• Title: Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • Author: Iza Trapani
  • ISBN: 9781580890717
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep This charming story told in lyrical verse will inspire young readers to share the best of themselves An industrious black sheep has wool aplenty but little else for her friends Horse needs hay Mouse
    This charming story told in lyrical verse will inspire young readers to share the best of themselves An industrious black sheep has wool aplenty, but little else for her friends Horse needs hay, Mouse needs cheese, and Pig needs slop, but the poor black sheep has none of these When her dissatisfied friends confront Sheep about her inability to share, they find that theiThis charming story told in lyrical verse will inspire young readers to share the best of themselves An industrious black sheep has wool aplenty, but little else for her friends Horse needs hay, Mouse needs cheese, and Pig needs slop, but the poor black sheep has none of these When her dissatisfied friends confront Sheep about her inability to share, they find that their lovely friend has knitted a special gift for each of them with her very own wool Clever illustrations reveal delightful surprises as endearing new characters frolic from page to page in bold, generous color.

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    1. This book provides a rich interpretive framework for readers to consider what obligations to societies creators have, and in particular the implications of a specialized barter economy. real thinker.

    2. Title: Baa Baa Black SheepAuthor/Illustrator: Iza TripaniGenre: Nursery RhymeTheme: Friendliness, sharingOpening Line:“Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?”Brief Summary:Baa Baa Black Sheep is a classic tale, told and illustrated by Iza Trapani. The illustrations cater to the emotions of each animal, and the language has a beautiful simplicity in its inflection. Review 1:Susan SteppThe Lorgnette-Heart of Texas Reviews (Vol.14, No. 2)“The first thing that captures the reader's interest is [...]

    3. This book is a unique take on the classic song that we all know and love, “Baa Baa Black Sheep.” Typically, we just hear the first verse of the song. However, this book takes it a step further. Not only are they asking for wool, but all of the animals in the town are each requesting something from the black sheep. For example, the mouse asks if she has cheese and the kittens ask if she has milk. They black sheep denies and denies her friends of what they need until one day they gang up on he [...]

    4. Book title and author/illustrator:Baa Baa Black Sheep as told and illustrated by Iza TrapaniProfessional recommendation #1:Susan Stepp (The Lorgnette - Heart of Texas Reviews (Vol. 14, No. 2) ) The first thing that captures the reader's interest is the unique cover of this book. It is covered with a hard clear plastic with white print that creates shadowed letters for the title and string detail for the colorful balls of yarn. This is an expanded version of the nursery rhyme. Various animals kno [...]

    5. -N/A -Pre-K to 2nd-SUMMARY:This tells the story of a black sheep who initially does not look like she likes to share. All of the sheep's friends ask the sheep to share, and the sheep repeatedly says no. When the animals go to confront the sheep they find out the sheep has surprises for all of them. -REVIEW:I liked the expansion of the classical nursery rhyme in this book form. I also enjoyed how the illustrations went along well with the words on the page. An early reader could read this book wi [...]

    6. 1. N/A2. UPK3. This book is includes the nursery rhyme "Baa Baa Black Sheep". The author of this book also expands on the original nursery rhyme. 4. The illustrations demonstrate the words that go along with the lines of this book. The author was very creative to come up with the extended version of this nursery rhyme.5. a) In small groups, have the children count using counting cards (with black pom-poms) ask the children how many bags of wool does Baa Baa Black sheep have.b) Have the children [...]

    7. 1.No Awards2.K-23. This book is about Blacks seep and different kinds of animals. When they asked black sheep for things that they need, black sheep always answered "no"to them. However, at the end, black sheep prepared surprise for animals and they shared food and foods together.4. This book not only teaches children rhyming words but also teaches them friendship, and kindness. Great pictures with easy words. 5. Lesson about friendship or kindness.

