• Title: Noble Intentions
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Noble Intentions Noble Britton had suffered greatly at the hands of his first wife and he refused to fall into the same trap again This time he intended to marry a quiet biddable woman who would not draw attention t
    Noble Britton had suffered greatly at the hands of his first wife, and he refused to fall into the same trap again This time he intended to marry a quiet, biddable woman who would not draw attention to herself or cause scandal Gillian Leigh s honest manner and spontaneous laughter attracted him immediately It mattered little that she was accident prone he could provideNoble Britton had suffered greatly at the hands of his first wife, and he refused to fall into the same trap again This time he intended to marry a quiet, biddable woman who would not draw attention to herself or cause scandal Gillian Leigh s honest manner and spontaneous laughter attracted him immediately It mattered little that she was accident prone he could provide the structure necessary to guide her.But unconventional to the tips of her half American toes toes that one of them was constantly tripping over his new bride turned the tables on him, wreaking havoc on his orderly life And worse, demanding he surrender his heart Perpetually one step behind his beguiling spouse, Noble suffered a banged up head, a black eye, and a broken nose before he realized Gillian had healed his soul and proved that their union was no heedless tumble, but the swoon of true love.

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    1. This book was a nice change from my usual fare. It was light, fluffy, and sweet and made me laugh. I can't say that it would be something I'd like to read on a regular basis, but occasionally is nice.Gillian is the funny man to Noble's straight man. She, with the best of intentions, wreaks havoc in his perfect life. They have an extremely short courtship before marriage, but they both can't resist each other. Noble has had a bad relationship in the past, so he tries to resist his feelings, but h [...]

    2. Katie MacAlister is now officially one of my favorite authors. Noble Intentions was one of the most amusing books I have ever read. I laughed, chuckled, giggled, guffawed, snorted, and basically fell off my chair reading this book. At times, I couldn’t even hold the book straight because I was laughing so hard.Where do I start? Noble Intentions is the story of Gillian Leigh and Noble Britton, or Lord Wessex and their rather chaotic life together. Gillian is an endearing character. She stumbles [...]

    3. Two words to describe this book: silly and randomTwo words to define that gif: silly and randomSeries: ApparentlySexy times: Yes but nothing terribly descriptive and a fair amount of behind the door action not to be confused with backdoor action, are we clear?Plan on reading more by the author: PerhapsSynopsis: Hero is a staid piece of damaged goods. Heroine tromps her way through the world doing ridiculous things that make everyone love her. Hero marries heroine to get someone in the family way [...]

    4. 4 «yo tenía razón» stars ⭐️Si es que soy más lista que el hambre 😂A ver, os cuento un poquito:Por un lado tenemos a Gillian, un chica americana de 25 años que ha venido a vivir con sus tíos a Inglaterra. Es propensa a los accidentes, o eso dice ella, yo es que la verdad aún no entiendo cómo una persona es capaz de provocar tales catástrofes 🤷🏼‍♀️. Por otra parte tenemos a lord Wessex, un hombre taciturno y que la alta sociedad ha marginado porque creen que asesinó a [...]

    5. The blurb gives no warning as to what's to come. Being my first KM, I was totally unprepared for the complete lunacy that unfolds. The book wanders into the farce territory many times and the off the charts comedy makes you look for words like hysterical, hoot, slapstick, ludicrous and yes, ROFL!The ‘Dark Earl’ is a social outcast, accused of killing his first wife in a jealous fit. Deciding to get remarried for his illegitimate son’s sake and also to sire heirs, he braves his detractors ( [...]

    6. I got the biggest kick out of this book! I've never read Katie MacAlister before, so I have no idea whether all her books follow the same pattern, or if this one is unique. I loved the characters, the humor, and the fact that there were no stupid misunderstandings. The heroine was so endearing as she strove to protect her "Black Earl" from an unknown enemy, despite her being a klutz and thinking quite differently than other women of her time. This wasn't the "deepest" book I've read by any means [...]

