• Title: Con & Conjure
  • Author: Lisa Shearin
  • ISBN: 9781101477533
  • Page: 164
  • Format: ebook
  • Con Conjure Raine Benares elf seeker narrates action after Saghred soul stealing Stone bonds to her giving great power Both high ranking goblins and elves want the Stone s magic Therefore both a goblin thief
    Raine Benares, elf seeker, narrates action after Saghred soul stealing Stone bonds to her, giving great power Both high ranking goblins and elves want the Stone s magic Therefore, both a goblin thief and her ex fiance elf assassin chase her To survive, she ll need the help of her criminal family, elf paladin mage Michael, goblin dark mage Tam, and others she cons.

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    1. Well, I love this series, so I was super psyched to read this one, and it didn't disappoint. I was actually relieved to see less teenagers in this one, there was way more of Raine's other relatives in here, and super great baddies, so it was a nice change of pace. And Mychael was yummy as ever, appreciate the fact that she didn't overdo the romancey things, there was juuuuust enough.Setup for #6 is really good, I just want some more Tam in the next one and life will be UBER excellent!

    2. The fifth Raine Benares book continuing her struggles against Saghred, the soul-sucking stome of limitless power that she accidentally bonded with in book one. Sarad Nukpana is still on the loose and Raine is still facing enemies in both the goblin and elf camps not to mention the slimy mage Sylvanus Carnades, but on her side she has semi-reformed dark goblin mage Tam and uber-powerful spell-singing boss of the Conclave Guardians, Mychael, with whom she has bonded in more ways than one.This pick [...]

    3. The novel would’ve been a fine romp, if it wasn’t #5 in the series. And the series is getting tired. The protagonist Raine is the same in this novel as she was in the novel #1. She hasn’t changed a bit, hasn’t become smarter or wise. No development of any kind. She is a spicy elven girl with an attitude, plucky and stubborn and full of good will. She wants to save everyone she loves, but too many bad guys, goblin and elves, are trying to get their hands on her and the rock Saghred she is [...]

    4. I'm not sure what it was about this book, but I didn't enjoy it. I didn't even finish it. I have always loved the swash buckling nature of these books, but I feel like Raine hasn't progressed as a character. Her justification for doing things is that "she's a Benares." That's awesome. My family shaped who I am, too. But I don't repeat that to myself constantly while out doing things. Ultimately she should be making choices because they're what she thinks needs to be done, but, that's not her jus [...]

    5. Rating: 3.0Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction*Review*Con & Conjure is the fifth installment in the Raine Benares series by Lisa Shearin. Raine Benares is a seeker who finds lost things and people. She is also attached pretty much against her will to the evil soul stealing, empire destroying rock called the Saghred. The Saghred has taken her magical abilities from mediocre to monstrous and a person who is now considered a threat. Some say that she has more power than those that are members of the [...]

    6. Much better than book 4. I liked that more of Raine's family was in this one. I enjoyed the dynamic between everyone (now if all families were that loving and supportive of each other). I liked that, despite everything, those that know Raine, know she would never do anything that would hurt them. Nice twist (and resolution) with the assassin(s). A bit of a cliffhanger at the end. We will see how book 6, All Spell Break Loose wraps everything up. (Potentially a 7th book that's a WIP now. Looks li [...]

    7. Once again, Raine and her companions face almost certain doom as a group of goblins tries to steal the all-powerful evil rock Raine has been magically bonded to. I'm starting to think the poor woman needs a vacation.I loved the new Benares relative we met. It was fantastic to see someone make an impact in a way that didn't need swords or magic. I'm still iffy on the other new character from Raine's past. The series already has one foxy bad-boy with a soft spot for the heroine (one who didn't sho [...]

    8. I'm frustrated by the fact that there's been minimal character growth since the first book - the general conflict appears to be along the line of Raine worries about using the Saghred and turning to the dark side, she gets reassurance that's not happening, she uses the Sagred's power when attacked by enemies, and then we're back to worrying that the Saghred will corrupt her. And yes, we know she's a Benares already and all that entails.Okay, lack of growth aside aside - it's not all bad. There's [...]

    9. I was disappointed in this addition to the Raine Benares series. Pretty much every main character kept making ridiculously stupid decisions. Raine in particular falls into a too stupid to live category which is one of my pet peeves. It feels as if despite everything that has happened to her she is not learning anything nor is she showing any character development. Two new characters were introduced but didn't add anything to the story line that existing characters couldn't have accomplished. Ove [...]

    10. I love this series to pieces. And while I'm not exactly surprised at the result of the big love triangle in the past books, I do still sort of hold a torch for Tam <3. Otherwise it was still as fantastic as the previous books and I was only sad when it ended.

    11. I have been reading a lot of heavy, "serious" works lately, works that employ a large cast of characters to deal with issues on a big, even epic scale. And while many of these works have been upbeat, some of them have also been "downers." So I thought it was time to read something lighter. Coincidentally, a new Raine Benares book came out in April, and it happened to be sitting on my shelf.The levity of Lisa Shearin's writing is exactly what I wanted. Con & Conjure definitely has high stakes [...]

