• Title: 'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy
  • Author: Leslie Langtry
  • ISBN: 9780843959338
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy YOU CAN T PICK YOUR FAMILYDeath by Chocolate is her favorite dessert And those knitting needles aren t just for craft projects To most people Gin Bombay is an ordinary single mom Then again they don
    YOU CAN T PICK YOUR FAMILYDeath by Chocolate is her favorite dessert And those knitting needles aren t just for craft projects To most people, Gin Bombay is an ordinary single mom Then again, they don t know she s from a family of top secret assassins Somewhere between leading a Girl Scout troop for her kindergartner would nooses count for a knot badge and keepinYOU CAN T PICK YOUR FAMILYDeath by Chocolate is her favorite dessert And those knitting needles aren t just for craft projects To most people, Gin Bombay is an ordinary single mom Then again, they don t know she s from a family of top secret assassins Somewhere between leading a Girl Scout troop for her kindergartner would nooses count for a knot badge and keeping their puppy from destroying the furniture, Gin now has to take out a new target BUT YOU CAN PICK THEM OFFExcept this target has an incredibly hot Australian bodyguard who knows just how to make her weak in the knees But with a mole threatening to expose everything, Gin doesn t have much time to let her hormones do the happy dance She s got to find the leak and clear her assignmentor she ll end up next on the Bombay family hit list.

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    1. I'll admit, I pulled this off the library shelf because I thought the title was kinda cute. My mistake.I'm going to plow ahead with the spoilers here, since I highly recommend not reading this, and so you will not be particularly spoiled.The author wants a breezy, ditzy tone a la Bridget Jones. She fails. Miserably. Gin Bombay is the most vapid, self-centered, shallow excuse for a human being to walk the planet. She's useless. She spends several hours lying on her kitchen floor because some hot [...]

    2. "YOU CAN'T PICK YOUR FAMILY " In 'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy, the main character Virginia (Gin) Bombay belongs to a family of assassins. In the Bombay family there is no leaving the family business unless you want to die. "BUT YOU CAN PICK THEM OFF." A family meeting is called and usually this only takes place if one of the family members is in big trouble, like they betrayed the family kind of trouble, and that usually means one of the other family members will be chosen to carry out the as [...]

    3. I read this because the author offered a free download of it, and while the tone was fun (my favorite moment was a mention of setting up an assassin training room for five-year-old girls with a Disney princess theme), the humor was far too much about gags and set-ups. It's supposed to be a light hearted romp, I know, but the shallowness and the plot holes made me feel like I was wasting my time. I love light entertainment, but I still require logical sense, and I couldn't buy into the concept of [...]

    4. I'm really surprised by the number of good reviews this book has gotten. I was only maybe two or three pages in when I realized that the writing style was going to be a complete train wreck to the very end. Imagine my horror when I discovered the author shares my zip code; she's not making us look very good here in Iowa and I can't help but be a little embarrassed for her.I tore through this book in hours because the reading level was equal to that of a story written for a 6th grader. Everything [...]

    5. Enjoyable but very, very, very, predictable. I knew that she and Diego would fall in love regardless of her profession clashing with his. I knew that her brother wasn’t really responsible for betraying family secrets. I knew that the author was making us hate Ritchie for a reason – so that we wouldn’t mind when he became the bad guy and had to be taken out. I even knew that Diego would come back to save the day at the end regardless of his fight with Gin. I did try to maintain high hopes. [...]

    6. I LOVED this book! It was hilarious, I think this is one of the first books that I was literally laughing out loud and people would look at me weird. Virgina (Ginny) Bombay is your typical, average, widowed mother of a five year old daughter named Romi. She is always there to pick up her daughter from school, buys cookies from the bakery to have her daughter take them to school (her archnemisis told her to hand make them this time), spends time with her cousin Liz and Paris as well as her brothe [...]

    7. This was one of the funiest books I have ever read. I couldn't put it down and couldn't stop laughing. It was a quick read for me (about 3-4 hours) but totally worth it I can't wait to read more from Ms. Langtry and her location based Bombay Assassins! Amazing Read! Normally I want more with the couples within books but with the Bombay's I wanted more family time LOL! One of the best families in all the books I have read.

    8. We all read different kinds of books depending on mood, school, time of day, etc. Sometimes something light is required. This series fits the bill.Virginia (all the family members are named after cities or geographic locations) is a member of the Bombay family whose tradition and business is they are assassins. All independently wealthy thanks to the family trust fund, each receives assignments from the "Council" made up of senior family members. Part of the family reunions, normally held every [...]

