• Title: The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon
  • Author: Mini Grey
  • ISBN: 9780375836916
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon Mini Grey s spin on the nursery rhyme classic Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle is a love story of sorts that starts when the dish ran away with the spoon In the midst of the Great Depression
    Mini Grey s spin on the nursery rhyme classic Hey diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle is a love story of sorts that starts when the dish ran away with the spoon In the midst of the Great Depression, Dish and Spoon become rich and famous vaudeville stars until their taste for the high life puts them in debt to a gang of sharp and shady characters depicted as evil kMini Grey s spin on the nursery rhyme classic Hey diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle is a love story of sorts that starts when the dish ran away with the spoon In the midst of the Great Depression, Dish and Spoon become rich and famous vaudeville stars until their taste for the high life puts them in debt to a gang of sharp and shady characters depicted as evil knives The cinematic presentation with a touch of Bonnie and Clyde, a dash of The Perils of Pauline proves that crime doesn t pay and love conquers all A visual treat with new details to discover again and again, here is absurd good fun for the whole family.

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    1. This book is an extension of the rhyme in which the dish ran away with the spoon. In this story, the dish and the spoon run away to be performers, but end up having a hard life that involves 25 years in prison! Personally, I hated this story and would never choose to read it to students.

    2. A fun take on how money and material belongings mean absolutely nothing if you lose friendship and love. It's a moral story that greed leads to misery and loneliness. Beautiful, detailed, colourful cartoons which appeal to children. Set in 1920s America and replicates a Bonnie and Clyde type of story with the Dish and the Spoon as the main characters in a gangster style epic.

    3. We have read several of Mini Grey's books and we really like them. The interesting stories and nicely detailed illustrations are a bit hit with our girls. They are big fans of her Traction Man series and we also really enjoyed the book The Very Smart Pea and the Princess-to-be.This story is a heartbreaking tale of fortune and fame that turns into crime and despair. It's a story of sudden wealth leading to excess and wanton consumption and then to a sharp financial downfall. It's a creative twist [...]

    4. This book is a brilliant read! Came across it for the first time in my placement as my year 4 class were reading this as part of their English lesson. It is about a Dish and a Spoon that go on an adventure to New York and live the high life for a while until they get themselves in a bit of a bother. The children loved this book. It has less text but very detailed illustrations, which the children loved and managed to pick out the smallest details to understand what was happening in the story. Th [...]

    5. I thought this was a lovely picture book. I thought it was different to other picture books that I have read as it shows the main characters being bad. The illustrations were really good and had some really good hidden pictures in, such as the picture of the roulette table on the page where they lost all their money and the Mona Lisa. I think the illustrations could spark great conversations and discussions with children of all ages as there is so much there to talk about. History could also be [...]

    6. Amazing illustrations in this book which children would love to spend time looking at. Possibly a book which could be used for group reading at the end of the day. A book for enjoyment rather than a book which can be used for lesson purposes.

    7. Quirky story, great illustrations. A play on nursery rhymes. I love the dish and the spoon leaving the White Cliffs and arriving in New York.

    8. SS5H5 The student will explain how the Great Depression and New Deal affected the lives of millions of Americans.Initially, I read this particular book because I thought it was connected to the Great Depression. My little boy who is three loved the rhymes and pictures. The only real significance this book has to the Great Depression is that it was written during those poor economic times. I then had a "eureka" moment. This book does capture and has a beautiful twist that could be used in a 5th g [...]

    9. I didn't know where we were going and I didn't care. I knew the Dish would take us there. What ever happened when Dish ran away with Spoon? Sailing on the ship of adventure, Dish and Spoon find themselves in midst of the Great Depression era. They glide away together along the sea, became rich and famous, but spent it all on gambling and expensive items. Without money, they’re forced to borrow money from “a gang of sharp and shady characters.” To repay their loans, they rob a bank and wind [...]

    10. Loved this book. This was one of the main texts for Year 2's literacy. It tells the tale of the Dish and Spoon (two characters from the nursary rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle). The children really enjoyed reading about their adventures - how they became famous and then spent all their money leading them to borrow money from some shady characters (Knives and Forks). Unable to repay the Knives and Forks, the Dish and Spoon decide to rob a bank. The Dish is caught and sent to prison while the Spoon is de [...]

    11. This isn't my favorite retelling of the nursery rhyme Dish and Spoon have gotten into troubleey were vaudeville starsbut then they got into financial trouble and robbed a bank. I am sure that many people will find it quite humorous, but neither the story nor the illustrations enthralled me.

