• Title: The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos: Humanity and the New Story
  • Author: Brian Swimme
  • ISBN: 9781570752810
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos Humanity and the New Story Opens up not only the exhilarating truths that science reveals of the birth of the universe but how these truths can transform our lives
    Opens up not only the exhilarating truths that science reveals of the birth of the universe, but how these truths can transform our lives.

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    1. When the Hubble Telescope photos like the one below began hitting the newsstands, I remember thinking, "These are the first true icons of the 21st century." I think mathematical cosmologist and evangelist of wonder and mystery Brian Swimme would agree, and this book, like its predecessor The Universe Is a Green Dragon, sets out to explain just what relevance these new icons, and their theoretical counterparts in relativity and quantum theory, have for our worldviews and ways of being-in-the-worl [...]

    2. I used to stare for as long as I could at a cowboy boot on the cowboy print wallpaper in my room, and repeat the phrase "I'm me, I'm a person" until a tingle ran up my spine. It was the specific physical reaction that I was looking for, not a religious experience. Sometimes it would come and sometimes it wouldn't, but when it would I was able to see myself outside of my body, walking around my house and interacting with my parents and sister.Now I have no idea if this is what Brian Swimme means [...]

    3. If you like philosophical discussions, this is a good read. Its fifteen chapters each have a new concept about how humans relate to the Universe around us.The implication of having a "hidden heart" is religous. The author doesn't promote any dogma, but does lead the reader to contemplate whether there is a hidden heart.

    4. This book is worth reading but Brian Swimme short changes us. The author is a fantastic speaker when interviewed but he held back in this book. He is capable of telling us much more about The Hidden Heart of the cosmos. Brian is a person with a message the world needs to hear. I do not regret reading the book, but he has more to offer.

    5. Swimme has made astrophysics accessible to the non-scientific community. He brings out the inherent beauty heretofore hidden within theories that could only explained mathematically, and so is a translator for the most of us

    6. I read this book during a Religions of the West course. I enjoyed it as it was a short and easy read and a good introduction into Cosmology.

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