• Title: The Prosperous Heart: Creating a Life of "Enough"
  • Author: Julia Cameron Emma Lively
  • ISBN: 9781585428977
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Prosperous Heart Creating a Life of Enough A dynamic new creative renewal program from the woman who has inspired millions to discover and recover their creative souls In The Prosperous Heart Julia Cameron presents a ten week program for usin
    A dynamic new creative renewal program from the woman who has inspired millions to discover and recover their creative souls.In The Prosperous Heart, Julia Cameron presents a ten week program for using your creative heart and soul to lead you to prosperity in all the areas of your life With inspiring new daily tools and strategies that follow in the footsteps of Cameron sA dynamic new creative renewal program from the woman who has inspired millions to discover and recover their creative souls.In The Prosperous Heart, Julia Cameron presents a ten week program for using your creative heart and soul to lead you to prosperity in all the areas of your life With inspiring new daily tools and strategies that follow in the footsteps of Cameron s groundbreaking The Artist s Way, this book guides readers in developing a life that is as full and as satisfying as they ever thought possible.Drawing on her decades of experience working with artists as an expert on the creative process, Cameron shines a clear light on the path to forging a direct relationship between the passion that ignites our creative work and the practical aspects of living our lives for example, how one can keep a roof over their head without losing track of their soul In this wise volume, Cameron gives readers the courage and permission to live their lives as they create their art purposely and fully.

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    1. I've been reading several of her books, and I'm picking up a lot of repetition. I've said it before, but if you have NO to very little money, her money advice sucks. In this book, for example, she asks you to go buy a large pile of tabloids to read about problems the rich and famous can have (in misusing what they have.) Does she realize what this costs? She is repetitive about her Wednesday night friendship dinners, but just one dinner can cost over $100 if you factor in certain ingredients (or [...]

    2. This was a horrible read. As one friend said, "Julia has run out of things to say." Nuggets of good stuff sprinkled here and there (I've long been a Julia Cameron fan), but the rest was annoying and cloying. She filled dozens of pages with space to make lists (rather than just saying, "number from 1-10 and list what you want to be when you grow up"). I would NOT recommended this book and I was relieved that I got through it. I would not have read it or finished it except for the fact that I was [...]

    3. Beautiful book on seeing positivity, gratitude, and blessings in unexpected places. There is some financial advice in this book, but not much. Just like her other books, this program focuses on our inner battles and how to overcome and work through them to live a more prosperous life.

    4. I love how this book addresses prosperity as more than having money. As a money book, it was pretty basic. But there are plenty of helpful perspectives for the financially savvy.

    5. man. this was a really difficult read. i walked away from this book thinking, "it's really nice that twelve-step programs have helped so many people, but the problem is that people in recovery start to think that ANYTHING can be turned into a twelve-step program." this book is essentially a handbook on how to create your own personalized twelve-step program for getting out of debt & getting okay with your finances. there are numerous exercises at the end of each chapter in which you are inst [...]

    6. I totally loved Julia Cameron's The Prosperous Heart. Going through the book I saw the value of my BA in Business and Management degree from Alverno and was inspired to begin work on my business plan. I found a friend from my Artist's Way Circle who lives in Ohio who was willing to go through the Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee with me week by week through Google+ Hangouts. So far we have spent 9 weeks working through our business plan. I love my friend and together we explored our our [...]

    7. In many ways this is a wonderful book. It explores the many ways one can have a feeling of abundance, which is what we actually want and need more than the money itself, she contends. I agree. She also has a fluid and non-threatening approach to her spiritual components, which I appreciate, having come from a searingly painful Fundamentalist background which makes me allergic to strident religion and dogma. Her exercises for exploring one's relationship to money are excellent, revealing and help [...]

    8. I like it but then I don't. The encouragement, the guidance, the steps to financial clarity -- I can use this and I plan to implement the Counting and Morning Pages. I like the way Cameron leans on God's understanding, how she encourages her readers to listen to our inner voice of reasoning, to trust our instincts and to allow ourselves to have faith and to be guided. But I dislike the supposed stories of her students, they all seemed so very contrived. The "trust fund baby" who felt guilt of no [...]

    9. Julia Cameron created The Artist's Way, a twelve step program to unleash one's creativity. I loved that program and the book that supported it. This is very similar but instead of focusing on creativity, Cameron focuses on money offering a 12-week recovery program for those suffering from an unhealthy relationship with money. It uses the same tools as The Artist Way- morning pages, a daily walk, and lots of activities.Like any 12 step program, the focus is not actually on money but rather how to [...]

    10. The Prosperous Heart, like The Artist's Way, is a twelve week program designed in this case not to recover creativity but rather your financial well-being and, more deeply, your ability to appreciate what you already have.[return][return]As Cameron ages, she seems to be retreating ever more deeply into the more mystical aspects of her personal philosophy, which didn't get in the way too much before but unfortunately now mar her work as simplistic faith in a personal God has become a more central [...]

