• Title: Groove Interrupted: Loss, Renewal, and the Music of New Orleans
  • Author: Keith Spera
  • ISBN: 9780312552251
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Groove Interrupted Loss Renewal and the Music of New Orleans The recent history of New Orleans is fraught with tragedy and triumph Both are reflected in the city s vibrant idiosyncratic music community In Keith Spera s intimately reported Groove Interrupted A
    The recent history of New Orleans is fraught with tragedy and triumph Both are reflected in the city s vibrant, idiosyncratic music community In Keith Spera s intimately reported Groove Interrupted, Aaron Neville returns to New Orleans for the first time after Hurricane Katrina to bury his wife Fats Domino improbably rambles around Manhattan to promote a post KatrThe recent history of New Orleans is fraught with tragedy and triumph Both are reflected in the city s vibrant, idiosyncratic music community In Keith Spera s intimately reported Groove Interrupted, Aaron Neville returns to New Orleans for the first time after Hurricane Katrina to bury his wife Fats Domino improbably rambles around Manhattan to promote a post Katrina tribute CD Alex Chilton lives anonymously in a battered cottage in the Treme neighborhood Platinum selling rapper Mystikal rekindles his career after six years in prison Jazz trumpeter Terence Blanchard struggles to translate Katrina into music The spotlight also shines on Allen Toussaint, Pete Fountain, Gatemouth Brown, the Rebirth Brass Band, Phil Anselmo, Juvenile, Jeremy Davenport and the 2006 New Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival With heartache, hope, humor and resolve, each of these contemporary narratives stands on its own Together, they convey that the funky, syncopated spirit of New Orleans music is unbreakable, in spite of Katrina s interruption.

    One Reply to “Groove Interrupted: Loss, Renewal, and the Music of New Orleans”

    1. Spera is probably very well known to New Orleans music fans, as he's been writing for various publications down there for a long time. This book came out about 6 years ago, and it recycles some work he'd done as a journalist. He's not really a music critic, but he does have broad and smart musical opinions. He is a really good features writer, and the chapters in this book on Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (detailing his final year or so of life), Aaron Neville (a broad life story and a lot about hi [...]

    2. This a well written anthology covering several New Orleans musicians lives as impacted by the federal flood in New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. I even enjoyed the two chapters on rap/bounce artists Juvenile and Mystikal though they are not artists I've had any interest in (not a musical style I'm fond of.)

    3. I have been intrigued by the series,Treme , shown on HBO, which focuses on the aftermath of Hurricaine Katrina in New Orleans. The unique aspect of this is how the tradition of wonderful music did not die, but survived by the efforts of many musicians and fans. This book, reviewed inThe Boston Globe Book Review , Sunday, 8/7/11, addresses these issues.

    4. This isn't stunningly written, but any book with solid back-to-back features on Phil Anselmo (of Pantera), Mystikal, and Pete Fountain is going to earn my love. Questions: where the ladies at?

    5. "Groove Interrupted" est basé sur des articles que Keith Spera a écrit pour le Times-Picayune. Chaque article a ensuite été développé pour ce recueil, retraçant le parcours de musiciens et personnages emblématiques composant la mosaïque musicale et culturelle de la Nouvelles Orléans. Le fil conducteur, hormis la musique et l'amour que chacun porte à la culture musicale de la ville et de la Louisiane, est ici l'ouragan Katrina, force tantôt destructrice, fédératrice ou constructrice [...]

    6. Excellent non-fiction about New Orleans musicians experiencing life, death, and re-birth after hurricane Katrina. Featuring everyone from hometown favorite Aaron Neville to Fats Domino, to rapper Mystikal and bounce's Juvenile. These are personal stories, each one its own little chapter - they're ultimately stories of hope, and about how music and musicians will continue on. It's about the culture of New Orleans, and the way the future and past of her music blend. There is life and music in New [...]

    7. Spera's book is a beautiful tribute to New Orleans and its music scene-both of which are powerful symbols of recovery after Katrina tried to knock their spirits down. In a world where 'fist-pumping" is a staple dance move, it is refreshing to read about music that tells a story of this amazing city. Spera's book is so poignantly written that even his essay on Mystical had me teary-eyed. If you love New Orleans, Louisiana, and it's unique music scene, this book is definitely worth your time!

    8. I have nothing but praise for Keith Spera's work in this book. Both well-written and well-reported, the book does an excellent job of telling each artist's story in compelling fashion. I wanted this book mostly to read about Rebirth Brass Band, but I gained so much more knowledge of the New Orleans music world along the way. Great work, Keith. Newspaper people write the best books.

    9. Excellent reportage about New Orleans music in the 2000s and w/r/t Katrina, with an eye toward history. Loved learning new things about Aaron Neville, Quint Davis, Pete Fountain, Mystikal, Jeremy Davenport, Terrance Blanchard I'll admit to being disappointed that all 13 profile subjects were men.

    10. Great book. Learned a lot both about musicians I wasn't familiar with, as well as post-Katrina devastation and rebuilding. Mostly, though, it's about the music. And I bought a ton of it while reading this book.

    11. Groove goes onWell written- from the inside out. A bittersweet journey along the edges of a most important subject-music from a most important place. No dirt, no filler, no rambling. A very good place to start any journey to New Orleans, whether in headphones or on foot.

    12. Really enjoyed this. The writing is excellent. The subjects and the interwoven theme of Katrina's impact on their lives were diverse and interesting.

    13. Superb - if you love New Orleans and the local music and culture (or want to explore how awesome it is) then this is a must read in my opinion. Good insight from a good local writer.

    14. Great overview of the music scene post-Katrina. Gives insight into all forms of music in the city from trad jazz to hip hop.

    15. I really liked most of the chapterseach one about a different musician. Some fascinating folks!

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