• Title: Henry Wood Detective Agency
  • Author: Brian D. Meeks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Henry Wood Detective Agency Jan Henry Wood is suffering greatly from a festive night of saying goodbye to His world is one of black and white right and wrong but his life is about to change and there will forever b
    Jan 1, 1955Henry Wood is suffering greatly from a festive night of saying goodbye to 1954 His world is one of black and white, right and wrong, but his life is about to change and there will forever be shades of grey An average detective, with a passion for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Henry is about to be hired by a beautiful woman, to find her father and his journal It seemsJan 1, 1955Henry Wood is suffering greatly from a festive night of saying goodbye to 1954 His world is one of black and white, right and wrong, but his life is about to change and there will forever be shades of grey An average detective, with a passion for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Henry is about to be hired by a beautiful woman, to find her father and his journal It seems simple enough, but when a second woman appears, wanting his services, to find the same journal, he suspects he might be in over his head He s right They are the least of his problems The local mafia boss, Tommy The Knife , wants the journal too As long as it is missing, he is vulnerable, and the other bosses smell blood in the water.Who can Henry trust Henry has a mysterious benefactor that he has never met, but seems to have his best interest at heart Will Henry take the help that is offered Does he have a choice

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    1. I picked this up because it happened to be on free promotion at the same time as my book. I thought it was a straight detective story, but in fact there's a mysterious closet that dispenses woodworking equipment and advice from the future. It was a rewarding read, and I'm now reading the sequel, which I bought. One of the best things about noir for me is the language, and this book has some lovely turns of phrase. "She wore a Dior dress that would make an hourglass self-conscious", "Henry's flas [...]

    2. Henry Wood is a detective, we see him bringing in the New Year with more of a groan than a bang! His cases are predictable and safe. Heading to his office on New Years Day with nothing to do but needing somewhere to go and nurse his vodka fuelled hangover his fireworks are just about to start!We are introduced to Luna, a lady who is looking for her father who's strict routine has been broken - and he seems to have disappeared! I instantly liked Luna, there seemed to be an 'air' around her and he [...]

    3. Great readIt was a good clean read with lots of surprises. I felt the characters were realistic and stayed true to their personalities and roles.

    4. MARK'S REVIEWOne aspect that clearly stood out from the very first page was the time setting. There were several obvious (and probably a few not so obvious) references to the 1950s, although I didn’t feel as immersed in the decade as I could have been. Time plays a very important role in this novel, taking on an almost supernatural nature. However, it seemed like an afterthought the first few times it was referenced, though it made me curious enough to keep reading. The novel’s main downfall [...]

    5. This is what could be a really nice read if not for a sudden appearance of a time travel closet that delivers tools? Really? I mean, it distracted me immensely from the otherwise decent detective story. As if the author felt his book needed something more than the mob and a detective solving a case the ordinary way.Don’t get me wrong, if you forget about the closet and the non-story related clues, this is an old-fashioned detective story. Think Philip Marlow or any fifties mob and detective mo [...]

    6. Nice job, Meeks! I thought it was fun and original. Great dialogue and true to the time period. Love the baseball references. One question: When they make the movie, can I play Luna?

    7. Another free download that I enjoyed enough that I'll seek out more. A mixed up twist of noir with an element of time travel and I don't care for time travel so that surprised me. Solid mystery.

    8. I don't really know what to make of this book. A private detective in 50s New York is approached by a young woman whose father is missing because of something to do with an accounting journal. Another young woman then hires him to find the journal because it will besmirch her dead father. His cop buddy warns him the mafia is involved and back off. Oh and then there is a magic cabinet from the future! The magic cabinet contents are the only way this case gets solved. Even how the daughters find o [...]

    9. Another time and placeI loved being in this time and place through Henry's eyes. The manner and lifestyle are enviable in today's rushed hectic and terrible language that is becoming the norm. The characters were eccentric and likable.

    10. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    11. This was such a complex, yet intriguing story. It's full of espionage, betrayal, and love. Yes, I said it - love. Everything you need when reading a thriller. Full of suspense and intrigue that will leave you wondering what will happen next.Set in 1955, we catch a glimpse of what life in the Big Apple was like back then. There were no cell phones. No computers. No heavy electronics like we have today. Sure, the television had just been invented a couple before, but back then, people made do with [...]

    12. First, let me say who will like this book: anyone who likes black and white detective movies, a la Dick Tracy. There are broads, dames, and mafia families. It's not a fast-paced, action packed story, but one that stresses the detective's thought processes and feelings about events. Here's what I liked: that the main character, Henry Wood, is a wood-worker. That is a wonderful detail that makes him a well-drawn character. I liked the pacing of the story -- it never felt rushed -- and I liked the [...]

    13. Henry Wood is a meticulous man. Precision in both thought and movement sets him above his fellow man. When an attractive young woman (Luna Alexander) enters his office with a hefty retainer and an apparently simple task, he doesn’t hesitate to accept. No sooner than he is on the case, another attractive woman (Sylvia Culberson) approaches him with basically the same quest and another retainer. This is a fortunate windfall indeed as clients aren’t beating down his door. He is entrusted to fin [...]

    14. Henry Wood Detective Agency - Brian D. Meeks It's New Year's Day 1955, and Henry Wood is suffering the effects of a big New Year's Eve. Then a dame walks into his detective agency and asks him to find her father and her father's journal. Then another dame wants to hire him to find the same journal. It's about at this point that everything goes pear-shaped.This is a pretty standard noir mystery, with a twist -- Henry's hobby is woodworking, and he has a special closet in his place where items fro [...]