    8. No awardsAppropriate grade levels: K-2The black sheep was continuously getting asked for things by others. He kept telling everyone his answer was "no" and he didn't have what they were looking for. The animals finally asked why the sheep kept saying no, and the sheep finally said "yes!" I liked this book and I think I would read it in my classroom. The illustrations are great. There were just a few words that younger kids might not know. You could use this book to teach about sharing and kindne [...]

    9. Awards: N/AGrade Level: PreK - KSummary: This story is about a bunch of animals that ask Baa Baa Black Sheep for various items that they need. The sheep doesn’t have what they’re looking for so they animals get angry, but little do they know the sheep had been knitting wool items for all of his friends. They find out, and realize that it’s important to share what you have with your friends when you are able to. Review: This is a very nice version of the Baa Baa Black Sheep nursery rhyme. I [...]

    10. Title: Baa Baa Black SheepGrade Level: Preschool and upSummary: This book was based on the nursery rhyme, Baa Baa Black Sheep. The story starts where the sheep has just given three bags of wool to the master, dame and the little boy down the lane, and then a bunch of different animals come asking the sheep for different things. The animals thought that the sheep was mean because he kept telling the animals no when they asked for stuff, but it turned out that he was only saying that because he tr [...]

    11. 1.Baa Baa Black Sheep is recommended for toddlers to kindergarten age children.2. Baa Baa Black Sheep follows the story of farm animals who all need something, and notice that the Black Sheep has an abundance of wool, yet she does not share with her farm friends. They all decided to confront the Sheep. When the confront the Sheep, little to their surprise they notice that the Sheep has been knitted all the friends a gift out of her wool. While this book has a story line, it also has a lyrical so [...]

    12. No AwardsA unique story on baa baa black sheep where animals are asking baa baa black sheep for goods that they desire. Baa baa black sheep tells these animals that she does not have that item and the animal walks away in anger. At the end she surprises all of the animals by giving them all of the goods that they asked for and they thank her for her generosity. This is an original take on the famous nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep. I've never read this book but it is great because of the lesso [...]

    13. Award: NoneGrade Level: Summary:"Baa Baa Black Sheep" is a story about a sheep being asked if he has any wool. In this edition there are a number of new characters such as, a horse, pig, dog, mouse, cats, and a bird that are all asking him for various things that he cannot give them. All the animals got mad at the sheep and showed up to his house to let him know he is being mean; however, they learn that he was not being mean and he gave them all gifts that he was able to give from knitting. Rev [...]

    14. Begins with the well known nursery rhyme. What follows is a mess. Every one of the animals in the town come to the sheep asking her for something. She doesn't have what they need and kindly tells them so. Apparently the animals are offended and join together to confront the sheep. They call her unkind, "mean," and complain that she knits all day. The illustration for this page is complete with all of the animals in a posture of righteous indignation. All is well when the the sheep shows them the [...]

    15. I wanted to bump the rating down to one for the message it gave but up to three for the beautiful illustrations so compromised and gave a two (actually, the illustrations are probably higher but the story no so much).I started out liking the story as the black sheep seemed to have really good boundaries, and I thought that was an important idea for children (and many adults), though I could not understand why every animal that the sheep came across demanded something of her then got all huffy wh [...]

    16. Baa Baa Black Sheepby Iza Trapani The story is involving and age appropriate.This charming story will inspire young readers to share the best of themselves. An industrious black sheep has wool aplenty, but little else for her friends. Horse needs hay, Mouse needs cheese, and Pig needs slop, but the poor black sheep has none of these. When her dissatisfied friends confront Sheep about her inability to share, they find that their lovely friend has knitted a special gift for each of them with her v [...]

    17. I think that the other animals in the book were being very judgmental towards the sheep. From the other animals point of view, the book teaches not to jump to conclusions or get upset just because someone does not give you something you ask for. From the sheep's point of view, the book teaches that you should make an effort to talk/ communicate to people so that they can't jump to conclusions. The story also includes counting, description words, sharing, helping, repetitive words, showing kindne [...]

