• Title: Abyss
  • Author: David Hagberg
  • ISBN: 9780765324108
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Abyss It s a pleasant summer afternoon in the Gulf Stream twenty five miles off Hutchinson Island on Florida s east coast NOAA scientist Dr Eve Larsen is about to prove she has the answers to global warmin
    It s a pleasant summer afternoon in the Gulf Stream, twenty five miles off Hutchinson Island on Florida s east coast NOAA scientist Dr Eve Larsen is about to prove she has the answers to global warming, and the solution to stopping killer storms across the planet She is a part of a multi trillion dollar, multinational project to farm clean, endless energy from the oceanIt s a pleasant summer afternoon in the Gulf Stream, twenty five miles off Hutchinson Island on Florida s east coast NOAA scientist Dr Eve Larsen is about to prove she has the answers to global warming, and the solution to stopping killer storms across the planet She is a part of a multi trillion dollar, multinational project to farm clean, endless energy from the oceans currents and alter the planet s weather for the better.At that moment, contract killer Brian DeCamp walks into the Hutchinson Island Nuclear Power Station, aiming to cause a meltdown so catastrophic it ll make Chernobyl seem like nothing Security cam footage leads to an intervention by legendary former CIA director Kirk McGarvey, who manages to thwart the catastrophebut the failed sabotage sets off a chain of events terrifying than McGarvey could ever have imagined With Big Oil ruthlessly hunting for profit after the BP disaster in the Gulf, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

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    1. Longer than his usual high octane, Kirk McGarvey thrillers, Book #15 centers on a new green energy project by Dr. Eve Larsen that will use the warm current of the Gulfstream to generate energy and entrenched opponents with deep pockets or agendas out to stop her. Following an attack on a nuclear power plant, McGarvey is turned loose to stop the rogue force or forces, and is joined by the power plant's security director, who is trying to make amends for her failure to prevent the attack. You will [...]

    2. If you can abide sentences like this: “Yesterday they’d been slowly cruising east to Athens to pick up a few people she’d considered inviting aboard because she’d started out with just her crew and two bodyguards and she’d thought that some of her depression might be plain loneliness, but she’d been spooked for no good reason she could think of, and she’d ordered the captain to turn south toward the African coast where the weather might be a little warmer.” p.286 (Hardback)Go for [...]

    3. David Hagberg (Hackberg) is the literary equivalent of Kristin Hannah's and Dan Brown's lovechild: a writer for the masses with unrealistic plot lines and zero talent. I could not finish this book because I'm not a third-grade boy; I have a bit higher a standard when it comes to reading and I prefer reading books written for my level, not that of an eight-year old.The painful prose turned my stomach. Has this author ever heard of "show, don't tell?" I'm not certain he's even taken a writing cour [...]

    4. I'd probably give this 2.5 stars if that were an option. This is a decent enough thriller about a plot (funded by Big Oil, of course) to prevent an alternative energy experiment from succeeding. Dr. Eve Larsen has come up with a method that might allow for using ocean currents to generate huge amounts of clean energy; all she needs is an oil rig in the middle of the Gulf to test her theory (she gets one, of course, from Big Oil, just one of many plot stretches). A multi-billionaire in bed with t [...]

    5. This is a good solid contemporary thriller about what is happening right now in the energy field - the power players, and would-be brokers, and what is at stake. Dr. Eve Larson has developed a project, for which she is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize that will use the gulf stream, through giant impellers, and harness it's energy and pump it back to the mainland through cables, to serve the eastern seaboard. She believes that when the research is complete, she will be able to change some of the vio [...]

    6. In addition to the Abyss' main character, former CIA director Kirk McGarvey, David Hagberg created strong female characters. Eve Larsen is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist who is working on solving the world's energy solution by using the Gulf Stream currents. Gail Newby is the head of security at the Hutchinson Island nuclear power plant when contract-killer Brian DeCamp tries to destroy the facility. I found it annoying and perhaps a little cliche that Hagberg has the two women vying for [...]

    7. Abyss is a longer and just a bit more complicated or involved than all previous Hagberg thrillers; BUT, it is still an engrossing, thrilling read! And, Kirk McGarvey doesn't enter the picture until page 83!This is the story of a brilliant female scientist who is trying to get funding for a project that will provide energy for the entire eastern US, thus ending dependency on fossil fuels. Obviously, she faces opposition from countries and people who are dependent on oil for their income. Prominen [...]

    8. This is one of those books that I just happened to grab because it was on the new book shelf at the library; I wasn't expecting the story I read!This book is about espionage, terrorists and big oil money versus renewable energy; now doesn't that sound a bit boring? Well, it's definately not a boring book!It begins with a project aboard a ship in the gulf of Mexico to produce power using he gulf current. "The damn thing works!" becomes the teams mantra, even though sabotage kills one of the deck [...]

    9. If this was the first McGarvey novel I read, I probably wouldn't have finished or if I did finish, I certainly wouldn't be reading more of his books. This is not my first McGavery novel, so even though I thought it was below Hagberg's normal standards I wouldn't say I hated it. I found the last 100 pages fast paced and very interesting. It is just too bad the first 400 pages dragged on and on. Also the "traitor" was way to obvious, and didn't leave much to the imagination. I would recommend read [...]