    7. Initial Thoughts:This book is being re-released by Sourcebooks Casablanca this May. If you've never read a historical romance or were afraid to do so, this zany comedy might be a good place to start. Noble Intentions has an eccentric cast of characters including two farting dogs, the Tremayne triplets, a butler who looks and sounds like a pirate, four mistresses, and the list goes on. Gillian brings all the characters together and manages to control the temper (sometimes) of her newlywed husband [...]

    8. Several days later, and I'm still not sure what to think about this one. To be honest, I think my expectations might have been the main problem I had with this book. I went into Noble Intentions expecting to laugh out loud - unfortunately I didn't get there. I found this book more amusing than funny, if that makes sense.That said, I think the other thing that stopped me finding this funny (again, as opposed to amusing), was that it was a little too silly for me. I really had a lot of trouble vie [...]

    9. She's accident prone and he winds up with a myriad of injuries during their courtship. He's most surprised by the fact that while she's always tripping and fallinghe's falling too, in love with her!!Heart-warming, funny, and makes you smilewhat's not to love?

    10. If you've been pining for a period romance novel with the sense of humor of Dumb And Dumber, including the fart jokes and toilet humor, this is the book for you! It features an adorably clumsy protagonist who can't tell when she's talking and when she's not, a brooding antihero control freak who shares my confusion about why he doesn't strangle his wife, dogs that suffer from extreme gastrointestinal distress, long conversations that are purposefully ambiguous to enable hilarious misunderstandin [...]

    11. AUDIO Version: First of all, I read this many years ago when it initially came out in paperback and was greatly amused at the absolutely hilarious writing. Then I picked it up as an audio book and once again, found myself bursting out laughing while listening. Noble Britton, aka, Lord of Lips, Loins, Kisses, etc. knew he needed to marry again after his disastrous first marriage. First of all he needed a mother for his son whom had suffered at the hands of his deceased wife and secondly he would [...]

    12. I've given this a B for content and A- for narration at AAR, which I suppose is technically 4.25 stars, so I'll leave it at 4!Noble Intentions is Book 1 in Katie MacAllister’s Noble Series with an original print publication date of 2005. It’s very much a “wallpaper” historical in that there isn’t an especially strong sense of time or place about it, other than in references to styles of dress and the odd convention of the day. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, depending on one’s [...]

    13. This hero knows not to trust women. He knows that his wife "does not know better" and he would be happy to instruct her in the joys of his way. Headstrong, in a woman? Hah.Seriously this is an annoying trope. But the book is funny (if you can handle fart jokes) and he uses the phrase "puny woman's shoulder."

    14. Another new to me author for me to love! I was entertained. I think that is the biggest compliment I can give. The author knows how to make the reader laugh so hard they nearly hurt themselves as well as smile with a huge grin over the adorable parts and the unapologetic passion, and then turn around to have a few serious moments worrying over the danger scenes. Warning label: Not to be read in public if your laugh is a source of embarrassment for you. Trust me on this; you will laugh and hard.T [...]

    15. I laughed and laughed and laughed through this one. Some may not appreciate MacAlister's brand of humour and her tendency to write fluffy light reads but I enjoyed this immensely. There's a great cast of characters and despite this being a historical romance, Noble's son, 10 year old Nick stole the show. Such an amazing child. And it was Gillian's accepting and loving attitude, her willingness to include him on nearly all of her adventures and her steadfast refusal to be parted from him helped N [...]

    16. Yes, another historical romance Sometimes cheesy-funny, mostly fun-funny, with lots of lust and a spirited woman. I guess I'm a sucker for anything involving the ton.Fun-funny: the opening paragraph:Gillian Leigh's first social event of the Season began with what many in the ton later labeled as an uncanny warning of Things To Come."Well, bloody hell. This isn't going to endear me to the duchess."Gillian watched with dismay as flames licked up the gold velvet curtains despite her attempts at bea [...]

    17. If you're looking for anything historically accurate, this is not the book for you. This book is full of Katie MacAlister's token humor, but set in Regency England as opposed to her typical modern day setting.There were lots of laugh-out-loud moments in this book. The heroine had a way with setting things on fire and fussing over her husband's anatomy. Another reviewer compared her to I LOVE LUCY, and I think that was a good comparison.I won't spoil it for you -- but there were a couple of reall [...]

