• Title: November Hunt
  • Author: Jess Lourey
  • ISBN: 9780738731360
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • November Hunt November in Battle Lake Minnesota is cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table lt s also deer hunting season When Tom Kicker is killed in a hunting accident Mira James is hired to investigat
    November in Battle Lake, Minnesota, is cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table lt s also deer hunting season When Tom Kicker is killed in a hunting accident, Mira James is hired to investigate a job that brings her closer to a P.I license Braving subzero temps and shrieking blizzards, Mira uncovers a decades old scandal that has never quite died, unlike the cNovember in Battle Lake, Minnesota, is cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table lt s also deer hunting season When Tom Kicker is killed in a hunting accident, Mira James is hired to investigate a job that brings her closer to a P.I license Braving subzero temps and shrieking blizzards, Mira uncovers a decades old scandal that has never quite died, unlike the cold stiffs who are piling up in the town morgue As she pieces together the clues, Mira discovers that Battle Lake s good old boys have been up to some bad business But with threats and enemies around every icy corner, she may not live long enough to expose the truth.Praise It s not easy to make people laugh while they re on the edge of their seats, but Lourey pulls it off, while her vivid descriptions of a brutal Minnesota winter will make readers shiver in the seventh book in her very clever Murder of the Month series Booklist, starred review A good story told well, with solid writing Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Lourey s seventh cozy featuring PI wannabe Mira James successfully combines humor, an intriguing mystery, and quirky smalltown characters Publishers Weekly Lourey has successfully created an independent, relatable heroine in Mira James Mira s wit and fearlessness enable her to overcome the many challenges she faces as she tries to unravel the murder Crimespree Magazine Lourey has a knack for wholesome sexual innuendo, and she gets plenty of mileage out of Minnesota This light novel keeps the reader engaged, like one of those sweet chewy Nut Goodies that Mira is addicted to Hallie Ephron, The Boston Globe Clever, quirky and completely original This taut and compelling mystery with a twist on every page is edgy, entertaining, and irresistible Hank Phillippi Ryan, Anthony, Agatha and Macavity Award winning author In November Hunt Jess Lourey skillfully navigates her way along the razor s edge of the traditional mystery With a masterful mix of mayhem and mirth, she shows us there s to small town Minnesota than frozen lakes and fish fries A fun read all the way through Reed Farrel Coleman, three time Shamus Award winning author of Hurt Machine

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    1. I am enjoying this cozy series. The mysteries themselves are solid with surprising outcomes. The cast of characters provide laughs along the way!

    2. November Hunt is my first Jess Lourey book. Quick recap, Tom Kicker is shot by his best friend, Clive. Tom's daughter hires Mira to investigate because she believes there is more to her father's death than a hunting accident. And, being a mystery, of course there is more. I love quirky fun reads. I love a mystery and I love a laugh, so this seemed right up my alley.SPOILER DISCLAIMER: I don't think I really spoil anything, but I point out a few scenes and some lines.What I Liked:The quirky chara [...]

    3. For readers looking for comfort food rather than an adrenalin rush, Jess Lourey's "November Hunt" goes down easy. The setting is Battle Lake, Minnesota. It's the last week of November ("cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table"), hunting season, and a widely respected local businessman named Clive is out hunting deer with his best buddy, Tom Kicker. Clive takes aim at a white-tailed buck, pulls the trigger, and Tom falls down dead. Tom's daughter, who overheard her father and Clive argui [...]

    4. It's November in Battle Lake, Minnesota. Mira is still just in the beginning stages of getting her PI license, but that doesn't stop Mrs. Burns from referring Mira her first case. One of Battle Lakes beloved business owners has been shot during a hunting accident, but his daughter is convinced that it wasn't an accident. Mira agrees to look into the case and finds herself knee deep in snow, ice and a decades old scandal.

    5. Liked the book, but missed involvement of Mrs. Berns and the other oldsters. Also, Kennie played a minor role in the story. I do like the evolving heat between Mira and Gary. There also weren't as many recipes or laughs in the book. I still am looking forward to December :)

    6. Not sure how I missed the first 5 of this series, so now I have to go back and find them. Nicely written and enjoyabel.t a dark mystery, but has more to it than the "cozy" mysteries.

    7. Loved all the remarks about how cold it is. Very strange and surprising ending. Also, reminds you to watch how much you tell people and make sure they are true friends. good read - recommend this series.

    8. Not as wacky as some of the previous books. When investigating whether or not a death was a "hunting accident" or not, Mira unveils the truth about 4 men and their wild past. Not my favorite. (AND WHY WAS IT SET IN DECEMBER?!?)

    9. November in Battle Lake, Minnesota is extremely cold – so cold that even Richard Simmons would bundle himself in several layers of clothing. It’s not exactly the best time of year to snoop around for clues but Mira James has no choice; Tom Kicker was killed in a hunting accident and his daughter believes there was nothing accidental about it. Mira’s investigation leads back to an incident that happened years ago when Tom was just a teen and it’s making more than one prominent citizen unc [...]

    10. Private-investigator-in-training, Mira James, is hired by the daughter of a man killed in an alleged hunting accident. She juggles this new job with her jobs as the town librarian and news columnist/reporter. She also befriends a newcomer to town who hires Mira to help her find her writer's inspiration/"mojo." I really liked this story! In fact, it may be my favorite yet in the series. My favorite character was Chuck (no spoilers here). I'd like to see more of him in future books. Truth be told, [...]