    9. This book was available through Kindle as a free download, so I decided to give it a try. I found the plot interesting enough to read the whole thing, but as a whole, it was fairly grating. It's a nice book to read as filler between better books, or when taking a long trip, but that's about it. Apparently, it's part of a series, but I don't care enough to go beyond this one. What aggravated me the most was the lack of conviction of the narrator when describing her routine as an assassin. She's m [...]

    10. I kinda liked this book. I mean, it was okay as a quick read and some of the characters were pretty good. The idea of a family of assassins is interesting and I liked it. I loved the main character's kid, and I'd read more if there were additional stories about her. Other than that, there was way too much foreshadowing and the big reveal wasn't much of a surprise. Also, what the hell is up with empowered women characters getting all mindless at the sight of a handsome man? And then she becomes i [...]

    11. Maybe just a shade under 5 stars, but I had to give it more than four. What a hoot! Reminded me of the Spellman Files, only more deadly. Buy into the absurdity of a family that has been a tightly-run bunch of assassins for a few thousand years, in which failure to attend the family "reunion" signs your death warrant overlook the moral ambiguity of being a hired killer (hey, it's mostly only bad guys), and get to know the great lead and supporting characters, and it's a ton of fun. Throw in a hun [...]

    12. There's a scene in this book in which the heroine is so awestruck by the handsome man who sits down at her Borders coffee-corner table that she ends up sprinkling salt in her latte.That scene could serve as a metaphor for the entire book, which is an astonishing and unlikely mix of funny, fast-paced, chick-lit set against a totally off-the-wall background that could have come directly from a superhero comic.Ginny Bombay is a widowed mother of a cute daughter. She's also a member of a family that [...]

    13. No SpoilersFirst up I want to say that this was a freebie, and one that I'm pleased to have in my library. Okay, on with the review.This was a tough one, as I'd read the premise and there were some aspects to it that I wasn't exactly comfortable with. But it's just a book right?So I sat down to read it, and soon became entranced by the characters Knowing that the thing i had an issue with was going to be just around the corner sometime soon, and being the chicken Lilly livered person that I am, [...]

    14. Widowed mother Gin Bombay is happy to make ends meet by working in the family business and the fact this business involves poisoning, garroting, exploding, and/or otherwise boosting people into the greater beyond doesn't bother her one whit. The fact her five-year old girl is about to be required to take the family blood-oath and start training as an assassin bothers Gin a whit more.The fact a handsome and exceptionally moral Aussie bodyguard has entered her life and started curling her toes bot [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book. Not because it is a wonderful piece of literature - it doesn't even pretend to be - but because it is a great piece of escapist comedy fiction, based on a completely implausible premise, whilst populated with likeable and fairly believable characters.I loved the matter-of-fact first person view of this almost normal soccer-mom assassin, locked into her age old family business of contract killing.Put your common sense on hold, ease up your grip on morality, and enjoy s [...]

    16. I absolutely LOVED this book. I haven't read something so entertaining since opening my first Stephanie Plum Series book. It's the story of Ginny Bombay, a plain ol' american soccer mom, who just happens to also be from a family full of professional assassins. The writing is witty, suspenseful, and emotional. Ginny tells her story as she tries to balance her duties as a mom, her desires in a new relationship, and the responsibilities as a member of the Bombay Assassin family. You wouldn't think [...]

    17. I read this book for the author for an honest review. I loved the title of this book and wanted to know more about it. This book was fast paced and funny. The charcter of Ginny is down right hysterical.Ginny's family is a family of assassins. It goes back many generations. This family makes it sound so easy to kill someone, physically and pyschologically. The Council (elder members of the family) have found out there is a mole within the family. It is now Ginny's job to find out who he/she is an [...]

    18. 4.5/5 starsI absolutely loved this book! Yes, I realize, a lot of people will complain that it's kind of shallow and ditzy, and that the plot isn't the very strongest you could find.But trust me, it's funny. It's what I call "brainless reading," meaning that you don't have to really concentrate in order to get what's going on, which we all need sometimes. Especially if you have kids running wild around you.Maybe it's because I love spy-type stories, but this one just struck home with me. I'll de [...]

    19. It was free for my Kindle, and I was looking for fluff reading, after reading more intense stuff. I suppose I can't expect much under those circumstances. The writing was so-so. The main character was inconsistent and not necessarily like-able. The plot did keep me pondering a bit, and so I kept reading. I'm surprised by all the high ratings here on . Although, it looks like it's a series, so it must have something going for it.

