• Title: Tonight I Said Goodbye
  • Author: Michael Koryta
  • ISBN: 9780312332457
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tonight I Said Goodbye A remarkable debut mystery from the award winning author of the St Martin s Press Private Eye Writers of America Prize for Best First Private Eye Novel Michael Koryta s Tonight I Said Goodbye mar
    A remarkable debut mystery from the award winning author of the 2003 St Martin s Press Private Eye Writers of America Prize for Best First Private Eye Novel.Michael Koryta s Tonight I Said Goodbye marks the emergence of a stunning new voice in crime fiction With its edge of your seat pacing, finely drawn characters, and rock solid prose, Tonight I Said Goodbye would seemA remarkable debut mystery from the award winning author of the 2003 St Martin s Press Private Eye Writers of America Prize for Best First Private Eye Novel.Michael Koryta s Tonight I Said Goodbye marks the emergence of a stunning new voice in crime fiction With its edge of your seat pacing, finely drawn characters, and rock solid prose, Tonight I Said Goodbye would seem to be the work of a grizzled pro the fact that the author is just twenty one years old makes it all the amazing.Investigator Wayne Weston is found dead of an apparent suicide in his home in an upscale Cleveland suburb, and his wife and six year old daughter are missing Weston s father insists that private investigators Lincoln Perry and Joe Pritchard take the case to exonerate his son and find his granddaughter and daughter in law As they begin to work they discover there is much to the situation than has been described in the prevalent media reports There are rumors of gambling debts and extortion, and a group of Russians with ties to organized crime who don t appreciate being investigated a point they make clear with baseball bats With some assistance from newspaper reporter Amy Ambrose, Perry and Pritchard believe they are making swift progress But then they are warned off the investigation by a millionaire real estate tycoon and the FBI Just when they feel they are closing in on a possible source of answers, another murder forces them to change direction in the case Perry travels to a resort town in South Carolina and there he finds than one game being played, and all of them are deadly The stakes quickly become very personal for Perry, and it s clear that there will be no walking away from this case.In a debut that has already garnered praise from some of today s top writers, Michael Koryta immediately establishes himself as a standard bearer for the next generation of crime writers Tonight I Said Goodbye is a 2005 Edgar Award Nominee for Best First Novel.

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    1. This who done it was paced very well which helped me to get to know the main characters personalities as the mystery unfolded. What started out as one investigation ended up turning into many different ones that kept our investigators twisting and turning. There was a little bit of everything: the mob, police corruption, murder, a damsel in distress and a child that pulls on the heart strings. Perry and Pritchard, the main detectives make a good pairing and the narration was done just right for [...]

    2. I enjoyed reading this library book. The author wrote it when he was only 20 years old. It won the PWA(Private Eye Writers) award for a debut novel. The book opens with Lincoln Perry, 1/2 of a private investigation company having a conversation with John Weston. John wants to hire them to find out what happened to his son, Wayne, dead from an apparent suicide. He was found dead in a wealthy Cleveland, Ohio suburb. His daughter in law and granddaughter have disappeared. He wants answers and gives [...]

    3. Enjoyed this suspenseful novel immensely and may have discovered a 'new' author to read. The narrator Scott Brick was perfect.

    4. TONIGHT I SAID GOODBYE (Private Investigators-US-Cont) – ExKoryta, Michael – 1st in seriesThomas Dunne Books, 2004 – HardcoverPrivate investigators Lincoln Perry and Joe Pritchard have been hired by John Weston to provide that his son, also a private investigator, did not commit suicide and to locate his missing daughter-in-law and granddaughter. With the help of journalist Amy Ambrose, the case involves them with one of the city's wealthiest citizens, the FBI and the Russian mafia.*** Mic [...]

    5. Wow, I'm tempted to give this book five stars. It is an exciting suspenseful book with interesting characters. P.I.s Lincoln Perry and Joe Prichard, a former Cleveland police detectives are hired to investigate the apparent suicide of a fellow P.I Wayne Weston, and his missing wife and ten-year-old daughter. In course they encounter Russian mafia and close calls. The story is told by Perry, and I like his light, humorous dialogue. What is amazing is that Koryta wrote the book when he was only tw [...]

    6. This was a new author for me and pleased I chose him. I really enjoyed this from the beginning. It was a good easy enough read, the main characters were favourable and it was a decent story (some things I did guess however).

    7. I know this is the author's first book. That's why I gave it 2 stars - because There is potential for improvement. A couple of minor irritants: Glocks don't have safeties that are engaged or released; and, those devices that hold bullets are called "magazines", not "clips". Major complaint: some of the ludicrous, laughable, unbelievable plot lines. For example, one of the detectives is sitting in a hotel hot tub, and the woman he's been searching for *just happens* to get in the hot tub with him [...]

    8. Another enjoyable crime thriller from Koryta, this one the first in the Lincoln Perry series. Well-written with interesting characters, including the two lead PI's, and funny when it needs to be. The story moves along at a brisk pace and, while the relevations aren't exactly shocking, they are satisfying and fit within the story. If you like crime noir, you will likely enjoy this book. Highly recommended.

    9. Two-haiku review:Private detectivesMan dead, wife, daughter missingRussian mob involvedExciting thrillerGood characters, twist at endLiked it quite a bit

    10. An enjoyable start to a new (for me) series. I like the characters, the writing style and a good, multi-layered plot. I'll definitely seek out more of Koryta's works.