    18. Noble Intentions was a great read for me. I do not remember a book ever making me laugh so hard before. Gillian was a wonderful heroine with her unconventional manner, her honesty and her tendency to being accident-prone. The hero, Noble, has been hurt before by his first wife and does not trust his heart to love again. But love he does, because Gillian will not allow anything else to happen.Recommended when you need a story that will lift your spirits or scrape out some "biblio-bilge" from your [...]

    19. No es un libro romántico, pero sí un libro divertido.Gillian es un poco estúpida y Noble un verdadero imbécil. Pero terminan tan metidos en situaciones tremendamente rídiculas que me han hecho morir de vergüenza ajena y risa.Aunque al principio recelé del libro por el muy obvio pseudoromance las "penurias" en las que ambos se ven arrastraron me han hecho pasar un rato ameno. Me encantan los empleados de esa casa. ¡Son adorables! Y Charlotte, niña, la curiosidad te arrastrará a algún c [...]

    20. I couldn't finish this. I couldn't even finish HALF of this. It's 'Tommy Boy' meets 'Pride and Prejudice', complete with farting dogs, setting curtains on fire she's a total idiot. I mean, I like humor. Really, some things are just light and happy. This was unbearably stupid - BEYOND painful. It was horrible. Just horrible.

    21. I have to admit though funny it took a loooooong time to get through this book. I really thought I would like this one better. I just felt like it needed to get to the point. I did just buy a trio of her contemporary romance so I am hoping I can give her another chance. I also have the Trouble with Harry. So I havent' given up more just surprised I didn't love this one more!

    22. This was my first Katie MacAlister book but definitely not my last. Whats not to love?.We have an accident prone Heroine and a witty Hero in a great witty read. If you like a good story full of humour then this is the book for you.I cant wait to read more from this author

    23. Witty story about an accident prone young woman "from the colonies" and her marriage to an English Earl. I laughed out loud in several places.

    24. No se si fue el momento en que lo intente leer, pero odiaba tanto a la prota, me resultaba tan insoportable toda la situacion, es que no me hacia gracia nada, asi que lo deje abandonado y no tengo ganas de retomarlo

    25. A super fun, absolutely hilarious, delightfully romantic read, Noble Intentions was a fantastic romance. I really liked this book. It was so funny and sweet and adorable and I really enjoyed reading it.Gillian was a fun heroine. She got herself into crazy situations, always with the best of intentions, and it was so entertaining to see. She had a tendency to some epic clumsiness and it made for some really funny scenes. Like the one where she tries to say yes to Noble's proposal with a passionat [...]

    26. Fine, 2.5 stars. I finished it.There were moments in this book that I definitely enjoyed. I laughed. I giggled. There were a lot of ridiculous slapstick moments that were entertaining (if often taken way, way too far). It was ruined for me by several things; first in my mind, by the ending (seriously, that got dark fast, and never really got resolved, just haha, oh well, I guess all's well that ends well?!). The character of Gillian irritated me throughout the entire book because she was so over [...]

    27. Noble Britton had this perfect vision of all that a wife should be. She would be demure and biddable, calmly accepting his directives in all things. His prospective bride would adhere to the strict rules of the ton as though they came naturally, never daring to enter a gentleman’s club or other restricted establishment.Nonetheless, Noble found himself instantly drawn to Gillian Leigh. She was the light to his darkness in many ways. Independent and free spirited, Gillian did not balk at the sec [...]

    28. I'm about halfway and I'm finding this a lot of fun. Very boffo, Lucille Ball type heroine in a slapstick comedy of errors/mystery. She's an American in Regency England cutting a wide swathe through the genteel, subtle ranks of society. He is an ostracized lord with a dark secret that the two must unwind to live HEA. I guessed the baddie pretty early on and I assume the author intended that because it's fun seeing how they deal with the dastard. Very slapstick sense of humor at work here. There' [...]

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