    20. So, who knew that a novel about a family of assassins could be screamingly funny?I certainly didn't until I read Leslie Langtry's 'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy.Langtry has fashioned a truly funny, occasionally romantic novel with an unlikely heroine: Gin Bombay is a widowed suburban single parent raising a 5-year-old daughter, a Daisy Scout troop leader and - oh yeah - a highly efficient killer.(She prefers poison but has been known to use other weapons to dispatch her victims, including a cla [...]

    21. The next time you think your family is awful, spend a day with Ginny Bombay and her family. Hopefully, you will get out alive. Being a member of this family brings a whole new meaning to family reunions. This family really takes care of their own. Miss a meeting or family reunion and they will take care of you…permanently. Growing up in this family, Ginny learns very early what is expected of her. At age 5, she is initiated into the family business to begin the training program. At age 15, our [...]

    22. Part of my low rating has to do with the formatting on the Kindle. It's atrocious: three levels of indent, multiple margins, etc. Formatting shouldn't play a part in rating, but when it affects how you read the story, sadly it does play a part.Gin Bombay is an assassin. And a mother, a widow, a soon-to-be Daisy Scout leader, a daughter, a sister. (Women are so multi-faceted.) And she has a job to do. And the family reunion is coming up, where she is required to induct her daughter into the famil [...]

    23. OK, now I will start off by saying I say that movie One For The Money that was based off of Janet Evanovich's books and it was absolutely horrible. No white girl should ever fake a Jersey accent and I don't care how perky her boobs are. Admittedly I've never read any of Janet's books and the movie sealed the deal on that but I can tell you that I like Gin's character a lot better. Sure, some of the humor is maybe a tad overdone in some parts but I absolutely loved it. You know why? Because I fee [...]

    24. Nancy Pearl coined the Rule of 50 - give a book at least 50 pages before giving up. In my opinion, there are few books that this rule won't up to this. Case in point - 'scuse Me While I Kill This Guy.Gin Bombay comes from a family of assassins that have been active since before Jesus was born. She is not particularily happy about this, especially since her daughter is five, the year when Bombays swear a blood oath to protect the family secrets and begin training. A lovely distraction turns up in [...]

    25. 3.5 starsThe Bombay family of Assassins makes for a fun read. This first book in a series features Soccer mom and lethal assassin Ginny Bombay. She has a couple of weeks to unearth a mole in the family, while juggling a romance with a hot Aussie bodyguard.The humor was laugh-out-loud. Truthfully, that was my favorite part of the book. I liked the author's sometimes hammy, sometimes corny humor. I love the fact that they have a family reunion/convention complete with keynote speakers and ice brea [...]

    26. 3.5 starsA first person series of books about a family of assassins whose first names are based on locations like Rome, Louisiana, Paris, Delaware, etc. Sounds unusual, but being burned out on the raging genre of paranormal books out I thought I'd try this one. I'd seen good reviews and recommendations and thought I'd give it a go.I really liked it. I'd have given it a better rating but the book took too long to set up and not enough time to finish. Snarky and funny, the heroine took too much ti [...]

    27. A fun story about a dysfunctional family of assassins. I loved all of the quotes at the beginning of the chapters from various movies. They definitely added to the overall humor of the book. I'm happy the author didn't go into detail on the romance scenes, although the main character got annoying as she constantly fantasized about Diego. Nothing too drastic and detailed, but extremely annoying. The book kept you guessing as to who the mole actually was, but didn't drag it out. I'm still surprise [...]

    28. Believe it or not i got the boook online for free. I chose it because of the title. I think the title was funny. It turns out I did not regret to get and read it. I love the story line. giny who came from a family assasin who kill for living and ended up with some hot australian. after the family reunion she has to detect the mole in the family.I love the mysterious family mole. At first I thought i was dak boy was I wrong.I thought they were going to kill the whole family council. I was hoping [...]

    29. This book is laugh-out-loud funny! I couldn't put it down! I discovered it when playing a Title & Author Game in one of my book clubs. (I forgot which.) I thought the plot line was funny sounding and the first one was only $0.99 - so I thought "what the hell". I am so glad I did it. I may even be willing to pay more for the sequels. Imagine you are expected - nay, required - to join the family business. In fact, your first training starts when you are five and you are expected to go solo at [...]

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