• Title: Horrible Christmas
  • Author: Terry Deary MartinBrown
  • ISBN: 9780439954594
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Horrible Christmas None

    One Reply to “Horrible Christmas”

    1. Typical HH fare, by which I mean it is interesting, irreverent and informative. It does get a bit tedious if you're not really into Christmas and the whole holiday thing, but it still makes for a good read.

    2. I've occasionally looked at Horrible History books, but only from the outside. The idea appeals - kids (well, lots of people, actually) love the bizarre and the gruesome, and anything that'll get kids reading is great. However, I've never looked inside the cover of any of them until now. When one came into the bookshop, therefore, it reminded me and so I got a copy from the library.I still like the idea of these books, but I didn't like the book so much. Yes, it has lots of fascinating facts, an [...]

    3. An entertaining book, clearly written for a younger (and entirely more British) audience, but no less full of fun, strange and occasionally gruesome facts about the biggest holiday in the Christian calendar. My only wish is that there were a similar book for the US, though it probably wouldn't be as thick: there just aren't that many bizarre traditions and rituals related to American Christmas. A US version would probably have more about parades, store Santas, and major sales than it would about [...]

    4. The Horrible Histories series is a fantastic collection to get kids interested in reading and history! The bizarre, unique, fun and gruesome facts, traditions and rituals appeal to kids (and adults with a child inside them!) and the layout, quizzes, and pictures with jokes keep you interested and smiling through out. I still collect these books and will read them to my children one day.

    5. This is a great book about christmas. I leant quite a few new things. There plenty of colorful pictures and the book is easy and enjoyable to read. The game in the middle of the book is a nice touch aswell.

    6. Quick read. Many interesting facts which one can research further. Several quizzes and a board game children can play.

    7. fascinating christmas facts with plenty of illustrations and humour from the horrible histories series

    8. A nice little edition to my horrible histories collection for school. Lots of interesting and random facts and thoroughly entertaining for history fans.

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