    11. A book that I didnt not expect to be as good as it was. I like hunting and am used to this cold weather setting that takes place in the book so it was easy to relate to. I couldnt stop reading this book. If you like and adventourous, suspensfull, humourous, and fun read then November hunt is it. This book literally starts out with a bang. Clive and Tom are and have been hunting buddies for as long as they have known eachother. Clive has a big buck in his sites and brings the hammer down right as [...]

    12. When the daughter of a hunting "accident" victim thinks it's a murder case instead, Miranda (Mira) James suddenly gets hired (working on her PI apprenticeship hours). Once again, the small town library worker does her research, discovering that those old secrets can harbor deep resentments. Let's just say that the sins of the past aren't always forgotten. Mira's one of my favorite characters--she's smart, emotionally vulnerable, and willing to take chances. November in Minnesota = mighty cold, s [...]

    13. Since moving to Battle Lake, MN from Minneapolis, Mira James has run across at least one dead body a month from May thru October. Now that it's November, elderly friend Mrs. Berns believes Mira is cut out to be a private investigator, and and puts the wheels in motion for Mira's first step toward her PI license: a woman wants to hire Mira to investigate the death of her father during a hunting trip with his old high school friend. There seems to be much more than just a tragic accident.Continuin [...]

    14. I've read the whole series and so far, this is the best installment. It had a bit different flavor than the rest, somehow a bit more believable, and I like it. As far as Mira's lovelifeI don't understand how a grown 30 year old woman has a super hot man after her and wants to be a born again virgin. She's not 17. And PLEASE I hope nothing happens between her and the police chief. When did he go from a fruitcake who was dating the flaky mayor and then ran off with a religious zealot to a normal g [...]

    15. This is the 2nd book I have read of Lourey's monthly mysteries. Very light, amusing reading. The author does keep you guessing just who might be the guilty one until the end. Takes place in a small town in Minnesota. One of the towns popular citizens, Tom Kickeer is killed in a hunting "accident" by his best friend, Clive. Toms daughter feels it was murder and hires Mira, a "want to be" private investigator to find out what really happened. The story takes on a life of its own with a few twists, [...]

    16. I got this book as a gift from a friend who went to a mystery writers conference. I didn't know what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a perfect early summer read especially being set in rural Minnesota in the worst November on record. I like Mira and her quirky perspective on life and as an aspiring PI. If you like a story that draws you in, with interesting characters and a well done sense of suspense, read this book.

    17. Library director and would-be investigator Mira is hired to investigate the hunting accident that ended the life of a local businessman and philanthropist. His daughter is sure that more is involved than a mistake on the part of his best friend, who fired the shot that killed him. But nobody wants to take to Mira about the roots of the crime, that lie buried in the past. This is rather darker than others in the series.

    18. Normally, I love this series, but this one was a little off to me. Perhaps I just missed Mrs. Berms or maybe it was the winter and lack of the lush garden descriptions, but something didn't fully click for me. Still, I loved the mojo finding subplot and Mira's personal struggles. She's so relatable. I adore her and can't wait for the December installment.

    19. Another great installment in the Mira James series. I'm still a bit perturbed about Mira and Johnny, so something BETTER HAPPEN in the next one or else I'll be ticked! It was nice not having Kennie and Mrs. Berns in this book to give it a break from the usual insanity (and so it's not so Evanovich-y).

    20. This is great fun. I'm more used to noirish PI novels but this gives us a whole new view of investigatory techniques (for morons). The solution is also really pleasing although the melodrama of the ending is somewhat contrived. It's well worth reading.opionator.wordpress/2012/0

    21. I really liked it because it was a Minnesota book, I could really relate to the cold winter weather that she described, I could almost feel it even though we haven't hit it yet. And the main character was very likable, good story. I love the way she writes, kinda' like a train wreck, whamm no filter humor and real humor.

    22. November in Battle Lake, Minnesota equals snow and freezing temperatures. Add in a hunting accident that may actually be murder, a hunt club, a barn full of marijuana, a glass blower, and the story of a rape 40 years ago. You have this installment of Mira's life.

    23. I really enjoyed this book and the plot seemed more complex and elaborate than past installments in the series. I also really like the descriptions of the setting. It really made me feel like I was in winter time battle lake rather than the tropical climate I currently live in!

    24. Love this series, especially the quirky characters in this Minnesota town. The author makes me want to live in Battle Lake, well maybe not in the winter. Entirely enjoyable and a good mystery to boot!!

    25. Great book - great series. Looking forward to the next installment. Mira is finally acting a bit more responsible - the PI angle should be interesting. Like the potential relationship developing with Gary.

    26. This cosy mystery has fun dialogue, a totally likable (and relatable) main character, and a heart-pounding ending. It's exactly what I look for in a mystery - crisp writing, fantastic metaphors and lots of action.

    27. I needed a quick read and this just fit the bill. It reminded me of the Stephanie Plum character. I think about the story and the character even several weeks after reading the book. It was a quick read and just the right medicine to get my summer started.

    28. This book started out a bit slow, but it ended up being just as exciting and entertaining as the others in the series.

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