• Title: Seer of Sevenwaters
  • Author: Juliet Marillier
  • ISBN: 9780451463852
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Seer of Sevenwaters Prior to making her final pledge as a druid the young seer Sibeal visits the island of Inis Eala where the Sight leads her to Felix a survivor of a Norse shipwreck who has no memory of his past As
    Prior to making her final pledge as a druid, the young seer Sibeal visits the island of Inis Eala, where the Sight leads her to Felix, a survivor of a Norse shipwreck who has no memory of his past As the island s healers struggle to keep Felix alive, he and Sibeal form a natural bond But Sibeal s vocation is her true calling, and she must choose between the two things thPrior to making her final pledge as a druid, the young seer Sibeal visits the island of Inis Eala, where the Sight leads her to Felix, a survivor of a Norse shipwreck who has no memory of his past As the island s healers struggle to keep Felix alive, he and Sibeal form a natural bond But Sibeal s vocation is her true calling, and she must choose between the two things that tug at her soul her spirituality and a chance at love

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    1. Like many others, I am a huge fan of the original Sevenwaters trilogy. I've re-read each of those first three books many times, loving the touching romances, the strong heroines, the atmosphere, the way the whole Sevenwaters family came to life--basically everything. I was even delighted with Heir to Sevenwaters on the first couple of reads, and while nothing else Marillier has written quite stands up to the original Sevenwaters trilogy, I've found several of her other books to be enjoyable and [...]

    2. UPDATED REVIEW: April 14, 2016It's been a little over 5 years since I read Seer, and I have been working my way back through the series. After reading the story again, with time and years to my advantage, I feel looking back that I was too critical of Seer. I said it lacked feeling and adventure. This time around, without the burden of expectation, I throughly loved it. The love story unfolded beautifully and moved deeply. Our heroes were brave and selfless and so unlike their series predecessor [...]

    3. I find it hard to believe I've finished book 5 in this series, and I'll be leaving this big family behind soon (with book 6). I really enjoyed this book. Sibeal is wonderful, so calm and strong, and so sure of herself and her vocation as a Druid, not really imagining that she could be missing out on the pleasures of making her own little family. She's been sent tomInis Eala to contemplate, help out, and really consider the next step of her life.Of course, stuff happens, in the form of a shipwrec [...]

    4. I absolutely love this author and the Sevenwaters books, but this one wasn't quite as strong for me. The plot was mostly Sibeal figuring out whether she wants to be a druid or start a different life with a guy she saved from a mysterious shipwreck. He has amnesia and his own POV in the story, so that was new. The whole mystery behind the shipwreck and the sketchy other survivors wasn't terribly enthralling, though I pretty much just kept reading because I cared about the other characters from pr [...]

    5. Before :Holy fuck there is going to be a fifth one ?! Well obviously there is , but yeah now I am superr crazy happy ! This is one of my very favorite series , I hope it's more like the first two and not the other ones .After:I was in no way disappointed in this , it was beyond amazing !! Sibeal got annoying at times , especially towards the end when she was actually going to give Felix up But it didn't take away from my love of it in any way ! Lmao . It was great seeing all the characters fro [...]

    6. I begin to believe that Daughter of the Forest is the only book in the Sevenwaters series above the average and thus the only one worth reading. Full review to come.-----Other Sevenwaters books: 1. Daughter of the Forest2. Son of the Shadows 3. Child of the Prophecy 4. Heir to Sevenwaters6. Flame of Sevenwaters RTC

    7. 3,5/5Más o menos similares impresiones al cuarto libro de la saga, como siempre disfruto un montón de estos libros, especialmente de la ambientación y la atmósfera tan genial, pero esta segunda trilogía le da una importancia exagerada al romance que me carga un poco.Aún así es una pequeña pega que no impide que siga disfrutando de las historias de la señora Marillier ampliamente

    8. Have I outgrown Marillier? Have I become tired of each Sevenwaters female relation finding the love of her life at sixteen? Or has Marillier lost her story-telling ability? She is certainly churning out books much faster than she has in the past, which doesn't bode well, and I think her recent books suffer from a lack of time and effort put into their plots. The original Sevenwaters books, whilst, yes, love stories at their core, still had plenty of subplots, danger, misfortune and magic to make [...]