    11. There's nothing wrong with this book. It's beautifully packaged and well-written. It's just that it assumes the reader is a financial disaster in need of a 12-step program and a close relationship with a higher power. I'm not a compulsive spender; I only wanted to figure out how to stretch my money closer to the end of the month. But for someone whose finances are a muddle, and more important, for someone who wants more out of life than just money, this is a good guide. Each chapter tells some s [...]

    12. I loved the overall message of finding contentment in the present--with what we have and where we're at. The twelve weeks (or 12 "steps") program would be good for anyone who struggles with overspending. I've always been frugal, so I enjoyed the reminders that life is more than our possessions. We need to be in touch with what we want, and sometimes that changes. The aspects of the book that didn't work as well for me were the non-stop asides about her friends. Some of the stories inspired me, b [...]

    13. A good book - a gentle book - a gently effective book. I have done the Artist's Way, I have Walked in this World, and I have explored the Vein of Gold, so it would be difficult for Julia Cameron to completely surprise me. Herein is a reinforcement of her message, and the message is subtly directed and usefully applied to developing a sense of prosperity, whatever your circumstances. Added to the tools already developed in previous texts, is 'counting', and I have found it very useful - and magic [...]

    14. I picked this book up at the library not even noticing it was a Julia Cameron book. I didn't even realize it was on finances. I was captivated by the "Prosperous Heart" thing thinking it would be about a happy, whole heart. Turns out it's on finances. I was disappointed because I didn't think there would be much take-away value for me.I was wrong. As with most Julia Cameron books, I loved the writing exercises. I learned stuff about myself.I'm not sure most people would enjoy the book as I don't [...]

    15. Meh. Occasionally I get in the mood to read books about living simply, and this was a mashup of Your Money or Your Life plus The Secret. I was disappointed because I've been inspired on and off over the years by the clarity of The Artist's Way-- and this book didn't touch me in the same creative way. Maybe it should be called Simple Living 101-- it's good for beginners who need to track their Starbucks spending and look around their lives and feel blessed with what they have.

    16. Julia Cameron doesn't hold back in The Prosperous Heart. She tackles the issue of money, and our relationship with it, in clear manner with examples that I can relate to. The "Counting" exercise is an effective tool that, for me, has changed my perception of money and how I relate to it. After reading this book, I am walking away with a prosperous heart, and safe in the knowledge that I do in fact have "enough".

    17. This book started out really good, lots of insights.but then you notice that each chapter is a little bit more about herd her 12 step program, and the life she used to have, and the life she used to haved oh yeah, and the life she used to have.Liked the first couple of chapters but after that, not so much.

    18. I enjoyed reading this book, and while it's focus was looking at prosperity regarding money, it was so much more than that. It was about having a prosperous spirit and attitude as well as getting your finances under control. Seeing your abundance and how to remove jealousy and envy from our hearts. I am glad I picked the book up at the library.

    19. "The Prosperous Heart - Creating A Life of Enough" was interesting. A Library Checkout. The main thing I got from this book is to handwrite 3 pages in a journal every morning. I try to incorporate into my three pages my daily to do list. Also, this book stressed the importance of having faith in God that everything will be OK.

    20. While not an unpleasant reading experience, this is nevertheless a 90% rehash of everything this author has written previously. Almost seems like a copy and paste book. There is nothing really original here at all. Perhaps the most original concept is the chapter on money personality types. While I have liked very much her previous writings, it is time to stop using old ideas.

    21. I read this as part of a twelve week class at my church and I must say that it really changed my life. I truly allowed myself to dive in to the process and activities. My experience with this book and the class was worth my time, but I know not everyone had a similar experience.

    22. Julia Cameron's book has earned a place on my favorites' list, a reference book that I will return to again and again. She is a gifted teacher, who urges her students to discover their own paths to prosperity by acknowledging the presence of the Divine.

    23. Loved Loved Loved this book. Read it through once because I borrowed from the library and now I am an owner of this gem! I am beginning the lessons all over again and am so looking forward to opening myself up to some big awakenings!

    24. An excellent book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I've been a fan of Julia Cameron's books since I read The Artist's Way in 1995.

    25. A very enjoyable book, but more about stories of people's lives than how to change your own. Although, I will admit that I was inspired by several of the stories.

    26. This book has come at a perfect itme in my life. I know that I will read and rebuy this book for others.

    27. I should have known better than to read a book about money by someone who's real area is creativity. I've only made it 1/5 of the way through. Doesn't seem that helpful for me.

    28. I am on my second reading of this book. This time I am doing the exercises, writing morning pages, etc. I am feeling more prosperous already.

    29. I just started doing the activities in the book with a friend. But I can't keep myself from reading ahead. I've done the Artist's Way many times and am looking forward to completing this one.

    30. Ehhhh not her best. I got the sense she was basing this alot on debtors anonymous program. Got very repetitive

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