• Title: Lost Dog
  • Author: Bill Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780738709666
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
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    Lost Dog Peter McKrall is at a crossroads out of work fighting a klepto habit and trying to figure out his next move Life takes an unexpected turn when a search for his niece s stuffed dog leads him to somet
    Peter McKrall is at a crossroads out of work, fighting a klepto habit, and trying to figure out his next move Life takes an unexpected turn when a search for his niece s stuffed dog leads him to something else entirely a bullet riddled corpse Talking to reporters lands Peter on the local news, which turns out to be a dangerous spotlight And now Darla, the troubled daugPeter McKrall is at a crossroads out of work, fighting a klepto habit, and trying to figure out his next move Life takes an unexpected turn when a search for his niece s stuffed dog leads him to something else entirely a bullet riddled corpse Talking to reporters lands Peter on the local news, which turns out to be a dangerous spotlight And now Darla, the troubled daughter of the victim, is reaching out to him but can she be trusted When a second murder takes place and evidence is planted in his trash, the cops dredge up Peter s painful history The only ray of sunshine in this harrowing nightmare is Ruby Jane, whose warm smile melts the winter chill An unwitting player in a bizarre chain of events, Peter has no idea that the deranged killer is after him until he takes a shot at Ruby Jane.

    One Reply to “Lost Dog”

    1. A wonderful noir tale. When a kleptomaniac gets caught up in a murder investigation he begins to look like a good suspect. One of the nicest things about this setup is that the protagonist screws up. A lot. He makes dumb decisions that later come back to bite him. Even better: the real killer is developed beautifully. At the beginning he is cast as a loser with a violent streak, but as his menace grows so too does the revelation that he himself is a victim. No one here is wearing a white hat. Th [...]

    2. First I’d just like to point out that I rarely read crime fiction, and I found Lost Dog in a box of free books on the side of the road, so I went in not knowing what to expect, and I come out not really knowing how to critique the book. The best way I can describe this book is like watching an unsatisfying, but not unbearable tv movie. The title, first off, is very mediocre. Other than that, where the novel is good, it’s honestly pretty good, where it’s bad, it’s laughably bad. In my exp [...]

    3. I'll first say that I spent all of my high school and college years reading mystery novels for fun. But when it was time for me to start writing my own books, I read only from the genre I was writing. And sadly for me and my childhood dreams, a mystery writer I AM NOT. After following Bill Cameron on Twitter for a while and learning that his latest book came out this year, I FINALLY ordered his backlist. I have never been so glad I did. All of my mystery love returned the minute I dove into this [...]

    4. At the heart of any Hitchcockian "ordinary man in extraordinary circumstance" thriller, is the moment where our hero is at the wrong place at the wrong time. In the case of LOST DOG, we find our hero looking for a lost stuffed animal in a park.Using coincidence is often at the heart of any thriller. The execution is very delicate and, for the most part, Cameron is successful in making us believe that when two people come together at the most inopportune moment, it is fate. A couple of times it e [...]

    5. Bill Cameron was on an "up and coming author" list I saw so, as is my habit, I went back to the first book in the series.This is a good, non-derivative version of the "the cops think I did it so I have to figure out who did" plot. The main character is charming but unambitious/unemployed who stumbles upon a body. Chaos (and falling in love) ensue. Good use of the Portland, OR location.Several of the chapters are told from the crazy killer's POV. I could have done w/o this as it was cliched and p [...]

    6. I read this book because it is in a genre I like, and because it is a Portland author (my hometown). Seemed like a good first effort. My likes: captured the mood of the town in winter. Dialogue was believable. Characters were distinct. My only real dislike was the antagonist. He was actually drawn up well, but I was simply repulsed by his demeanor (as I was supposed to be). It really boils down to the descriptiveness of the character's behavior. George RR Martin does the same thing, and his book [...]

    7. When Peter McKrall goes out early after Christmas to look for his niece's stuffed dog left in the park, he doesn't find it. Instead he finds the body of a prostitute murdered and left in a large sewer pipe--the kind kids play in--which unleashes a chain of events that makes him the next target of the deranged killer.I read Bill Cameron's fourth book recently and liked it so much I went back to get the others. An interesting crime novel with unique characters and realistic dialogue. I'm definitel [...]

    8. This book is a good example of how an author can make things worse for a character at every turn and keep readers hanging on.It's not a book for every reader. It's gritty and raw, and gets into the mind of the protagonist--a man with a host of issues--and the mentally unbalanced creepy killer.Lots of good description of Portland, Oregon, and I'm looking forward to seeing the detective, Skin Kadash, take a larger role in later books.

    9. My favorite librarian thought I might like this book because it takes place in Portland practically in my daughter's backyard in fact. Sporting a cast of interesting, definitely off-beat characters, this crime mystery fiction, rather noir, definitely caught the flavor of certain neighborhoods. I felt as though I were walking along with Peter McKrall every step of the way. An enjoyable read, an interesting development of the psyche of the murderer over the course of the story.

    10. i know the author so i figured i'd support him and buy this book. i read it quickly and it was just alright. i really hoped it would be better. then again, this was his first effort so i'll probably buy his next and hope for improvement.

    11. I thought the book was amazing because it really inspired me to think harder were my dog was if i had lost my dog.

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