    9. Quiet, intuitive Sibeal has always known she was destined to become a druid. Just when she is on the verge of completing her training, however, her mentor Ciaran bids her spend a summer on Inis Eala, where two of her sisters live and where her cousin Johnny runs a warriors’ school. When a Viking ship is wrecked on Inis Eala’s shores, the resulting events change Sibeal’s life and the lives of everyone on Inis Eala.There are three survivors of the wreck of Freyja: Knut, a sturdy Norseman who [...]

    10. This is the first Juliet Marillier book that I have given less than 5 stars. It was still fantastic like all her others - great characters, action packed with the beautiful setting of Celtic lore (and this one included Norse mythology as well). The only reason it lost a star was because I found the pacing in this one a little slow for the first two thirds of the book. It’s also the first time I wasn’t 100% invested in the romance. It was still an amazing story and I look forward to reading t [...]

    11. **english review**And Marillier does it again. Writes to sweep her readers off their feet, and crave for more. (Moooore. Moooooore.) Seer was a lovely comeback to Sevenwaters, or shall I say, to its characters, because this time the Sevenwaters forest will be present only in Sibeal’s thoughts and tales to help Felix get better. Does the story loses its magic because of it? Not at all. It is my deepest belief Juliet could send any of these characters to the most exotic places and the Sevenwater [...]

    12. I literally just screamed in delight. It being 2:30, my parents are less then amused. I can't help it though. Her books are amazing; I will never tire of them. But December! How can I stand it!------Looking back on this comment makes me wish I could go back and just forever fantasize about this book. After reading it, I was left a bit stunned. It wasn't that this book was bad. just wasn't what I expected from the author of Daughter of the Forest and Wildwood Dancing. The series was intended to b [...]

    13. Seer of Sevenwaters is a novel that seems deceptively easy to love on the outside, but the novel that lies within the pages of the cover and its synopsis is harder to form an attachment to. Now, that isn't to say that this story isn't beautiful and gripping, as every Sevenwaters tale is, for it is. And yet, at the same time, despite its sea monsters and memory loss, despite its strangers and sea tides, Seer of Sevenwaters leaves something to be desired in the wake of its predecessors, each more [...]

    14. “You thought you’d never give up your vocation, a voice whispered inside me. You thought you’d never even consider it. But you’ve met the one man who could change your mind. He is your perfect complement. He is Cathal to your Clodagh; he is Bran to your Liadan. No wonder you conjured up those images. No wonder they make you weep.”

    15. Wow I don't even know where to begin with this one First of all I'm really sorry to have rate a Marillier book a 1 star. I didn't think it was possible but Seer definitely changed my mind on this so much so I'm not looking forward to the last Sevenwaters book and instead am more excited for her other series Shadowfell.First of all the premise Seer of Sevenwaters isn't exactly very interesting. I know Marillier has a tendency to start her books very slow but seriously the quest that Felix and her [...]

    16. Having been a fan of Juliet Marillier for many years, and absolutely loving the Sevenwaters books, I wasn't as excited about this one as I have been in the past. The ending was a little pat and predictable; there wasn't that sense of danger and desperation throughout the book that makes a triumphant ending all the more of a relief; this read more like a romance, minus the sex, than anything. The characters this book centered around were bland. Even their situations weren't that interesting. None [...]

    17. (review in english below)Mais uma aventura muito bem contada, cheia de pequenas espreitadelas ao que poderá acontecer mais para a frente, à conta da personagem principal ser uma vidente, e que, longe de funcionarem como "spoilers", criam um sentimento de antecipação que só nos faz querer não parar de ler até ao fim. A autora é realmente muito boa a transmitir sensações e sentimentos e a transportar-nos para os mundos que cria. Parece que o próximo já está quase aí Another well craf [...]