    11. Well-written, engaging debut novel. I wasn't sure which characters to trust until very nearly the end of the book.

    12. I think that I read somewhere that Michael Koryta wrote "Tonight I Said Goodbye" when he was 21 years old. I am twice that age and still could not write anything as good as this novel. So, that being said, this is a book that shows an author at a very stage of his life, blessed with enormous talent that I am sure is paying off now, a few books down the road. I am reading Koryta's books in order.The writing in this first novel is a bit clunky. It is hard to describe accurately, but the characters [...]

    13. Unfortunately even Scott Brick's excellent narration could not salvage this badly plotted mess. There were so many holes in the plot I gave up trying to solve the mystery and basically spent the second half of the book trying to guess what stupid thing the protagonist would do next.There's a good long list of bad choices and even worse plotting. Here are a few: (view spoiler)[1. Talk about how you don't trust someone but at the same time, let him in on your secret plans.2. Figure out that the FB [...]

    14. Tiene de todo: un detective cínico y su compañero, humor negro, chicos malos (la mafia rusa), hombres poderosos y malos, agentes de policía de dudosa credibilidad, una mujer bonita en problemas y peligrosa, una periodista (también bonita) y leal a sus amigos, un romance y un misterio que va encerrando varios misterios más.A parte, ¿cómo negarme a leer un libro cuyo primer párrafo es: “La última vez que John Weston vio a su hijo con vida fue una helada tarde de la primera semana de mar [...]

    15. It was an exceptionally well written and fast paced book which I enjoyed thoroughly. Michael Koryta has easily climbed up the charts of the authors I genuinely like even though I'm yet to read his other novels. There were enough twists and turns to keep me from putting it down. The characters were interesting, I instantly liked Joe. I kept trying to guess what was going to happen next but the book proved me wrong everytime. Highly unpredictable! And there was lot of action for the action junkies [...]

    16. This was a suspenseful book that had everything in it from the mob, murder, money, love triangles, to new relationships. From the time PI Perry met Julie Weston I had a suspicion she was not as she portrayed herself. I fell in Love with her daughter Betsy, as she reminded me of my sweet and smart granddaughter. I also admired the grandfather, who started the ball rolling trying to find out the whereabouts of his granddaughter and her mother, and also the truth about his son's death. I look forwa [...]

    17. An excellent debut novel from a Cleveland native, Michael Koryta's "Tonight I Said Goodbye" is the first in a series of detective novels starring his private eye partners Perry and Pritchard. This one deals with the murder of a private eye, the disappearance of the victim's wife and daughter, and the Russian mob in Cleveland. It's a suspenseful read with some pretty good plot twists throughout. Recommended for fans of Les Roberts (another mystery writer who uses Cleveland as a setting), Harlan C [...]

    18. Cleveland private-eyes Lincoln Perry and Joe Pritchard are hired to investigate the supposed suicide of Wayne Weston and the disappearance of Wayne's wife and young daughter, but when the Russian mob gets involved, the investigation takes a deadly turn. An excellent debut crime novel. Fast-paced and suspenseful, with snappy dialog. Set in Cleveland, Ohio with true-to-life city details. Expect great things to come from 21-year-old author Koryta. Highly recommend.

    19. Were to begin. I would assume since the author is a private investigator he would actually have some knowledge about guns. Obviously this is not the case. Glocks do not have safetys and hand guns do not have clips they have magazines. That being said I didn't find the story believable, enjoyable or any other ables. I finished it because I didn't want to be behind in my book reading challenge, but what a waste of time. I will not be reading anything else by this author.

    20. I liked this book a lot. What is amazing is that the author was only 20 when he wrote this. I did find the last few chapters a little predictable, but having read so many mysteries, it is hard to find many true originals. I now plan to read his next novel (Sorrow's Anthem - Thanks Jen!) .

    21. Perry y Joe son un par de detectives privados de Cleveland que aceptan investigar si un Investigador en realidad mato a su esposa e hija apra despues suicidarse. Todo parece ser asi, pero el padre del fallecido jura y rejura que no, asi que los contrata para que le cuenten la verdad y por el camino los detectives se verán las caras con mafiosos rusos,FBI, hombres de negocios poderosos, abogados corruptos, policías que no quieren que metan sus narices en nuestro caso¨, una sexy reportera, una [...]

    22. I loved the characters, the surprise twists, the smart-ass comments at the right moments to break the tension, and the backstory that was dripped in by drops to add depth without boring info dumps The romantic tension was a nice subplot, and finally a male cop/PI, with integrity enough not to take advantage of the damsel in distress. I look forward to reading more in this series!

    23. I like this author's writing very much. It has good pace, likeable characters, lots of action and plot twists, and a satisfying conclusion. This was his first novel - which was award-winning - and I've read several of his later books. His murder mystery/ police procedurals are reliable and entertaining.

    24. I can't believe I hadn't seen this author before. The story was terrific. I loved the characters and can't wait to listen to more to see how they grow.And, of course, Scott Brick turned in yet another terrific performance.

    25. 3 1/2 stars. Solid debut novel by the author of "Those Who Wish Me Dead." I enjoyed the humor in this book, and the plot twists were great! Highly recommended for Mystery/Crime fiction fans. I'll be looking for more by this author!Content- Violence throughout, very little language and sensuality.

    26. This is a debut novel (published in 2004) and features a two private investigators based in Cleveland. They are hired to investigate the apparent suicide of another private investigator. This is a well-written mystery. As a Clevelander, the setting in Cleveland was also enjoyable.

    27. Wow. Great story. Awesome, really well done. First came across Mr. Koryta in the "Match-Up" anthology when it turned out to be one of my top three favorite stories in it. Can't wait to read the rest of the series. LP & Joe are awesome characters. Thank you.

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