    15. Henry Wood is a 50's PI. When a gorgeous dame walks in and asks him to look for her missing father, he can't say no. Thus begins a dangerous and mysterious journey to find out what happened to the accountant.This is a new twist on an old favorite. Henry is a 'Sam Slade' gumshoe with a few peculiarities. The biggest one is that he has a portal in his closet that sends him gifts from the future. He has to be the only man in his time that owns a DVD player. The mystery was a blast to figure out as [...]

    16. In most ways, this is a classic detective novel set in the 50s in New York. You've got a rather average detective, the dames, the Mafia all tied together. The dialogue is pitch perfect and even the secondary characters are interesting. I have to say though that there is a twist to the whole story that I loved. I don't want to tell you what it was, simply because when I was reading the book and it came up, it totally caught my attention. It amazed me and made me laugh. I can't wait to read more o [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well-established, the setting was fantastic (I'm a sucker for the 50's), and it was a refreshing and interesting storyline. Meeks did a good job of revealing the clues and outcomes of the storyline in a timely manner and had me trying to solve the case as I went along as well. The only thing I was confused about was the "closet from the future." It was neat that the closet provided means to help Henry solve his case but I don't understand the signi [...]

    18. First let me say that I thought it was cool that that Brian started out as a blogger and the 2nd chapter of this book was written on his blog first. I am always wondered if a blogger has actually gotten a publishing deal and now I know at least one person is. I could not get into this book. I love mysteries and I usually love books like this but I couldn't get interested in it. It did have great parts in the book but I wasn't overly impressed with the book. That being said I would still recommen [...]

    19. Henry Wood is a private detective who enjoys woodworking and the Brooklyn Dodgers (remember that this is 1955). A closet that provides him items from the future adds a little sci-fi to the story. He's hired by two young women to find their fathers who have disappeared, and he finds himself dealing with mobs in New York during his investigation.I enjoyed Mr. Meeks writing style and the way he used expressions from the 50s in the story. There are several more Henry Wood books that follow this one, [...]

    20. The writing and tone suggests hard-boiled noir but this effort turned soft quickly. The first half was torturous to read. Short clipped narratives that seem fractured with little effort to fill in necessary detail. Fortunately, this improved over the course of the bookAND JUST FOR FUN, as it adds nothing substantial to the predictable plot, we have a mysterious time traveling closet that drops flotsam from the future into 1955. Really? I'm a scify fans so weirdness is welcomed but this literary [...]

    21. Fun,Fun,Fun Until the Mystery Was SovedBook 1 starts in a pretty standard way which continuos that way until something arrives in the closet from the future. That perks things up a bit. Is this a mystery or sci fi ? It turns out its a bit of each and provides several hours of fun entertainment. The pace is good, characters well presented and the plot unfolds nicely. Not much deep philosophy here but a good way to pass an evening.

    22. Don't give up on this book. I'm not a real fan of mysteries set in the '50's; however, this one is far removed from some of the "older" detective books. The protagonist is very intelligent and the people in his circle of friends are extremely likeable. The "closet" adds a twist to the plot that guaranteed my curiosity. I rated this one 4.6 stars. I'll soon be reading the other two books I got in this series.

    23. Henry Wood Detective Agency is the first book in the Henry Wood Detective Series. This book has all the traditional detective components and also has an interesting twist (which I will not mentioned in order not to spoil the story for you). The story was well thought and Brian D. Meeks took us on the roller-coaster of detective work and the dangers of dealing with bad gangsters. I enjoyed this fast read!

    24. I would rate this 3 1/2 just because one thing is bothering me. I enjoyed the story and characters, I really like these type of detective novels, but that time travel closet Just find it odd in the type of story, I do enjoy sci-fi and loved the Twilight Zone, so part of me does enjoy this twist in the story, but part of me feels it does not fit in. Anyways , I will read the other books, curious to see where the next stories go.

    25. I must say I was a bit disappointed with this one. I believe it is a perfect example of the instruction that is given to those who study writing. An author should be himself or herself. Never attempt to write in a style of another, particularly a well-known writer. Stephen King has advised that to be a writer two things are required; write and read. I believe that in preparation for this story Mr. Meeks read a few too many of Dashiell Hammett's works.

    26. I loved this book. It's written in a Raymond Chandler-esqe way. It's a good, solid mystery and I liked that it's set in the 50's. There is a bit of fantasy in this book, which at first I wasn't sure I liked, but then I actually enjoyed it. The narrator is very good and has the perfect voice for a hard-boiled detective of the 50's. I really wish the next few books were in audio. I'd buy them in a flash.

    27. Just the right length for a rainy Sunday. Henry is a low key guy in NYC with mob problems.The basic plot is solid and well done. Characters have some depth and are well presented. Oh, but the quirky twists! No spoilers in this review, you have to experience them yourself! Enjoy!MCG has the perfect voice tone, cadence, and variability to perform this tale in an understated but fully engaged delivery.Bought as Whispersync for less than $5.00 as alerted by Book Gorilla.

    28. Great bookI absolutely loved the storyline good edge of your seat plot I read this book cover to cover in two days. The author does a great job of expressing his characters intense regard for the directive towards bringing justice to to the forefront, although it's not what I would have expected the end seems to justify the end result!I'm looking forward to reading the entire Henry Wood Detective Series to see what the next case brings of interest.

    29. This book is a 4.5-5 star book! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this serious, yet fun, book. I love the characters and plot twists and turns. I have ordered the next book in the series - Henry Wood: Time and Again. I am looking forward to reading more of this author's work. Brian Meeks has a great style.

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