• Title: The Mayor's Daughter I:Draft Pony
  • Author: Will Versuch
  • ISBN: 9781935897354
  • Page: 251
  • Format: ebook
  • The Mayor s Daughter I Draft Pony Stopped for speeding while on the way to her th birthday party the sexy young Jessica Miller assumes she ll get by with the usual warning Although her glove box is filled with unpaid tickets she s
    Stopped for speeding while on the way to her 19th birthday party, the sexy young Jessica Miller assumes she ll get by with the usual warning Although her glove box is filled with unpaid tickets, she s sure that her daddy, the Mayor, will take care of it, just as he always does However, once the officer pulls her driving records, he abruptly orders her from the car, subStopped for speeding while on the way to her 19th birthday party, the sexy young Jessica Miller assumes she ll get by with the usual warning Although her glove box is filled with unpaid tickets, she s sure that her daddy, the Mayor, will take care of it, just as he always does However, once the officer pulls her driving records, he abruptly orders her from the car, subjects her to a demeaning pat down, then cuffs her ankles and wrists, and shoves her into the back of his cruiser Arrested for attempted armed robbery Oh, but this is a huge mistake On the way to the police station, the stunned Jessica rattles off a battery of questions, only to learn from the smooth talking officer that she s not been arrested at all She s been kidnapped Taken to a secluded grist mill, she ll be held until her daddy pays the ransom demands Once in the mill her terror multiplies, as her captor begins an SM birthday celebration, during which she s bound and gagged, in a bobbing for apples style contest with a tub of water and balls, then photographed in her dire state The photos will land in daddy s email, proof she s alive and in danger The officer continues her torment with his roving hands moving adroitly over her body and rousing her sexual desires Much to her further distress, her excited body climaxes in its prison of rope While waiting for daddy to respond, the officer begins the training portion of her captivity a regime of bondage and female pony training designed to turn the terrified girl into a human pony, fitted with the appropriate harness, bridle, bit, tack and tail There s always a good market for a well trained filly, he tells her If daddy doesn t want her, he s sure some wealthy man will In time, Jessica will learn the shocking truth about her nightmarish captivity Until then, she ll endure humiliating and often painful pony workouts as she learns to become both a hard working draft pony and a prized show pony in a fancy costume This steamy, SM fetish fantasy includes bondage, suspension, whipping, electric torture, hot wax, sleep deprivation, punishment, sex and much

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    1. Disclaimer/Shameless Plug: I got this one from the author since we are both moderators of the BDSM Group - if you aren't a member and you like this sort of book, please apply. Jessica is on the way to her birthday party. You don't know Jessica, of course, but you know the type. Wild Child. Always in some sort of trouble. A string of unpaid parking tickets not because she can't pay them but because she just can't be bothered.And then she gets pulled over and her whole life changes.This book reall [...]

    2. I don't know whether it's appropriate for an author to write a review of his own books. I'm placing this one here anyways, mainly to give people an idea of what they can expect from the book. Hopefully, it can help you determine whether you're interested in giving it a read!So, what is this book? It is a piece of non-consensual fiction that revolves around an abduction. The prime focus of the story is on the long-term captivity, bondage, and torment of the abducted woman. The torment involves se [...]

    3. Jessica is a wild child and apparently a bit of a disgrace for daddy, the mayor. When Jessica is pulled over for speeding, she receives the shock of her life. Instead of warning or a ticket, she's hauled in to jail due to an outstanding warrant. Or is she?Instead, Jessica is taken to a place and turned into a pony girl. Jessica is really not that bad a girl. Instead, she's a spoiled little brat who is a liability for her father. Jessica still hopes that daddy dearest will pay the ransom for her [...]

    4. I've received and read this book on a request from the author with a promise that it was better written that CCFL (if you don't know what book CCFL is you don't want to know!). And it was better written. Over to my thoughts of the book:The book started out very well, it invites the reader into the story and makes the reader wonder whats going on. It opens with a police officers that pulls a car over because the person is speeding. However you know that there is something not right about the poli [...]

    5. The blurb/summary is very accurate as far as content here. I liked the concept - but I tend to go for spoiled girls get their cum-up-pence plots. In particular the varying types of torture, the different ways Jessica was pushed and punished were inventive and unique. Reads sort of like a war crimes type sort of thing almost. The plot is actually very well done - the story itself reads well and is interesting in an observer sort of way -- that kind of twist gets the reader all in a knot. I believ [...]