    12. Again, a brilliant piece of fiction from Mini Grey. This on plays on the rhyme "Hey Diddle, Diddle", specifically the dish and the spoon. It is a funny, whimsical look at what happened after the dish and spoon ran away. Children will love the illustrations, but adults will also love the story.

    13. Used to be Ellie's favorite book to checkout at the Library. She said this used to be 5 stars for her but now it is 4 stars.

    14. ‘The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon’ is a text told through the perspective of the spoon. Within the story, the spoon tells the reader about the shared adventures it experiences with the dish. In the story the words and pictures work together though a tense narrative build up between the two. For example, the spoon tells the dish “just march into the bank and it’ll be over in no time” whilst the pictures illustrate an unsure looking dish standing next to the spoon and the consequ [...]

    15. The book is aimed at children in Key Stage 1. It is a picture book about the Dish and the Spoon from the nursery rhyme. On the blurb is a black and white newspaper style wanted poster for the alternative life of the Dish and the Spoon after they've 'run away'. The story line relies on the information the children will already have know from the nursery rhyme, it begins with a recap of the characters running away together. The text is written on on a slant to create the idea of movement. The lang [...]

    16. The well-known nursery rhyme 'Hey Diddle Diddle' ends with 'and the dish run away with the spoon', and as a small child you might wonder what happens to the Dish and the Spoon after that? Well, the answer to the question lies in this book. It describes adventures the mentioned characters embrace and what happens if you rob the bank! Despite the exciting scenes and illustrations, the language comes across as very unexciting and rather dull. It is also not your best pick if you want to teach child [...]

    17. The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon is a fun story with lots of twists and turns. There is lots to look at in the bright and engaging illustrations, and at times the positioning of the text and the font changes to add to the effect of what is happening in the story. The reader can infer a lot from the detail in the illustrations, to the extent that the illustrations could tell a story of their own without the text - an interesting challenge would be to ask children to write their own story [...]

    18. I didn't enjoy this book very much and I didn't think it sent out a good message to children reading the book. I can see the appeal for children with a very modern illustrations for a picture book however, with crime taking place and it all going wrong resulting with the dish and spoon being sent to jail. I failed to understand why they decided to repeat their actions when the dish and the spoon found each other again. Personally I believe everyone should learn from mistakes not repeat them, whi [...]

    19. A knowledge of the nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle" is needed to see that this story is what happened when the dish ran away with the spoon. The pictures add so much more to the story and contain lots of little details which increase the appreciation of the storyline and aspects of the nursery rhyme.

    20. Okay. While this book has great illustrations that pretty much tell the story and simple language for a read aloud. Once you turn the page it gets a little scary. You see darker coloring with knives and bandits. This book probably needs to be reviewed before you sit down a plop it open the first time in front of a sensitive child.

    21. Quite a funny tale with a compelling plot based on recognisable characters that children can relate to. What's going to happen to the dish and the spoon?! Lovely ending, with encouraging message about never giving up hope.

    22. A really good story about old friends, the dish and the spoon, about how they get into trouble and end up in jail separated, their friendship is reunited in an old shop and off they go again to get up to their old tricks!

    23. I love the illustrations in this book. They are fun, bright and tell a story complimenting the text. Great to use in the Primary classroom and a good tool for discussion.

    24. This book gives children an insight into the adventure that happened between the dish and the spoon once they had ran away; as stated in the nursery rhyme ''hey diddle diddle'.

    25. whacky fantasy - needs lots of gaps filling in. more for starting a broader discussion than just reading as its an imagination catalyst for adventurous ideas. years 2-4.

    26. A brilliant follow on from the classic nursery rhyme, great animations. It also highlights the pitfalls of money, fame and greed.

    27. The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon, written by Mini grey, is a spin off on from the nursery rhyme 'Hey fiddle fiddle'. It is about the journey of the Dish and the Spoon after they run away from each other. Dish and Spoon become rich and famous vaudeville stars until their taste for the high life puts them in debt to the Sharp gang who are shady characters. They go through many adventures with Dish being tied to a train track as they were unable to pay back the sharp gang, Dish and Spoon ro [...]

    28. Tries to be funny and fails.It's basically supposed to be a continuation of the rhyme, “Hey diddle diddle/The cat and the fiddle/The cow jumped over the moon/The little dog laughed to see such fun/And the dish ran away with the spoon.”The dish and the spoon sail to America, get in vaudeville, spend beyond their means, borrow money from bad people who try to kill them, and end up robbing a bank. The dish breaks, and the spoon gets thrown in jail for 25 years. When the spoon gets out of jail, [...]

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