    10. Hagberg's hero, Kirk McGarvey, is too late to stop a terrorist from sabotaging the Hutchinson Island Nuclear Power Station, and while a true meltdown doesn't occur, this sets the plot rolling. Kirk rescues Dr. Eve Larsen from the power station, just after she's presented her theory as to what might combat global warming and provide a source of power for the eastern seaboard of the United States. There's a lot of exposition in this novel, maybe a little too much for an action-adventure novel. Kir [...]

    11. I should've known just from the cover and flyleaf that this particular bit if genre fiction was going to be a train wreck. And yet, like a train wreck, once I started I couldn't look away. Ridiculous plot premise, unbelievable protagonist (former CIA director turned bodyguard?!?), uninspired prose and underdeveloped characters fill the 400+ pages of this tome. The author seems contractually obligated to describe each female character in terms of breast size, but mishandles the interpersonal scen [...]

    12. What happens when big oil is threatened by a new alternative energy source? Find out in this slow starting thriller. Dr. Eve Larson is testing her new energy source - the Gulf Stream - when a cable snaps and kills a crew member. Eve suspects sabatoge, but can't prove it. Soon after, Even is seekign support when the nuclear plant she is visiting is sabatoged. Who is trying to stop Eve and how far will they go? The pace picks up after the numerous characters, some of whom never surface again, are [...]

    13. I got this book from First Reads!I really did not like this book because it was really boring.This book is the 15th one in the Kirk McGravey series. It is about how a guy walks into the Hutchinson Island Nuclear Power Station to cause a meltdown that he hopes is even bigger than Chernobly. But former CIA directer Kirk McGravey sees this on security footage and stops the attack.After he stops this a whole bunch of other things start to happen that are more terrifying than anything thet Kirk can [...]

    14. Actually, a pretty good read. A little over the top on the "oil" thing though and once again, the bad guys always seem to be the ones with religion LOL seems to be a common theme nowadays. Unfortunately, I read this book to try out the author, not realizing that this is the 10th or 11th book in the series no I need to start all the way back at the beginning to fill in all the gaps but I already know a bunch of spoilers that will probably be "surprises" in the earlier books oh well I'm stil [...]

    15. I received this as an advanced reader copy, and it took me a long time to read the book.I liked the concept of the story, a new science to create energy that might also positively impact the environment, and that big oil might take drastic steps to make sure that it never happened. For some reason, however, I didn't find the characters compelling enough to keep me engrossed in the story until the real action started. I would put the book down and then pick it up again between other books. I'm no [...]

    16. Loved this McGarvey book, they seem to get better and better The style to this one took the focus off of Kirk and let some of the other characters shine Very well written, I am definitely a Hagberg fan, keep up the great writing My advice to any new Hagberg readers would be to start the series from the beginning so everything makes sense The Kirk McGarvey series is truly a guilty pleasure you should not miss.

    17. I believe that this is book 15 in the Kirk McGarvey series and they just keepgetting better. This time Kirk a former CIA director comes to the rescue ofDr Eve Larsen who believes she has the answer to global warming. Naturally the bigoil cartels and some religious groups don't like this especially when she wins a nobel piece prize. From here on you'll probably want to stay up and finish this.I rated this book at a 5 only because that's as high as they go.

    18. Picked this book up at random from the library. It's well into an ongoing series. Didn't like this as much as Vince Flynn and some others. Many of the characters were flat, one-dimensional. I knew who the "insider" was from early on, no surprise. I may give the first book in the series a tryybe.

    19. The book just barely made it across the 3 line. I hadn't read any of Hagbergs stuff since The Capsule and well, it might be another 20 years before I read another. It was largely ho hum. The story was ok, but the drama was mostly pretty dumb, the bad guys incompetent, the good guys too Superman, blah blah

    20. I won the book on firstreads! I am so glad to win it. Thank you!One good thriller! A little too long though. Some things could have been cut from the story. Then again I was reading the advance proof readers copy.I like a happy ending. I like that most of the bad guys get killed and some of them by other bad guy. I want to read more McGarvey novels. He is one cool character.

    21. Definitely a book designed with a lot of twists and turns - a page turner you will want to keep reading - there is no really good spot to stop reading - LOL - so when the summer is calling you to chill at the beach - bring this along and enjoy your read - it is worth it!

    22. I don't know why but I just couldn't really get into this. Maybe because many books came before it in the series and I haven't read them. The main character is Reacher-esque, but just not as interesting.

    23. Without a doubt one of my most favorite authors, and not just because he returns emails! Start at the beginning of the Kirk McGarvey series and follow the exploits of the former CIA assassin. When I start a Hagberg book, I find my self totally lost in his world of treason and intrigue.

    24. I was a bit disappointed in this book. Most of Hagberg's books that I have read have been quite good but, this one seemed to drag in places. The action sequences moved along well but, in between those sequences, I thought the storyline was slow and ponderous.

    25. Started this right before I got American Sniper and took a break and now I'm back into this one, seems pretty interesting so far.just finished this last night and it was kind of slow and difficult to read.

    26. An excellent intelligent thriller that is sure to cause insomnia as you're not able to put this one down. Definitely an edge of your seat story that you won't want to put down.

    27. I had trouble getting through the middle of the book as the storyline seemed slow for me but I did enjoy it overall.

    28. Abyss is a thriller set right in the current oil money and green energy conflict. At times the plot bogged down, but the ending came together nicely for an action finish.

    29. Solid thriller. Not as much action as a Vince Flynn novel, but a lot more thought behind the story.

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