty used to battle scars.

    10. Total bodice-busting, lusty fun :)It was the usual man vs. man, beauty and the beast retelling with a Briton/Norman/Saxon rebellion thrown in for funzies. It was a very quick read. Took me about two hours total from start to finish while we drove up the mountain. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for some virginity-stealing, swoony, giggly good times with the marauding, hulking good-bad-guy knight and the fierce, do-gooding virgin with spunk.All around brain candy :)

    11. I started reading and immediately thought "hmmm. Haven't I read this before?" Turns out I hadn't but the similarities were so exhaustingly the same I had a hard time reading the book. I thought it was boring and the plot overused I did enjoy some parts, but not many. Hence the 2 star and not 1star rating.

    12. First read this one in 2012. Medieval romance is one of my favorite genres and I love this author's style of writing and the characters she delivers. Soren is one of three bastard born men raised by a man as his own sons. They all have become William's knights and have fought beside him to conquer England. Soren was once known as the Beautiful Bastard. He had lived life only to bed as many women as he could and fight as many battles as he could. Then fate delivers an injury that disfigures him h [...]

    13. Uma noite de prazer Conto antes dos bastardos entrarem em guerra e conquistarem suas terras servindo William. Simon e Elise se casam e a noite de núpcias é uma preocupação, cada um por com seus motivos. É bem curto e hot.A filha do inimigo Eu não curti muito essa serie. O pior para mim foi o primeiro, o segundo melhorou e esse foi regular. Soren realmente sabe meter os pés pelas mãos, mas até gostei um pouco dele. Sybilla sempre estava machucada e só se reergueu perto do fim do livro. [...]

    14. Three and a half stars.A disfiguring injury at the hands of a man he considered an enemy changed the life of Soren. He vows vengeance, but at the last moment decides to wed this man's daughter Sybilla rather than take her life.Sybilla is blinded by Soren's attack on the keep, and his consideration of her as she navigates her changed life draws these two closer.An interesting enemies-to-lovers story. This is clearly a later book in a series, but I was able to enjoy it without having read the othe [...]

    15. Difficult to Read at Times!Wow! I absolutely loved this book! It's the third in Ms. Brisbin's "The Knights of Brittany" trilogy. I haven't read book one of the trilogy as yet (I'm on the waitlist at my local library for their digital copy) but I have read book two, The Mercenary's Bride and now this one. Each book is easily read as a stand alone, so I didn't feel as though I was missing anything by not having read book one. FYI, book one in the trilogy is The Conqueror's Lady (The Knights of Bri [...]

    16. A Knight’s battle to become the man he should be. The time period is 1067, after Duke William of Normandy invaded England and was crowned King. His nobles and men of war were given land charters and orders to subdue lands formally occupied by Saxons. The King’s declaration to Soren for his service was to give him Alston lands / holdings and to marry Durward’s daughter Sybilla, if she was still alive. Soren Fitzrobert was known as the ‘Beautiful Bastard’ until a near fatal blow with an [...]

    17. O Soren é o grosseirão por excelência. Um perfeito homem-ogro das cavernas da época medieval. Ele é tão grosso e tão ogro que faz os mocinhos cavalões da Diana Palmer parecerem um bando de rapazes delicados e efeminados.O homem já chega derrubando tudo! Ele recebe do rei William o castelo do homem que o desfigurou e jurando vingança, decide chegar lá e exterminar com qualquer descendente daquele peste, que tenha restado! O que é claro, calha de ser a pobre mocinha, vítima indefesa d [...]

    18. His Enemy's Daughter is one of those books I would not normally buy. But in reading a few discussions in there were many who added this novel as one of their favorites so I decided to give it a try. It is set in Medieval Times which is not a favorite of mine when reading romance.The premise of this story centers on our hero, Soren Fitzrobert, who's life as a handsome beautiful man, a man many called "the beautiful Bastard" was forever changed by a brutal wound he received in battle taking off h [...]

    19. This was a good last book in this series. Soren and Sybilla are both wonderful characters - both with their weaknesses and troubles, some more visible than others. especially in the first half we see a lot of Sorens angry behaviour or lets say, we hear about it. but as always there is often a difference between what people say and how they act. I was a bit disappointed that Sybilla, although Soren is quite nice to her in actions even if not in words, always listens to other people without consin [...]

