• Title: Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree
  • Author: Robert E. Barry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mr Willowby s Christmas Tree Mr Willowby the unwitting hero of this Christmas classic looks quite a bit like the little mustachioed mascot from Monopoly But as befits a Yuletide tale this diminutive millionaire turns out to be
    Mr Willowby, the unwitting hero of this Christmas classic, looks quite a bit like the little mustachioed mascot from Monopoly But as befits a Yuletide tale, this diminutive millionaire turns out to be a good bit generous The Christmas tree in question shows up at Mr Willowby s home by special order, aboard a big pink truck Full and fresh and glistening green ThMr Willowby, the unwitting hero of this Christmas classic, looks quite a bit like the little mustachioed mascot from Monopoly But as befits a Yuletide tale, this diminutive millionaire turns out to be a good bit generous The Christmas tree in question shows up at Mr Willowby s home by special order, aboard a big pink truck Full and fresh and glistening green The biggest tree he had ever seen But it s just a little too big, so he asks his butler, Baxter, to trim off the top few feet that brush up against the parlor ceiling Baxter realizes that this snipped off top would make a perfect little tree for Miss Adelaide, Mr Willowby s upstairs maid But she, too, must clip off the top of her tree which then ends up with Timm, the gardener Timm s trimming goes on to Barnaby Bear, the tippy top of Barnaby s tree ends up with Frisky Fox and family, and then Benjamin Rabbit finds the top few inches that Mrs Fox snipped off And so it goes, until soon the whole countryside learns that it s simply grand to have a tree Exactly like Mr Willowby There s many a lesson to be taken from this tale, about recycling and supply side economics just for starters But the cheerful illustrations of Robert Barry ensure that you ll have fun just watching as the ever tinier tree gets passed on to ever tinier families Ages 5 to 8 Paul Hughes

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    1. An adorable children's story about a big Christmas tree that Mr. Willowby buys, but it's too tall for the room. The top part is cut off and given to the maid, where it's also too tall for her room. She snips off the top part and throws it away, but it's found by the gardener who takes it home. Then that top part of the tree is cut off and is found by a happy bear, and so onThe book was first published in 1963 and it does seem like a classic Christmas story. I would highly recommend it for parent [...]

    2. I Love this timeless, children's Christmas classic.Christmas tree, oh so grand - home to hearth, hand to hand, lop . . . lop . . . lop, tree top to tree top, stand to stand. From Mr. Willowby to Mistletoe Mouse, the perfect sized tree for every creature's house. Merry Christmas, indeed. 🎄FIVE ***** Timeless and Beloved, Children's Christmas Classic, in Rhyme. ***** STARS

    3. What an enjoyable little book for the very young! This is one of the books I used to read to my children when they were little and I found it again as I was decoratingMr Willowby lives in a grand mansion and so, naturally, orders a grand Christmas tree. The problem? It's too grand -- being too tall for even his immense parlor. The butler solves the problem by cutting the top of the tree off. The maid is quite happy with the tree top, as it makes a perfect tree for her room, except for being a bi [...]

    4. 4.5 STARS. It's easy to see why this little treasure remains to be a Christmas treat since its debut in the 1960s. The illustrations are gosh darn cute and have that vintage '60s feel without seeming too old-fashioned or the least bit passe. (I love that I am not the only one who thinks Mr. Willowby looks like the Monopoloy man!) It's the sort of cumulative tale kids love--when Mr. Willowby's gianormous Christmas tree is just a bit too tall for his mansion, he has the top chopped off and gives i [...]

    5. This was one of my favorite Christmas stories growing up. I was fascinated by how many animals were able to get a Christmas tree from pieces of this one tree, and how the trees and animals kept getting smaller and smaller. It's so nice to see this classic still in print, and to own it both in print and as an ebook. Highly recommended for the yuletide holidays!

    6. Mr. Willowby's huge Christmas tree is delivered but it's too tall, so he snips off the top and gives the top to the maid. Everyone just keeps snipping the top off and discarding it until even the mice have a tree that suits them just fine.

    7. To check out all my reviews: dancinginth3darkI have never heard of this Christmas book in my life until now and I am surprised how this is a classic and they even made a Christmas TV Special featuring the Muppets. I believe this classic should be read because I loved every moment of it from the illustrations to the craziness of the story.Mr. Willowby's is getting ready for the arrival of his Christmas tree and when it arrives it is utterly marvelous in appearance and right for the occasion. Unfo [...]

    8. When Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree arrives at his mansion, and is just a tiny bit too tall, there is only one solution: to cut off the top! But, Mr. Willowby realizes that the cut-off-top would make the perfect Christmas tree for his maid. The grateful maid soon realizes that the tree is a tad too big for her room, so she chops off the top and tosses it. But, the top is discovered and so on.A great little rhyming story with charming illustrations that are whimsical and warm. I had a few qualms w [...]

    9. This book is one of my favorites for the Christmas Season. I read it to my children since I loved reading it as a child. Sharing is of paramount importance in this book, but you are not knocked over the head with it. Joy for others can be found in the trash you discard. I recorded myself reading this to an MP3 player that was left with my third child in the NICU for 10 weeks. She was able to hear this story and others that were read by me and by my wife when we were not there to talk to her. Gre [...]