    18. Amazing to see how a well known nursery rhyme was stretched into a book!. I loved how the sheep kept say "No" and all of the sheep's friends were getting upset. I liked the moral of the story, 'what you give best, is what you should give'! Also, like always, I loved the vocab in this story!New Vocab: Wool, Dame, Slop and Bails. L.E:1. Sharing- discussing how it is good to share, but also at times, its appropriate not to. 2. Making slop, whether in the dramatic play area or with real food items.

    19. I requested this after learning that it had knitting as part of the story. It starts out with the familiar nursery rhyme and then goes on to have all the other animals asking for other things ie the horse saying "Baa Baa Black Sheep have you any hay?" Unfortunately, the black sleep disappoints them all until the end. I had to sing this one, so familiar is it to me and the verses with other animals were a lot harder rhymes than the original. The ending is very nice though and teaches a lesson abo [...]

    20. I like this book because it has repetition and rhyming words at the end of each sentence, which children love. This book shows children that they might not be able to do everything but everyone has something special to offer. This is also a situation that everyone goes through from a young child to an adult.L.E.: After the book is read discuss what talents are then ask each child to name something their good at and make a chart. Then display it up in the classroom for the school year.

    21. This book is good way to help the children understand what comes first and so on. Several different characters come to the black sheep for different needs. The story doesn't really tell us why the black sheep is the go to person. I guess we don't need that bit of information. I would definitely use this book in my class when I am teaching putting things in order as they happen or something like that.

    22. Like all of the Trapani books I am familiar with, Baa Baa Black Sheep can be sung the whole way through. For Storytime, however, I chose to sing the first page with the familiar song and read the rest. It's a cute story about Baa Baa's friends who were angry because Baa Baa always said no when they asked for things like milk, slop, bones, and cheese. Baa Baa surprises them in the end with her generosity of spirit using her gifts.

    23. In the book, many different animals want certain things from the sheep. The sheep always replies with the answer no. The animals are very upset. At the end of the book the animals find out that the sheep has nitted all of them clothing. The animals are then very excited. The book gives the lesson that everyone has a special skill and sometimes people are thinking of you when you think they are not.

    24. An expanded version of the classic nursery rhyme. This time the black sheep is asked for not only wool but slop, hay, and seed etc by the hungry animals in the book. The black sheep isn't able to meet all of their demands and when the animals get mad and demand a reason why the sheep unveils a surprise for them all: knitted gifts!Great read aloud with watercolor illustrations. Sheet music and the complete verses follow the story.

    25. This book was great. I loved how she took a classic nursery rhyme and expanded it into a high quality children's book. The different animals and the requests they had for the sheep were true to nature. I like the introduction of the words slop and bale. I think children would have fun using those words in an everyday sentence. LE1. Animal sounds matching game2. Create your own story creative activity.

    26. This is a great book for children who love farm animals or who grew up on a farm. The animals of this story and your child will all learn a great lesson at the end of this book. It teaches children how to share and that they don't have to give a lot to make a difference in someone else's life; the best gift to someone is to give what you give best. This story is also filled with rhyming words that will keep your child engaged to the very last page.

    27. The moral of the story is to give what you give best. Baa Baa Black Sheep's friends all got upset at him because they did not have what each of them ask for, so they thought he did not care about them. However, in the end his friends were sorry because Baa Baa Black Sheep had spent time knitting presents for each one of them. They realized that he gave the gift that he had the most talent for that that is knitted wool.

    28. Iza Trapani posted one of her sheep pictures on Facebook and I found a copy of the book at my library. The art is what attracted me first; it’s just gorgeous, filled with details of the animals in soft, colored pictures. It’s a wonderful telling and imaginative re-telling of the ‘baa, baa, black sheep’ nursery rhyme. Its focus is on sharing, and the ending has a sweet surprise. I imagine pre-school, into younger primary grades will love this story of what happens to that black sheep!

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