    20. his enemy's daughter was good enoughought not too deepa bit more angstor a bit more exploring their injuries and its effect on them would have been goodhoe the H changed from a shallow person without much regard to others.gretting that. a bitter person living with vengeance. acceptance(gradual). his need(subconscious though it was initially ,then voluntarily)to help the h & the h's devastation at losing sighta bit more on the loss(though not too much) and struggles with self.adual acceptance [...]

    21. 3.75I was wishing for a bit more connection between the H and h and not so late into the story. Once they started to stop hating each other, it got better. Enjoyed it for the Beauty and the Beast (which is one of my favorites) and scarred hero tropes. I was sort of hoping that she kept (view spoiler)[regaining her sight secret and after a day or two of kissing, talking, sleeping with and being around him with no issue, she revealed it to him. And the fact that she could see his scars, but they d [...]

    22. Soren was a lady's man until his face was brutally marred in battle by an enemy. Sybilla, the enemy's daughter, tries to protect her home from an attack because she is the lady of the keep now that her father is dead. Soren has had his mind set on vengeance since his wounds almost destroyed him, so he has decided to invade Sybilla's land and home. During his invasion, Sybilla got hit with rubble and was blinded. Because of her inability to see him Soren takes her as his wife, thankful his face w [...]

    23. I'm a big fan of Terri Brisbin and really have enjoyed some of her earlier novels. I found "His Enemy's Daughter" a bit slow going. I may have found it hard to get into because I read the previous books in this series quite some time ago. Half way through I actually went through and quickly breezed over the first two novels to refresh my memory of their stories. There are a couple of other books in this series that I've never been able to get my hands on.If you're a fan of Terri's Highlander tal [...]

    24. Wonderful bookUnfortunately I have read the last book first. Now I MUST READ the other two. This book takes the reader to depths that the human spirit can travel to heal not just physically but emotionally too. The characters are well developed their love gradual not instant as in some booksI loved this book and advise others to read it too. But I think everyone should start with the first one. This is not a stand alone book and thought I love it I definitely felt like I was missing out on some [...]

    25. This was a Beauty and the Beast themed romance. The hero has a horrible facial scar from an axe and the heroine goes blind the day of the battle for her home. The hero decides to marry her since she can't see him. They get to know each other but the hero's pretty mean to her at first.Overall, it was just ok. It was easy to put down.I did like how the hero told her when he was recovering from his injuries he had to learn he was ugly (instead of being the most beautiful guy in the room like he use [...]

    26. 4.5Quest’estate 2013 sto facendo una vera abbuffata di romanzi teneri, dolci, appassionanti e romantici (speriamo solo di non essere vittima di diabete letterario ^.*) e La Figlia del Nemico non fa eccezione.L’incontro da Soren e Sybilla è l’incontro tra due anime cupe, ferite che aiutandosi a vicenda riescono a uscire da quel posto scuro e triste in cui erano rinchiuse.Unico difetto la brevità; è davvero un peccato che questo romanzo non sia più lungo, per apprezzare e approfondire me [...]

    27. The hero starts out dark. Though I understood why, he made me uncomfortable at first. I didn't like him much and didn't feel all that intrigued by him either. Fortunately, I have read enough of Terri Brisbin's books to know that she would rescue the story, his blackness would eventually pass, so I kept on. I'm glad that I did. Though not one of her best stories ever, I enjoyed experiencing the hero's transition as he changed from dark to light. This was an entertaining read. I don't know if I wi [...]

    28. Lui ha un nome che adoro e lei è cieca, uno degli "handicap" che più apprezzo nei romanzi poichè permette davvero al personaggio di "vedere" con il cuore insomma i presupposti per una bella storia d'amore c'erano tutti ma ed è un grosso ma non sono riuscita a immergermi nella storia, ad immedesimarmi nei personaggi, a fare il tifo per loro.mma mi ha lasciato indifferente e vagamente insoddisfatta perchè mi aspettavo di più da qui le 3 stelline XD

    29. This installment of the Bastards/Brittany series tugs the heart strings in ways that most of the others don't. Brisbin's trademark perspective shifting works well, and the tale generally proceeds at a good clip with fairly convincing intimate scenes. Though Brisbin once again underestimates her reader by repeating key themes and background facts ad nauseum, the story is still light, fun, and well-composed enough to justify the read.

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