    12. Ends on cliffhanger. Raine's escapes are tense, one actually counted down, top-of-the-mountain creative, not depending on other people. Her plans keep "going to crap". Raine and elder banker cousin Mago hope to swindle the villains, take away their funding for mercenary assassins, (the best her ten-years ago-fiance Rache is in town) mages, soldiers. She (yet another fiery red-head) and younger cousin Phaelan (weird spelling I have to look up every time) end up in magic-draining manacles, chained [...]

    13. While I enjoyed the narrative, at the conclusion I felt a little disappointed. This was her chance to do more, do more with a book than the same Raine has an idea, Raine gets into trouble, someone Raine loves gets into trouble, they all find an unlikely way out of trouble.While I understand that the book is primarily from Raine's perspective and she was largely unaware of some of the things that went on behind the scenes while she was indisposed. I still would have liked a little more sleight of [...]

    14. Just when I think I have seen it all there goes another surprise!! I was on the edge of my seat, eagerly and nervously waiting for the drops, jumps, and awws. I love this series and can't wait to get my hands on the next one!

    15. Caveat: I seldom review books. When I do go public with a review, it will be favorable."Danger, danger, danger!"Danger comes on thick and fast. Raine Benares and her tall, dark, handsome and charmingly corrupt cousin Mago had a most intriguing con on the front burner. I should have liked to see that con play out.Unfortunately, their cover was blown, if not blown up. Goblin Prince Chigaru sailed into port a few days early, and he is an assassin-magnet. He's also in love (but not with Raine) and i [...]

    16. It’s actually really hard to write reviews of this series since they all just seem to blur together. Yes, I know I start listening to the next one as soon as I finish one but they are all so similar that it’s difficult to separate them.This of course is the Raine Benares series. It consists of six books, taking place over a rather short amount of time. In the first book, Raine helps a friend steal a necklace with a stone. She puts it on – and is instantly bonded with the rock which turns o [...]

    17. This was a frustrating book- there's been virtually no character growth since the first book- Raine's reasoning for everything seems to be that she's a Benares. There seems to be no forward planning from Raine or Mychael, yes they are dealing with crises but they've been doing that for the last 3 months in the timeline of the story and in that time there's not been one moment to think about how go get the Stone unbound from Raine? Raine also *just happens* to be in the one place in the whole cit [...]

    18. The latest book from North Carolina native Lisa Shearin, “Con & Conjure,” starts with a bang (literally), and that’s just the beginning of the crazy, whirlwind adventure and mayhem for Raine Benares and friends. Assassination attempts, goblin politics and werecrabs are just a few of the things they have to deal with by the end of the book.If you’ve never read a book in Shearin’s series, don’t start with this one. Unlike many series, the author (thankfully) doesn’t overly rehash [...]

    19. So at 3/4 of the way through, I'm getting bored of the woo is me, dialog, in worrying about using the Saghred and becoming its dark bitch, she gets reassurance that's not happening, she uses the Sagred's power when attacked by enemies, and again, worrying about how the Sagred used her to "kill the bad guys", um yea! Again she is assured that she wouldn't have used it against innocents and that she used it against bad guys that were killing innocents, OK. Then we are back to worrying that the Sah [...]

    20. I devoured this fifth book in the series. It was so much fun. Another cousin has come to Mid to help Raine. This one is not a pirate though, he gets seasick on a ship, this one is a banker. Of course he does not use the name Benares ;) He is going to help Raine by fleecing her adversaries to they can no longer pay to hurt/kidnap/kill her and those she loves. Both the Goblin King and some pure bred Elves want to start a war and annihilate the other species completely, and for that, they need cont [...]

    21. As the fifth installment of the Raine Benares series, it is fantastic! Since Raine and the Saghred, a powerful soul-stealing rock, bonded, not only have her powers multiplied but others have noticed it too and are after her for a chance to wield such massive magic and unlimited power. That means trouble is just right around the corner, as usual. In Con & Conjure, a goblin thief and master assassin (aka her ex-fiance) are after her and to survive, Raine and her notorious criminal family have [...]

    22. I have loved every book in this series and this installment is no different. These books are just so fun and have such fantastic characters that I normally read them in one sitting.In this book, we are introduced to Raine's cousin Mago. Mago is a banker, super smart, and a bit of a con man. He helps Raine hatch a con to take down some of her enemies, mainly Taltek Balmorian and Silvanus Carnades. Things don't go exactly as planned, but when do they ever with the Benares clan? I would have liked [...]

    23. In this 5th book of a 6-book series, the storyline picks up about 3 weeks following the conclusion of “Bewitched and Betrayed.” Raine Beneres, an elven seeker, is still trying to rid herself of the psychic and physical stranglehold of the Saghred. And she is desperate to stay out of the clutches of those, both elven and goblin, who want to use her as a weapon or would kill her in order to absorb the power of the Rock into themselves.However, for the last three months, since the Saghred bonde [...]

    24. Over the last few years I’ve kind of overdosed on paranormal romances and stories, but in spite of my distinct feeling of apathy toward the majority of them now, I still have my favorites. The Raine Benares books are high on that list.Raine is a Seeker. Throw away your Harry Potter pre-conceived notion of seekers for a moment and bear with me. She is able to touch an object and view that object from the point of view of the person who has handled it or touched it. Person, or persons, I should [...]

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