    6. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars.Reviewed for TwoLips Reviews LLC4 1/2 kisses, 3 peppers M/F sexual torture, sleep deprivation, hard labor, corporal punishment, electrocution, predicament bondage, strict pony training, rape. Not for the faint of heart!!On Jessica Miller's nineteenth birthday, she's on her way to her "surprise" party.Unfortunately, she never makes it. She's pulled over for speeding [...]

    7. *Book source ~ Many thanks to Pink Flamingo for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.Jessica Miller is a spoiled rich girl whose father is the mayor of her town. On her 19th birthday while on the way to her party she gets pulled over for yet another speeding violation and she thinks she might be able to get out of it with a warning. However, the officer says she’s got an outstanding warrant and she needs to go to the station to get it straightened out. Except there is no wa [...]

    8. So I had another cherry popped (and I didn't think there were many left!). But this one is especially worth mentioning since Pony Play was one of my Hard Limits up until the time I hesitantly opened this book. It's good to know that I still have some limits to push that won't have me hitting 'delete' on my Nook. This one was hard to give a rating to. I went back and forth between 4 and 5 stars. On a purely story line level, this book is a 5 for me, but there were a few spelling/grammar errors th [...]

    9. When Jessica gets pulled over, she has no way of knowing the cop behind the wheel is not your average man in blue. He is a sadist bent on making her his prize show pony. Raw and visceral, this story is full of terrifying imagery of being taken, held captive and subjected to sexual torture. To bring Jessica to heel, creative methods of pony play and extreme elements persuade her to work toward becoming a show pony. Her motivation increases when she finds that her father may have had a part in her [...]

    10. Edited ReviewOkay, I am coming back to this review as I feel as if I have more to say. I am giving now rating it 4 stars over my original 3.5, because this book still has me thinking, even a week after I've completed it. That's almost unheard of for me. I usually complete a book, write a review, and promptly forget about said book. If asked to give a plot summary, my usual answer would be "that's so two books ago". However, this is not the case with Versuch's gruesome telling of a girl kidnapped [...]

    11. I have just finished The Mayor's Daughter and still reflecting on it. I haven't read lots of pure non-con but I appreciated the fact that the author didn't sugar coat it or have an unrealistic victim who was all of a sudden okay with what was happening to her. This was graphic, brutal in parts, and unflinching.The details of the physical and psychological techniques used to break down Jessica, gave the story a tension and pace that made it a really good read. As a reader, I felt for her, and was [...]

    12. This book was as amazing as I thought it would be. It pressed into a very very tabboo area that not many people understand.I loved the book so much, it was twisted and erotic. The way Will managed to express Jessica's thoughts and what seemed to be going through her captors head is awsome. I never thought that her father had something to do with her kidnapping, but I guess he just expected her to get killed not turned into a pony. I have never ventured into this kind of BDSM but honestly it does [...]

    13. Wow,,,I must say that my attention was grabbed from the first pages of this novel. Shocking, intriguing, graphic and mind blowing are a few words that come to mind. Other books that I've recently read on this subject are a "walk in the park" in comparison. Will Versuch has done an excellent job writing a novel that looks at the unwilling side of control and bondage. Although shocked by its content, I couldn't stop reading. I would highly recommend this book to all my non-prudish friends. Well wr [...]

    14. This is well written for what it isdnap, torture, slave. Although I've only read this, the first book, I seriously doubt there will be a happy ending in the third book. I'm not sure I'll continue reading the series at this point. I read the entire book because I could not look away. There was a lot of eye-popping and cringing involved. I'm just not sure that this is quite my cup of tea.

    15. The author graciously gave me a copy of the ebook: The Mayor's Daughter I: Draft Pony. It is an interesting book. Not for the faint of heart as one of the main themes is torture in role playing. Curious to see how the story plays out in the next book. Will Jessica ever be freed from her role and find out the truth?

    16. A very strange book that is definitely not for everyone. I liked it and plan on reading the next one but if you're faint of heart don't read this book. It had a real story line and you feel for the main character but a lot of it is about the torture.

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