    10. No matter how old I get, this is my favourite story at this time of year. Just a simple little idea of what one person can pass on to make someone else's day brighter, but oh so lovely. The illustrations are perfect as can be.I'm certainly not the only one in my family to remember this tale. Growing up, my grandparents had a beautiful flocked tree. It was so, so tall, covered in velvet snow and little red satin birds. Of course, artificial trees have a lifespan and by the time I was in my last y [...]

    11. A delightful holiday story first introduced to me by my dear hubby's mom shortly after we got married. Mom-in-Law sent Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree as a Christmas gift for our first or second Christmas as a married couple and it's been a tradition ever since. As best I can discover it was published it 1963. In any event it was a story my husband heard growing up and now my children have been charmed by it as well; we read it every Christmas!Mr Willowby has no use for the top of his Christmas tr [...]

    12. I had a copy of this book as a kid and literally read it to pieces. The pictures were magical to me as a small child, as was the idea of the tree getting cut smaller and smaller--and some small critter enjoying the "leftovers" someone else threw out. Perhaps being the youngest of a large family made that resonate. That and my love of small things. Read this with a child you love, particularly if they're the smallest, the youngest, or the one who consistently gets pushed aside or left out. Go on- [...]

    13. This review was posted at , as well as My Website.From the publisher: "Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree Came by special delivery. Full and fresh and glistening green-- The biggest tree he'd ever seen." That was the trouble. The tree was so tall, it couldn't stand up straight in his parlor. Mr. Willowby asked his butler to chop off the top of the tree. What happens to the treetop? Where will it be for Christmas? Snuggle up with this story and follow along through a forest full of friendly creatures [...]

    14. I really enjoyed reading this one to my son for his daily reading time. I liked this story, because no part of the tree went unused. It wasn't wasted in any way, shape, or form. I love hearing that. A good story to read to my son not only to show everyone has a Christmas but that every part of the tree top was used.

    15. Mr. Willowby orders a huge tree. It's too tall so he cuts off the top. The butler takes the top to the maid. She puts it up in her room but it's too tall, so she cuts off the top. This continues down all the way to the little mice. Their tree is just as nice.

    16. We just read Just Right for Christmas by Birdie Black and thought it was a very nice, entertaining story. We noticed that both Kathryn and Angela compared that book to this one. I knew that we'd also just borrowed this book, too, so I was very excited to read it next.The story did not disappoint. As in their reviews, we saw how similar the two stories were. The rhyming narrative and the colorful, cartoonish illustrations work together nicely to create a lovely, fun story to read aloud. The chara [...]

    17. ForgettableEvery bit of Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree gets used in this tale for children as it's always just a tad too tall. But, given the illustrations, the tree ought to have been the right height quite some time before it was! Those who are expecting something like Jim Henson's made-for-TV movie (starring Robert Downing, Jr no less) of the same name will find the similarities betwixt these scarce. Most of the people/animals who get a piece of the tree are left out of that rendition (with ow [...]

    18. Robert Barry’s Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree has enchanted children up to age seven since 1963 and it continues to hold broad appeal. Beautifully detailed, softly shaded colorful drawings nicely complement the rhyming text, unraveling a predictable Christmas story. Mr. Willowby’s tree starts off "too tall" and it is slowly whittled down, until the tree is a mere remnant of itself. Through Barry’s rhyming prose children learn about the interconnectedness of life. As the tree grows progres [...]

    19. This book is one of my all time favorite Christmas books. My mom read it to my siblings and I ever year during Advent time. This year she sent it to me for St. Nicholas' Day and I sat my husband down and read it to him as soon as I got it out of the package. The story follows a tree as it makes it's rounds through the houses of those waiting on Christmas day. Starting with Mr. Willowby and ending with a small family of mice. Each person excitedly decorates the tree and then learns that the tree [...]

    20. This story is about this man who orders a really big christmas tree. He chops off part of the tree and trows it out. this story is about how the tree topper goes around and what happens when other animals find it. a great story perfect for all ages around christmas time. Love this story, great quick read!

    21. LOVE this Christmas story book. It's beautifully illustrated and the story is so charming. My kids and I read this EVERY year!! One of our favorites.

    22. This is a cute Christmas story about the beauty of trickle-down economics. My four-year-old wanted it read several times.

    23. I'm just too autistic for this book. Seriously.When you have a live Christmas tree, if it's too tall, to just lop off the top bothers me to no end. Especially when from the picture on the first page at Mr. Willowby's house shows quite clearly if you took a little of the trunk off, you'd be just fine. *sigh* I know that's just me, but it does but me.What IS fun about this book is just how many different families get the benefit of this lopped off tree. It's fun to see things go smaller and smalle [...]

    24. When Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree is installed in his parlor, he discovers it is too tall. The fix, however, is easy - chop off the top! The top of the tree goes to the upstairs maid, who is delighted to have it, but she, too, has to chop off the top to make it fit. This continues as subsequent recipients are forced to chop off the top to make their trees fit, but everyone is happy to have a tree (or a piece of the tree) and Mr. Willowby's tree brings happiness to more people than he knows. Cut [...]

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