    18. Custou-me um pouco a entrar na história pois já tinha lido os livros anteriores a algum tempo mas depois de o conseguir fazer, mais uma vez me rendi a escrita desta autora. Os mundos que ela crias e os respectivos personagens são fabulosos e damos por nós a querer que tudo corra bem. Uma boa leitura, sem duvida

    19. Seer of Sevenwaters did not capture me as the previous Sevenwaters books did. I didn't feel swept away; caught up in the story. There was no overwhelming emotion. My heart did not pound of excitement or fear. I found that Sibeal reminded me of previous characters, with bits and pieces of traits taken from others. The plot was fine, however I did not find myself drawn to the book. I also felt that the romance between Felix and Sibeal a bit lack luster. It was unbelievable how quickly Felix fell i [...]

    20. Afinal são 3,5 estrelas! Inicialmente ponderei dar 4 estrelas porque, tal como aconteceu com os restantes livros da autora, tenho sempre vontade de ler mais um bocadinho, mesmo quando a história avança mais lentamente do que eu gostaria. Uma dessas partes é aquilo que se relaciona com a recuperação de Felix. Dei por mim a desejar que o homem recuperasse de vez, para a história desenvolver e se tornar mais emocionanteDois pontos surpreendentes e positivos deste livro: o facto de ser escrit [...]

    21. Another wonderful historical fantasy from one of my all-time favourite writers. I was a little disappointed – given the title - that the book wasn’t actually set at Sevenwaters (the location of many of Juliet’s books), but it was lovely to meet some old friends and the story had me guessing almost to the very end. And the love story was quite beautiful.

    22. I love these books so very much. The lore, myth, and magic feels so beautiful and real. I was a bit iffy with the switching points of view, since I've come to associate these books with strong female voices, but it didn't take away from the story. Can't wait to read the last one!

    23. If there's even a chance Ms. Marillier reads her reviews, I pray she doesn't read this one. What's below is my honest opinion, but I don't know how constructive it is, and I do actually feel concern that in this particular case, it would hurt the author.As with the previous four, I had read this one before. Perhaps it's not fair to judge this work in my previous state of mind, having read the last four in the past two weeks, just as it wasn't fair to judge it the first time I read it, when it i [...]

    24. Seer of Sevenwaters is the new instalment of the the once-trilogy-and-now-series of Sevenwaters. Even if I feel that nothing really compares to the first books on the series (which were the start of my love for Juliet Marillier's books), this book managed to surprise me in how much I loved it!And now for a disclaimer: I love the books of Juliet Marillier, and in my eyes she can never do wrong. I read her books knowing that I'll love them. This one was no different.Seer of Sevenwaters is the stor [...]

    25. After reading several of the earlier books in the Sevenwaters series, I had high expectations of this book. I was left disappointed throughout most of the book. It started slow and it seemed like nothing interesting happened until a little over halfway through the story, and even then it barely held my attention.My main problem other than the very slow pace was Sibeal's character. She was supposed to be a druid, months away from taking vows, but I couldn't believe it of her. For someone who was [...]

    26. I think I must be one of those devoted fans who cannot countenance anything less than perfect of the source of fandom. I lose any ability to think critically - I've come to the conclusion that it's because I'm at home with certain series, and when we're at home we accept everything, warts and all, and simply don't bother to notice faults.I say this because quite a number of readers of this book found themselves disappointed (not all, by any means). But not me. I found this as gripping and beauti [...]

    27. I didn't realize when I first picked up this book that it was part of a series. Nevertheless, I did not find it difficult to pick up on the characters and the thread of the storyline. It is likely that if I had read the books in order, I may have had a little bit more insight into the characters and their background (especially Sibeal's intense devotion to her druidic calling), but I enjoyed this book immensely even without that background.It is a beautifully-written, lyrical fantasy book that f [...]

    28. As much as I enjoyed revisiting the Sevenwaters' family and the adventures in the book, I found myself constantly rolling my eyes whenever Sibeal's family talks to her. I get it- this series centers around romance and familial relationships. But I was disappointed by the way Sibeal's family seems to think she can't possibly be happy unless she gets married and has children. Her sisters drop condescending little comments like "oh, you could never understand what love is ~really~ like" or "how cou [...]

    29. For someone who has loved all of the previous books (apart from 3), this one has been extremely disappointing.

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