• Title: Little Pookie
  • Author: Sandra Boynton
  • ISBN: 9780375871757
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Board Book
  • Little Pookie This book introduces Pookie in a sweet sort of counting book Mom lists ten particular things she knows about Pookie You like macaroni You re suspicious of peas punctuated by brief comments by Pookie
    This book introduces Pookie, in a sweet sort of counting book Mom lists ten particular things she knows about Pookie You like macaroni You re suspicious of peas punctuated by brief comments by Pookie A perfect ending awaits.

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    1. My 3.5 year old kids enjoyed this, but so far Spookie Pookie read around Halloween has been the hands down absolute favorite. Overall Sandra Boynton is one of my daughter's favorite authors.

    2. Part of a series by Sandra Boynton, I couldn't resist picking this up at a local baby consignment sale. Mercy loves some of her other mainstream baby board books. This has the same simplicity and cute art while also telling a cute, rhyming story that will keep a child's attention as they learn to read and grow with their books. This one is good as it shows the actions and things it describes, so it will be a very good book to help teach her the meaning of different words and actions.

    3. This is an adorable story of a mom showing how well she knows her piglet. This is the first book my oldest son is learning to read. My younger two boys find it cute too. It's got adorable pictures and introduces a couple words that may not be familiar to a child, like "adore" and "suspicious". It's a book that has some sticking power in it's usefulness and how long it takes to outgrow.

    4. Little Pookie is a unique little piggy, and yet he seems so familiar somehow.At last I tracked down the original Little Pookie book! (The things that are exciting to someone who gets into board books.) This introduction to the Pook was fun and funny, different but at the same time very familiar to anyone with a toddler.

    5. Sandra Boynton, Little Pookie (Robin Corey Books, 2011)The first of Boynton's five (to date) Pookie books is a gentle counting song, full of the same pitch-perfect rhythm and rhyme that is Boynton's hallmark and a mother-and-son cast of pigs who'll look suspiciously familiar to seasoned Boynton readers. Not the bean's favorite Boynton, but cute as always.*** ½

    6. I love Sandra Boynton's books and this one didn't disappoint me. Especially since one of the ten items on the list is reading books!!

    7. This is the amusing tale of Little Pookie, the baby pig who is "suspicious of peas". Boynton's bouncing rhythms and rhymes will engage even the most distractible little ones.

    8. little Pookie the pigs mother tells him ten simple things she knows about him. Simple and cute could work for a multitude of ages.

    9. Alice can repeat all the numbers from 1-11 after me when I read this book. She is terribly advanced.

    10. First reading this book does not seem like much, but give it a second chance. Toddlers and babies and even young children love Little Pookie.

    11. Funny illustrations, bland story. Why oh why does everyone think children's books have to be written in this rhyming doggerel!

    12. Aletheia's Review: "I can't for the life of me understand why Little Pookie would be suspicious of peas"

    13. Not my favorite of the Pookie books, but a nice introduction to this endearing character (and his mom).

    14. A fun rhyming book about Little Pookie. It teaches your little one about counting and you can also list 10 things you love about them!

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